The Guns of Lexington-Concord: Celebrating 240 years with Appleseed Project

The British retreat after the battle of Lexington-Concord

The British retreat after the battle of Lexington-Concord

by Jeremy Griffith

American Millennium Online


 Today is the 240th anniversary of the Revolutionary War’s battle at Lexington and Concord. To celebrate, my girlfriend and I participated in an Appleseed Project Event here in Rochester, learning how to shoot like true riflemen and learning about the events of that historic battle.


The Appleseed Project is a group of volunteers who train citizens on basic rifle marksmanship. Their weekend events take place annually and all across the country. It’s a fun two days of instruction and training, and the volunteers mix in a little history during the breaks.


Highlights of this weekend included a gentleman who war period clothing, carrying a musket, who spoke on those early days of the Revolutionary War. There were three events, or three strikes of the match that led those early Americans, who considered themselves Britians, to take arms against their own regular troops and revolt. Eight bloody years of war followed those days and the outcome was not at all certain. We know how it ended, but many of us do not know the details of that day.


Two stories told over the weekend made a major impression on me. Following the battle for Lexington and Concord, another young rider sounded the alarm for revolutionary militia to defend their homes. On April 26, 1775, 16-year old Sybil Ludington, the daughter of a veteran colonel of the French and Indians War, Henry Ludington, set out on a journey twice as long as the journey of Paul Revere, about 40 miles, to sound the alarm for local militia. She rode her pony Star, and tapped on the windows with a stick to wake up the men. At one point she beat off a highwayman (robber) with that same stick. Her heroism earned her the praise of revolutionaries and George Washington himself. He epic ride is commemorated in a foot race in Carmel, New York.


Another story that impressed me this weekend was of the oldest veteran of that battle and the war. This veterans name was Samuel Whitmore. At 78 years of age, he was a very old man at the time of the battle of Lexington and Concord. A veteran of the King George’s War and possibly the French and Indians War, Whitmore was a trained rifleman. He took up his weapon and fired several times at British troops from behind a brick wall. His fire was so deadly accurate that the Brits took off after him and between vollies, was able to get close to him. Whitmore was shot in the face at close range and bayoneted many times. The Brits left him for dead, but Whitmore survived that day. When revolutionaries found him bleeding on the ground, it is said he was attempting to reload his weapon. Whitmore survived the war and died at the age of 98.


From old to young, many risked their lives for freedom against the tyranny of King George. Today many of us don’t take enough time to appreciate their sacrifice.


Rose and I didn’t not score enough in the weekend of shooting to become riflemen, this time. But we got good pointers and are well on our way to bettering our marksmanship. Rose, a Philippine immigrant and new American citizen, learned a lot about our history during the weekend’s event. Many of you have no doubt read about her journey to citizenship from an earlier blog post. This weekend was good reinforcement to what we studied up until the time of her swearing in back in September of last year. Now I’ve got her addicted to shooting. She complained bitterly about the old tube fed rifle I loaned her and now she wants to buy her own modern rifle. I don’t blame her. It was a lot of fun.


I am grateful for the instruction and coaching from all of the volunteers, especially Marta, who helped Rose so much these past few days. It could not have been a better weekend.


I was so busy concentrating on my shooting that I did not shoot a single video or photo. I’m told though that photos of our event will be posted on the Project Appleseed-Minnesota Facebook page shortly.


If you are looking for a fun event for all ages. I highly recommend one of these events. A schedule is posted on the Project Appleseed website for your area.


Battle of the College Theses: An Adventure in FOIA, Volume 2

Netcentric Hubris and the Challenges of Netcentric Leadership, a War College Thesis by Kurt Schlichter invokes in the mind of the author the image of the novel Ender's Game and it's associated movie; conjuring images of child generals using technology to pull the strings of the automaton soldiers below.

Netcentric Hubris and the Challenges of Netcentric Leadership, a War College Thesis by Kurt Schlichter invokes in the mind of the author the image of the novel Ender’s Game and it’s associated movie; conjuring images of child generals using technology to pull the strings of the automaton soldiers below.

by Jeremy Griffith

Creator of the American Millennium Online


Kurt Schlichter, conservative columnist and close friend of the late Super-blogger Andrew Breitbart.

Kurt Schlichter, conservative columnist and close friend of the late Super-blogger Andrew Breitbart.

Recently I embarked on a journey to test FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act, probing the government like a curious kid with a stick, stabbing at a gator. What I’ve found stunned and surprised me, as so far I have found the government gate-keepers I’ve dealt with amazingly helpful and uncharacteristically polite.

Let me backtrack to the beginning. In a previous missive I wrote on Storify, I wondered out loud and with amazement how easy it is for the New York Times and Judicial Watch to obtain and publish online the graduate work of one General El Sisi of Egypt, now that nation’s president. While still a military officer, El Sisi attended our own US Army War College and wrote a thesis as his final project where he opined on Democracy in the Middle East, a document the New York Times obtained and published without comment. Intrigued I wondered how I would fair as a poor blogger who does not buy ink by the barrel. I selected a document I wanted by an author I knew, not knowing the exact title or even if the item requested in fact existed. I expected to be sandbagged by the government, and frankly I was ready to blast their inefficiency for what I believed would be a long and winding run-around course.

Not so. I was after all, dealing with the US Army War College, and apparently, they do things differently there. After sending a couple of stray e-mails to departments who had nothing to do with my request who had no idea what I was talking about, I was politely directed to the right “desk”. The reply I got was timely and polite. “Yes Mr. Griffith,” the fellow said. “You can have that. Would you like it in digits or on paper?” It was like the gentlemen was a clerk at Walmart asking if I wanted paper or plastic.

Two days ago I received the document I had requested and since then I have devoured the contents with glee and was not disappointed. The accompanying note read, almost apologetically, “Not sure if this is the final draft. It was all I could find. Regards!” I tore open the plain envelope and perused the thesis I found inside. I was a kid at Christmas.

I knew anything written by this author had to be good. Kurt A. Schlichter is known to me and is probably well know to you as well from his popular, snarky columns on Red State and Townhall. In my previous edition, I even theorized aloud what the title of the project would have been, something patriotic and heartwarming to conservatives who love America and equally disgusting and stomach wrenching for those who don’t. I reflected that feeling in the title of that article, a little tongue in cheek. I found myself learning something new just discovering the actual title of the document, which was not a disappointment. And yes, It was about leadership, just as I knew it would be.

Netcentric Hubris and the Challenge of Netcentric Leadership by LTC Kurt A. Schlichter. How about that for a title? I immediately googled “Hubris” and “Netcentric”.


  1. excessive pride or self-confidence.
synonyms: arroganceconceithaughtinesshauteurprideself-importanceegotism,pomposity, superciliousness, superiority; More
  • (in Greek tragedy) excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.


Net-centric or netcentric refers to participating as a part of a continuously-evolving, complex community of people, devices, information and services interconnected by a communications network to achieve optimal benefit of resources and better synchronization of events and their consequences.

In military connotation frequently associated with terms “Net-centric Operations (NCO)” and “Net-centric Warfare (NCW)”. Many people use the terms “net-centric” and “network-centric” interchangeably. Some consider “network-centric” to refer to activities within a particular network and “net-centric” to refer to activities that cross networks.

Many experts[who?] believe the terms “information-centric” or “knowledge-centric” would capture the concepts more aptly because the objective is to find and exploit information, the network itself is only one of several enabling factors.


A great read. I found out from COL Schlichter that the Army with all its technology and information systems is better able to micromanage its junior leaders, something Schlichter believes is a habit to be resisted. Leaders at the top are using the tools at hand to micromanage, working the levers of control and making dancing automatons out of their captains, lieutenants, and sergeants. Like marionettes on a string, those junior leaders execute the plans of their masters and introduce no decision making of their own.

Schlichter masterfully illustrates in his argument that the Army should refrain from this practice, instead leaning upon the time tested leadership style of centralized planning and decentralized control. Yes, the leader at the top can better see the battlefield from where he stands in the OP Center. But is that sight picture true? Does it cut through the fog of war? No. Instead, the leader must accept a certain amount of risk, depending on the junior leader to make the appropriate decision at his level. I was so impressed with the logic of this document that I published it online for you to read for yourself. There are the footnotes at the end, like breadcrumbs. You can follow the trail to the source, where you can read for yourself, testing for yourself if the author’s conclusion is true. Unclassified? Yes it says that at the top, so no problems there.

The experience I’ve had with the War College is like going on a camping trip with your family to the source waters of the mighty Mississippi River. You pile into the family station wagon and you go. When you arrive, you park, and you walk down to the river. You cross the narrow inlet, where the water slows to a trickle. Dipping your hand into the cold rushing water, you lean down and drink. Cool. Refreshing. Clean.

It’s like the Army is saying. “Yes citizen. You can have the final projects of our warrior leaders, and at no charge! We are proud of what we do here and in the leaders we train. You have the right to know what it is we are doing in your name. Read the words of the warrior leaders we’ve trained, be enlightened, and enjoy.” Wow. Just, wow.

I get an altogether different feeling when I try to find the educational documents written by some of our political leaders, which are as elusive to find as the Holy Grail.

To their credit, Mother Jones, that leftist publication, has done a little footwork for us. Very little. They got half of Ted Cruz’s Princeton Undergraduate work, Clipping the Wings of Angels: The History and Theory behind the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. A doughnut stained operative wandered into the Princeton’s Mudd Library to the place where student theses are stored and with camera phone in hand, photographed 48 pages of the 115 page document. It’s like the operative didn’t want the conservative politician’s undergrad thesis bad enough to get the whole thing! Was he/she interrupted during their surreptitious photography session by a roving security guard? One wonders. Maybe they were just too cheap to pay the $0.35 per page fee to get the whole thing? “That’s enough of this pro-constitution, flag-waiving crap! Our readers will get the point. Cruz is a juvenile, nationalistic scumbag. Let’s go.” Is that what they told themselves on their way out of the library, angry security guard in pursuit? Hmmm. Well, fear not, dear reader. I’ve paid the fee and hopefully I will get the full document here shortly.

Check out what one commenter said about the Cruz document at CNN iReport here!

Meantime, good luck trying to FOIA a similar document from Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama II. The president apparently did some kind of project for graduation when he matriculated through his various schools. assures us that is so. But it wasn’t the kind of thesis that is required to be retained by the school and indeed, the professor who advised the young Barrack on this thesis doesn’t even retain his copy. Lost it in a move, he says. Oh well.

Hillary’s thesis on the other hands isn’t quite so difficult, to get your hands on, but a little bit of a challenge, at least according to Bill Dedman, MSNBC Investigative reporter, who details his adventure with the seldom seen document. (Dedman? Good name for a writer who accidently crosses the Clintons. One wonders why an investigative reporter is necessary to find this document of Hillary’s? Wouldn’t the Lifestyle editor be better?)

Dedman admits in his article from May of 2007 that Hillary’s thesis, based on an interview with vaunted socialist thinker and activist Saul Alinsky, was sealed for a brief time for convenience when the goddess Hillary was in her role as First Lady, at her own request. But since she started running for office of President the record was unsealed once more so the peasants can view it, if they can afford the plane ticket from Rochester Minnesota or Phoenix Arizona or where ever you’re from to come to the library and seek an audience with the aforementioned manuscript. Like a high priest going into the temple, Dedman has graciously volunteered to read the holy scripture for us, a line of rope tied around his ankle in case for whatever reason he upsets the gods and is struck dead in the process. He has pierced the veil to enter the holy of holies for us and has interpreted the document to save us all the trouble and hassle. How good of him.

You and I can’t judge for ourselves the tenure and structure of the article for ourselves, that is just too awkward. We’ll just have to take Dedman’s word for it. Footnotes? Really, what good are they? Why test the research acumen of the goddess, what Hubris you have, peasant? I like that word, I learned it earlier.

No there seems to be a definite trend here that is not surprising. If you are a right wing wacko bird like Ted Cruz who is running for president, or a war-mongering former comedian turned lawyer, columnist like Kurt Schlichter, an operative of the left will get your documents and use your own words to smear you. But, If you are Barack Obama, or Hillary Rodham Clinton, special care is taken by the gate-keepers to protect your college work so as to tamp down the unfair criticism of the unwashed masses.

And that really is the point right? There is a ring around the leftist prophets of progressivism that doesn’t extend to the lovers of the constitution. No, not for you. But there is still hope. We are told that Hillary and Barack got Ivy League educations and are more than qualified to be our leaders, even though we can’t judge their work for ourselves. We can judge them. Both have works of literature that has been edited and vetted and put out for the masses after the approval and polish of the acolytes. And we have their promises and words on the TV. Yes we can judge them and we will.

Happily Barack is not running for office again, although I predict he’ll be around in the wings for quite some time. As for Hillary, if she gets past her current dilemma with the press over her missing emails and private server, with the help of the press, then she is well on her way to be the presumptive nominee.

The democrats have cause for concern this time around, however. The GOP has a deep bench filled with conservatives as well as a moderate or two and with luck the right guy or gal will rise to the top to challenge the goddess. Ted Cruz, cum laude from his respective institution of Princeton and a champion debater with a record for excellence, leads the way. I can’t wait to see a debate between Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz. It’ll be better than fireworks.


“Painfully Striking” photos tell the story of the death of a protester in Cairo

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online


On Jan. 24 of this year, socialist protestor Shaimaa  al-Shabbagh died very publically as professional and amateur photographers and videographers documented her passing in what has been described as “painfully striking” photos.   She was only 31 years old.


On that day she and her colleagues and friends gathered in their office in Cairo where they planned to lay a wreath in memory of those who died in previous protests . The city of Cairo and indeed the whole nation of Egypt has been wracked with protests, many turning violent as the nation attempts to assert its identity in the midst of all the political strife and chaos. Members of the leftist Socialist People’s Alliance Party, which included Shabbagh and her friends, intended to stage a peaceful protest in a popular square in Cairo where they would sing songs and lay a memorial wreath. Their plans changed suddenly when they were confronted by security forces who allegedly fired upon them with tear gas, and birdshot. Undoubtedly, the officers intended their tactics to be “less than lethal” but intent and result are not always the same thing as regrettably, Shabbagh was fatally wounded after she was shot, point blank in the back with bird shot.


Photos taken at the scene by photographer Islam Osama are heart-rending, carried today via Reuters and commented upon by John Beck of Vice News in his article Anatomy of a Killing: How Shaimaa al-Shabbagh was shot dead at a Cairo protest. You can read the whole article and see the photographs here.


An un-named security forces Brigadier General is being blamed for giving the order to his men to fire upon the protesters. They did so with tragic result. Beck writes that the leader of the SPAP organization which organized the protest attempted to inform the brigadier of their peaceful intent and was faced with a blustering officer uninterested in their intent or their rights. While they were still speaking, the men began to open fire.


Friends of Shabbagh are pictured with her in these movingly sad photos attempting to extricate her from the situation. But it was to no avail. She died on the street, slumped over in a plastic lawn chair outside of a popular local cafe. A doctor arrived and pronounced her dead. Police accused of shooting her did nothing to render aid or answer the pleas for help of Shabbagh’s friends. Instead those friends were all arrested and charged with crimes, including public protest, which is apparently illegal in Egypt now.


Sadly I have heard nothing of this situation from other media. Isis in Iraq and Syria seem to have taken sole ownership of the airwaves and the turmoil in Egypt has been relegated to the “old news” bin at the city editor’s desk. I for one would like to see the video and more of the photos that allegedly show the moment when Shabbagh was shot. I would like to see the main stream media cover and analyze this event. Freedom of press and of people to peacefully protest in Egypt is at stake if the charges against the government are true. The government is being led by former Army General El-Sisi, who has had a good reputation up until now, since he has ousted his Muslim Brotherhood backed predecessor and taken control of the government. Incidents like this will tarnish that image if the government doesn’t respond appropriately.


To avoid chaos, the government has to be forthright about what happened in this incident and it cannot shift blame if the security forces deserve blame. The officer who shot the protestor should be charged and his leaders should be held accountable. And the right to freedom of expression and of peaceful protest and redress of grievances should be valued and re-established in that country, regardless of the source of that expression. A nation cannot be truly free if the people are threatened with violence for merely speaking their minds. Admittedly, we don’t do that well enough here in the land of the free so we are no good example, i.e. Ferguson. But we must support the freedom of expression, both here and abroad. The only way we can do that is to demand transparency.


In the meantime, artist and writer Shaima al-Shabbagh is dead and buried, and her family and friends, including a young son, morn her loss. Very sad.


Is a 3D Printed Bio-Green Car in your future?

Credit: Jim Norman for The New York Times Caption: Ginger Gordon fills the tank of the 2001 VW Jetta with fresh  soybean oil.

Credit: Jim Norman for The New York Times Caption: Ginger Gordon fills the tank of the 2001 VW Jetta with fresh soybean oil.

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online

My favorite media personality was illustrating a point on his show yesterday about how far we’ve come technology wise and what his vision or prediction of the future will be. Radio and Television star Glenn Beck utilized a fleet of cars, old and new to show the progress we’ve made just in the realm of transportation.

It’s a disturbing fact and maybe you’ve noticed it that cars of the past used to be so simple that someone with rudimentary skills could understand and repair or service their own vehicle. No longer. Now the highest end cars have so much complicated technology that only a specialist can work on it, and at great cost too.

Glenn Beck sees this as an unfortunate turn of events. He’s on the fence in regards to technology, nostalgic about the past but hopeful for the future. With technology like this, he said, no one will be able to understand or even tinker with their cars or their basic technology, like the high priest or priestess, we will be beholden to the mechanic or technical subject matter expert, Beck said.

I disagree. I see a different future. While many who are wealthy may want the hands off, don’t mess with the settings future, many  more I believe won’t be able to afford that lifestyle and will try to go backwards for more affordable and manageable outcomes. I think technology will help them do that, so there is no need to convert to being Amish. Let me illustrate.

Glenn demonstrated with a newly minted 1911 .45 pistol, the results of 3D printing, fully made of metal and capable of use on the firing range. Amazing. It used to be a short time ago where 3D printing only came up with cheap looking useless toys made from plastic polymer. No longer, now you have a real metal gun that fires .45 cal ammo, just like a normal gun would. Politicians are calling these ghost guns are already making move s to ban them, even though there is no proof that a printed gun is more likely to be involved in a crime than a over the shelf firearm.

The applications are enormous and could revolutionized manufacturing in the United States and the world. A man in Japan was arrested created his own fully functioning fire arm from plans he adapted on the Internet. The applications go far beyond the personal liberty of creating your own fire arms however. I foresee a future in which the customer builds his own car with the help of subject matter experts.

Imagine a new car company unbeholden to the unions, where the employees own the company and where they help you manufacture your own car from scratch to your specifications. Maybe you want a small replica of a Mini-cooper. You’d even like to pick the color. A technician helps you build the design and loads the data into the computer. Then the 3D printer fires up. A metal framework for the car, with plastic printed body parts that will never rust. Maybe you want a carbon fiber exterior? Great.

Now fit it together on the assembly line. Don’t just stand there! With the help of a robotic arm and a helpful technician, you are helping to rivet your machine together.

Now comes the engine, a specially designed engine melding the past with the future, uncomplicated and easy for the owner operator to maintain. It drops right in and bolts in to the chassis. I prefer mine to be a diesel engine. The car will run on a mixture of cooking oil and diesel. The diesel tank will be used to start the motor, then after fifteen minutes,  when the cooking oil is warmed up, the driver switches tanks. How much does the cooking oil cost to run? $0! So now I have a little green car that’s good for the environment and easy on my wallet. Restaurateurs will be only too happy to part with their used cooking oil for free since it would cost them money to dispose of it normally. I hope you like a car that smells like freshly cooked French Fries!

This may be a bit of a stretch and it is, but not much. My former co-worker Beth has owned two cars that have had this type of diesel/cooking oil operating system. Now she has to buy an old beater sedan or truck take runs on diesel. She doesn’t care about how it looks, she just wants a runner that gets her to work and back. What if there was a car company that could give her a new car that does exactly what she wants it to do, and looks nice at the same time! A company out in Milwaukee will outfit her with the system, she just has to supply the car. Sure it costs her $3,500 or so to install, but when you bought your car for less than $8,000, who cares?!

Instead of recycling that old car and going through the extra hoops to get it outfitted, what if there was a company that could do it all cheaper and more efficiently right in one location? Wouldn’t that be great.  I envision such an entrepreneurial endeavor the not so distant future. F-you car companies!

How often have you bought a car at great expense with a huge loan only to hear years later  that it was a recallable death trap that the union oppressed car companies didn’t bother to tell you about. Abandon those overpriced, taxpayer bailed out disasters and go with a company that actually serves the consumer needs. Have it your way isn’t a slogan just for hamburgers any more.

What if you wanted a car with a more retro-look, like that classic muscle car you had, or lusted after when you were a kid. Now you can. Just load the specifications into the computer and Whalah! Want something more futuristic? No problem.  We have that too.

Something go wrong with your car that you can’t figure out. We’ll come get your car, pull it in to the shop and sort it out together. Eli Whitney designed the assembly line to make manufacturing easier. The unions used it to destroy manufacturing, over engineer vehicles and pay themselves $75 an hour to put in a single rivet. Now you will be able to assemble your own car with a little help form a trained SME.

You see, capitalism, real capitalism, with always find a way to get around the system.  Crony capitalists will hire expensive lobbyists to bribe congressmen and women to get their public funding. A real capitalist will find a need and fill it, employing people in useful work and rewarding them for their effort. Eventually with companies like the one I’ve just described will create a shadow economy that is below the radar of traditional socialistic, crony capitalistic governments. Why do we need to pay taxes when we get no benefit from their “services”. Small enclaves will sprout up world wide of like minded people who want to be left alone, immune from the power hungry governments that tax and spend their economies to death.

In a future column, I intend to show how the Internet, in a similar Libertarian vain, will revolutionize education, freeing the parent and students from the failing socialistic government schools we see today.

In the meantime, envision a world where technology is freeing, where 3D printing will help the consumer solve their personal needs. Veterans will get new 3D printed limbs, a bike manufacturer will come up with an inexpensive pedal assist motor, helping the customer avoid high gas taxes and intrusive government taxes, a teacher will help struggling students in a home far away from her office with the help of the internet. Eventually there will be a separate Internet created that is privately owned, maybe several, that will be outside the reach of any overzealously intrusive government.

So there is hope for the future, not a dystopic  Ayn Rand kind of future, but a brave new world where the entrepreneur defeats the power hungry bureaucrat, using hard work and technology.

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Horrible Hollywood Gets the Bible Wrong! Again!

Christian Bale as Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings

Christian Bale as Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online


To no one’s surprise, Horrible Hollywood got the Bible wrong again with its latest attempt at bringing a scriptural story to the big screen: this time with Exodus: Gods and Kings staring Christian Bale. While the movie itself is more enjoyable then it’s predecessor Noah, it will still leave a sour after-taste for Christians and Jews who view it.


Most religious viewers will allow for adaptations of a story for time. No one wants to sit for a 40-hour film covering a Biblical hero of the old testament. But the choices of Ridley Scott and the other guy who directed Noah who no-one has ever heard of (Darren Aronofsky) go beyond the pale, adding items to the story that aren’t there, and leaving out pieces of the Biblical story that are critical to the tale.


In Noah, we were assaulted by the interpretation of Noah as a raving lunatic that plotted to kill his family on the ark so that the world would be free of the stain of humanity, allowing the animals to continue on their own.


In Exodus, the most recognizable and important hero of the old testament is almost unrecognizable from that which was depicted in scripture. Instead of a prophet armed with a staff and the power of the Most High God, Moses, the bringer of the law, is an insurgent who terrorizes Egypt. The story downplays the power of God, reducing the figure of God to the image of a small boy, whom Moses frequently argues with. Indeed, Moses is defiant against God many times in the movie, frequently yelling down at the diminutive character of God.


I’m sorry, but any depiction of God as a petulant little child rather than the all-powerful, all-knowing spirit he is, is simply herestical and it’s stupid. Even mere angels when they appear in scriptures are awe-inspiring and fear invoking. In the Bible, when Moses is on the mountain awaiting the Ten Commandments, he asks God if he can see his face. God chastises Moses, saying that to do so, even to look on the person of God would mean certain destruction. Instead, He places Moses in the cleft of a mountain and passes by, allowing Moses to see the back of God.


In this flick, God isn’t awe-inspiring at all. He’s merely irritating and we get the sense that God might just be a figment of Moses’s imagination. Indeed, Moses is struck on the head by a rock climbing Mount Ararat and in his altered consciousness following his injury he starts seeing “God” for the first time.




The story gets it wrong in other areas as well. The so-called miracles or plagues are easily explained away as natural phenomena, Pharaoh is much more of a sympathetic character than even Moses is, and the rest of the miracles of the story, even the crossing of the Dead Sea, are down played.


If you are looking for a distraction and don’t care about the Biblical story as written, Exodus is a pretty good holiday flick. It’s acted well enough and the special affects and cinematography are good, better even than the hookier Ten Commandments of yesteryear from Cecil B. DeMille and staring Charlton Heston.  But in DeMille’s classic, we get a respect for the historicity of the Bible story and the acting is far superior. It’s so good that we are willing to look past the less believable special affects of the 1950s.


I doubt that Christians and Jews who see this film are going to overlook the damage that this Hollywood installment takes on the character of the most recognizable and best loved characters of the Bible, Moses the Liberator.


To add injury to insult, characters in the movie directly insult the Jews, a slap in the face of modern Jews of today. When confronted with the knowledge that he is Hebrew, Moses reacts with disbelief. “I thought you Hebrews were better story tellers than that. It isn’t a very good story!” It feels like Christian Bale is mocking the very story that he is staring in. Sheesh!


In another scene, an Egyptian governor overseeing the great quarries of Egypt again insults the Jewish laborers he’s charged with. When Moses wants to visit them to see if they are really planning insurrection, the governor emphatically states, “you can’t believe them. They conniving and dishonest.” Again, while this could be more subtle and plays into the storyline a little better than the other incidence, it still feels like a veiled insult to modern Jews and to the Nation of Israel.


While I wasn’t quite as put off by this film as I was with Noah, I have to admit it was better than Noah. For the reasons I’ve mentioned, and others, Exodus will remain in the category of a good film, but will never be a great film.


Glenn Beck Pivots!

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online
Conservative media mogul Glenn Beck

Conservative media mogul Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck pivots in a big way on a two-hour special on his TV show Monday night. In the first hour the well-known radio and television mogul talked about his health care issues and how serious and mysterious illness has caused him to pivot and change direction.


Unwittingly, the American Millennium captured Glenn’s health care issue on camera in October of 2011. Since then, Glenn has talked with his audience about his health issues, even making fun of it in his controversial and entertaining stage shows. You can see a video we captured here showing Glenn taking off in the middle of a radio broadcast while his co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere take over. Glenn winces in pain, unable to speak or continue the show, and then gets up and leaves. Gray and Burguiere take over without pause, without missing a beat. Later Beck comes back to the microphone and continues the show as if nothing happened.


In the first hour of Monday’s show, an emotional Beck addresses the audience telling the story about how his mysterious illness almost killed him. Now, however, having been given a reprieve of sorts, “a clean bill of health” as Glenn says, Beck now announces that he is going to dramatically change direction and get into film making, partnering with a talented and skillful painter and film-maker, telling positive personal stories through film rather than just talking about politics and the negative stories common to talk radio.


Is this all evidence of a long-standing health problem and a spiritual awakening, or is it just intelligent stagecraft designed to create and hold an audience? Time will tell. If it is all been faked, it has been faked over a long period of time. See video of the radio show in October of 2011. At one point on Monday night’s show, Glenn uses his wife as a prop, who says little on the show, but looks at the audience through the camera with a very somber look, acknowledging what her broadcaster husband says with one or two word affirmations.


In the second hour of the TV broadcast, Glenn dedicated his show to an interview which was a continuation of an interview he had on the radio show with a personality he called the C.S. Lewis of modern times, Ravi  Zacharias, a Christian apologist of Indian heritage and author of the book Why Suffering? Finding Meaning and Comfort When Life Doesn’t Make Sense.


What does this all mean for the future of the Glenn Beck show and the media empire he is creating? The eccentricity of the media personality may be questioned, but the ultimate result will be evidenced in time, as fans like us continue to monitor Glenn’s shows, entertainment and artistic endeavors. Glenn’s health issues are also reminiscent of those of another famous conservative broadcaster, Rush Limbaugh, who lost his hearing in recent years and overcame the disability through a cochlear implant. The parallels between the two personalities are incredible; are they merely coincidental?


Watch Glenn’s interview with Ravi Zacharias on his website here.


Watch tonight’s episode of the Glenn Beck show here.


What the video of Glenn’s health care scare here.


The attached video appeared first on the Pat Gray Facebook fan Page. The page is hosted by the author and creator of American Millennium Online. The page is not associated with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray or any other media owned and operated by Glenn Beck.

Hagedorn/Walz Campaigns Spar Over National Security Comments

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online
Hagedorn throws down the gauntlet to liberal foot soldier Tim Walz on national defense issues. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Hagedorn throws down the gauntlet to liberal foot soldier Tim Walz on national defense issues. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Republican House candidate Jim Hagedorn used a press conference recently outside of Rochester’s Federal Medical Center prison to explain why his opponent, incumbent Congressman Tim Walz, is wrong on national defense.

At the press conference, Hagedorn outlined Walz’s position to allow the federal government to close Guantanamo Bay prison and move some of the prisoners, many the worst terrorists in the world, to prisons in the continental United States, and even including the Federal Medical Center prison here in Rochester.

“The people of Rochester are protected from the Islamic terrorists in Guantanamo Bay by 1,875 miles, an ocean and six barbed wires,” Hagedorn explained. “If the congressman has his way, they’ll be right across the street in that facility, two miles from the door of the Mayo Clinic. That’s completely unacceptable!”

“If the congressman has his way, they’ll be right across the street in that facility, two miles from the door of the Mayo Clinic. That’s completely unacceptable!” -Jim Hagedorn


According to the Rochester Post Bulletin, Walz outlined his plan to move some of the terrorist to the FMC, which the PB reported on in a story published in 2009.

Hagedorn said that if he were elected he would introduce legislation preventing the executive branch’s plan to close Guantanamo by defunding the Department of Justice and Department of Defense in the execution of that plan.

Walz did not directly comment directly on Hagedorn’s accusation, but his campaign manager did. Sarah Severs, replying to the Post Bulletin by e-mail, used the opportunity to lash out at the Republican challenger. “Washington, D.C., blogger Jim Hagedorn, who has never served a day in uniform, has zero credibility on national security issues,” says Severs. “Tim Walz, a 24-year veteran of the National Guard and the highest-ranking enlisted soldier to serve in Congress, will always fight to keep America safe.” She added that Hagedorn’s comments are “reckless and desperate”.

Hagedorn’s comments are also similar to concerns raised by former Republican District 1 Congressman Gil Gutknecht, who raised objections to the presence of the Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman back in 2001 when the blind sheik was housed at the FMC shortly after 9/11. The Sheik was there undergoing treatment for diabetes. He had been incarcerated since 1998 following conviction for his role in planning the original Twin Towers bombing in 1993.

Following the 9/11 attacks Gutknecht said there was an uptick in suspicious activity around the prison, and reports of men taking photographs outside the prison from the vantage point of the nearby Quarry Hill Nature Center.

Gutknecht expressed concern then that Osama Bin Laden had personally said he would support an attack on the facility to free the Blind Sheik.

Local law enforcement was also on the alert at the time, responding to calls of suspicious activity. Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson responded to the concerns.

“We responded to a lot of those types of calls — and still do,” Peterson said.

“That certainly made it an issue of concern,” Peterson said. “(FMC) authorities shared information through the FBI on potential threats. And our role in that was to provide them with any local information. They were specifically interested in suspicious person calls that would have related to the prison in any way.”

Gutknecht’s and Peterson’s comments about the security of the FMC prison during Sheik Abdel-Rahman’s stay there can be found from the Rochester Post Bulletin report here.

Due to Gutknecht’s influence, the Sheik was eventually moved to another Bureau of Prison’s facility and the tension died down. A return of high level and dangerous criminal terrorists would definitely be cause concern, which is why Sever’s comments on behalf of her boss seem tone-deaf, insensitive, and nonsensical.

Having terrorists housed at FMC would not only make them a target for attack, a facility designed for low level prisoners with health problems, it would also draw other unwanted elements, making it a sort of Mecca for people who admire the terrorists. Rochester has a large Muslim Somalian community and it should be remembered that several Somali Muslims have left from the Twin Cities area, an hour and a half away, to go fight and die for Isis in Iraq.

A terrorists associated with the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in 201 was arrested here in Minnesota.

And the Blind Sheik’s own civil rights lawyer was convicted to 10 years in prison for aiding and abetting terrorism after passing notes from the Sheik to his supporters in terrorist networks.

Walz’s 24-year service in the National Guard aside, since his election to the congress he’s proved to be nothing more or less than a foot soldier for Nancy Pelosi and the radical left. He’s voted in lockstep with leftists over 97 percent of the time, turning a deaf ear to Minnesotans in regards to affordable health care, the economy and jobs, and yes, even national defense.

Minnesotans have a choice on Tuesday. Vote for the big government foot soldier of the radical left, incumbent Tim Walz; or they can vote for common sense conservative Minnesota values candidate Jim Hagedorn. Remember to vote Nov. 4!

Captain Jeremy Griffith is a 22-year veteran of the National Guard and Army Reserve. He served for a 15-month Tour of Duty in Iraq during the time period known as "The Surge".

Captain Jeremy Griffith is a 22-year veteran of the National Guard and Army Reserve. He served for a 15-month Tour of Duty in Iraq during the time period known as “The Surge”.

Hagedorn Challenges Walz on Importation of Prisoners of War

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

In a press conference recently near the Federal Medical Center prison in Rochester Minnesota, congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn challenged his opponent, incumbent Tim Walz on his policy to accept the importation of prisoners of war from Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba to the facility in Rochester.

Hagedorn, the Republican challenger in the local District 1 race called Walz’s support of President Obama’s policy to close GITMO and import terrorists into prisons in the continental United States as reckless, unnecessarily endangering citizens of the country.

The first duty of an public official, Hagedorn said, is to protect the citizens of his state and nation, something Walz doesn’t seem to understand, Hagedorn said.

See the video of the press conference here.

Millennium Endorsements for Midterm 2014 Election

By Jeremy Griffith
Publisher of the American Millennium Online

Jeremy Griffith here with American Millennium Online. I want to get on record and talk to you about who we support for Minnesota elections for election day Nov. 4. That would be the royal we being me because I’m the only one here. Ahem.


For Governor we endorse Jeff Johnson and his running mate Bill Kuisle for governor over incumbent democrat Mark Dayton. There’s a really good ad out there for Johnson which I think explains it all, namely that Dayton is too dazed and confused to be a good governor. We need someone in there who actually has Minnesota values that won’t just reward cronies with government funds. Johnson has experience in politics in the state and he has the a common sense conservative vision. Bill has been a representative in the state, I think they’ll make a really good team. Dayton just needs to retire. He’s a joke and he needs to go away.


For Senate I endorse Mike McFadden. He’s a businessman who knows how to create jobs and run a business. His opponent Al Franken is a former SNL comedian who is well past his prime and has ceased to be funny a long time ago. Now he’s just sad. He got to office under questionable circumstances six years ago and is the 60th vote on the dreaded Affordable Health care act or Obamacare which is neither affordable nor is it care. It’s killing small businesses, resulting in lay offs and increased premiums and not covering everyone it said it would cover. Obamacare is a joke and Al Franken is the punchline, only neither one of them is funny. So vote for McFadden and get Al out of there.


I’ve done some campaigning with my personal favorite Jim Hagedorn. Jim’s dad was a representative and he’s got politics in his blood. I think he’ll be a good representative to replace Tim Walz. Walz the former educator and Sergeant Major of the Army National Guard has served his country long enough. It’s not his service prior to being elected that concerns us, it’s what he’s done with his time in the house of representatives since, voting in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Not at all in keeping with the values of southern Minnesota. He talks a good game, talks about veterans, farmers, blah blah blah, but his record speaks louder. He wants to convince you that he is for you and your interests, but he votes in the opposite direction. The VA has been failing veterans for many years and Walz has done nothing to turn that around and as been largely silent on the issue. During the government shut down he said nothing about the shutdown of the World War II memorial as elderly veterans waited outside barracades that had no business being there. Republicans showed up and threw down the barricades and let the veterans in, and Tim Walz, a 22-year veteran himself was no where to be seen and said absolutely nothing.


Walz had the chance to vote to extend pay and benefits to full time reserve and national guard during the government shutdown. Those individuals were required to go to work regardless of pay. Essentially working for free. The representative had a chance to vote on a bill to pay those folks retroactively and he voted no, so so much for the guy who supports the veterans. Also he voted on a bill to cut the budget which contained a clause to cut benefits of retired veterans including the disabled by 1 percent per year, which would hurt retirees, especially those dealing with disabilities. Now everyone agrees that budget cuts are needed to get to fiscal sanity. Even the military needs to be cut, but not pay and benefits of those who risk their lives on our behalf and not for those who were wounded in action because of their bravery. Once again the veteran soldier does us no favors in this regard. He’s failed us again on this issue.


The government is paying for massages for bunnies, and diesel fuel for a powerplant in Afghanistan that has never been turned on, when they get their power from Iran, they’re doing research on why lesbians are fat and putting lobsters on treadmills, but they can’t pay our veterans what they are owed. Time to go Tim, we’ve had just about enough of you.


Jim Hagedorn is for common sense conservative solutions, smaller more accountable government and fiscal responsibility and has a record as a government employee that cut the fat out of his own department. Who do you know had done that. He talks the talk and walks the walk and he’s a fighter. He’ll scrap with members of his own party as well as the democrats to serve his constituents at home and that’s why we like him.


At the local level I’m voting for Breanna Bly who is running again for state senate again against Tina Liebling. You know Liebling is one of those who talks a good game to local constituents, but when it comes to the votes she has made, she’s just another big government bleeding heart liberal. Breanna is a sweet-heart who believes in fiscal responsibility. She listens to her constituents and I think she’ll be a great improvement over Liebling in the state legislature.


And those are my picks. I think they’re great. Go out and vote Nov 4. That’s election day. If you can’t vote on that day, Minnesota has early in-person absentee voting, just go down to the fairgrounds if you live in Olmsted County, the poll there is open there until the day of the election, you can register right away if you aren’t already registered and you can vote the same day. It’s very convenient.


That’s the way I voted and that’s the way my girlfriend voted. She got her citizenship here in the US last month and she voted in her first election ever here in the United States last week, so if she can do it, you can too. It’s just that easy. No excuses, no lines, just go and vote.


And that’s a wrap, so go out there, campaign for your favorite candidate or cause and then go and vote. This is Jeremy Griffith from the American Millennium Online. Have a great day.

Jeff Johnson for Governor Ad:

Jim Hagedorn for Congress Ad:

McFadden Closes on Liberal Opponent Franken

Mike McFadden, Republican challenger running against Sen. Al Franken, addresses Rochester voters in regard to health care Friday. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Mike McFadden, Republican challenger running against Sen. Al Franken, addresses Rochester voters in regard to health care Friday. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online


Mike McFadden, the Republican competitor with liberal Senator Al Franken of Minnesota is attempting to close the gap with his opponent even as he tries to differentiate himself from Franken’s record.

The challenger debated Franken last week in Duluth. This week McFadden met with Rochester residents on his plan for fixing health care.

He says, “Obamacare, or MNSure in Minnesota, is a train-wreck, and that train keeps wrecking!” Mcfadden went on to explain that the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare as it is most commonly known, is based on three prominent lies told to the American People by the President. He says, the cost of health care was supposed to go down, it’s actually gone up quite a bit. Obama said it would increase access; in fact fewer people have access now than did before, as people are forced off their employer provided health care due to the outrageous cost to small business.

“147,000 Minnesotans found out that wasn’t true,” McFadden said.

And finally, McFadden explained that the quality of health care would go down, not increase as the president promised. “Whenever government gets involved in health care, you get a decrease in quality, like what is happening with the VA,” McFadden said. “I won’t let that happen if I’m elected as the Senator from the great state of Minnesota!”

McFadden met with a small but enthusiastic crowd in Rochester on Friday. He told the crowd he was pleased to get the endorsement of two prominent northern Minnesota newspapers including Duluth. A most recent poll cited by McFadden has him closing within two points of Franken, which is within the margin of error.

ABC’S Eyewitness 5 notes on their website that Franken was down in 2008 when he challenged Republican Norm Coleman and went on to win that election, after a legal challenge and a vote recount, with a slim margin of 312 votes. So, Franken, while still in the lead, maybe vulnerable. According to the latest polling we’ve seen, the closest McFadden has been able to close is eight points. You can see the latest polling day from Real Clear Politics here. See McFadden’s full comments in the video below.

Rose’s Journey: A Path to Citizenship

Roselle with Sen. Carla Nelson-R, with me the author, on Rose's swearing in day.

Roselle with Sen. Carla Nelson-R, with me the author, on Rose’s swearing in day.

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online

With hope for a better future, with aspirations and dreams, 848 new naturalized American Citizens were sworn in at a public ceremony at the Minneapolis Convention Center Sept. 24th.

The hall at the Minneapolis Convention Center was packed with people taking their oath of citizenship. 848 new citizens naturalized that day. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

The hall at the Minneapolis Convention Center was packed with people taking their oath of citizenship. 848 new citizens naturalized that day. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

I was a part of this journey since my girlfriend, the love of my life, embarked on it earlier this year. We decided together she’d been here long enough, now was the time to pursue becoming a citizen. We paid the money, $680 for the interview, biometric and other fees, with the help of family and friends. We borrowed a book to study for the test. We read all of the rules and did all the confusing paperwork. We called in to work in order to make the trips to Minneapolis and St. Paul for her appointments, we never missed one, and we were grateful for the people who helped us out and picked up or shifts.

We studied hard and in all, my baby’s interview took 9 minutes, 44 seconds, just enough to answer six questions of the battery of the 100 we studied, time enough to drop all her paper work on the floor and raise the wrong hand. Nervous as we were, she knew all the questions by heart and answered them succinctly enough to impress the interviewer. We did it, we were on our way to becoming a citizen. I was so proud of her.

Roselle with Sen. Amy Klobuchar-D, left and State Sen. Carla Nelson-R, right. It doesn't matter the party, politicians love new voters. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Roselle with Sen. Amy Klobuchar-D, left and State Sen. Carla Nelson-R, right. It doesn’t matter the party, politicians love new voters. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

My girl, Roselle Salvador Taburada, the Asian lady with the Spanish name, came here to America over seven years ago from the Philippines. She spoke English and had a degree in business management. He got her Green Card and got a job as soon as she was able. It wasn’t always easy. Her husband was a dud and her marriage failed. In her anger and despair she contemplated leaving and going back to the Philippines. But she stuck with it and got a better job, in food service. She was active with friends and with the community, earning a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and competing in tournaments. We’ve got her trophies on our bookcase in our home. She’s been active in the Philippine-American community. Her life was turning around and it seemed time to strive for the ultimate goal, citizenship.

On that happy day we were so excited. She wore a new pink dress that she picked out for the occasion. We left home early so as not to get lost in traffic and be late. It was cold and rainy and there was fog on the road. I just love driving in traffic on days like that. We found our spot and stood in line. There was a spot marked out for the new citizens there in the hall of the convention center. We got there early and had to wait. There were so many people there that we filled the hall. It was standing room only when we finally got in. About half an hour late, thanks to government inefficiencies, the doors of the hall opened and we started to get sorted. I couldn’t sit with my Rose, we were put in separate lines and ended up on opposite sides of the hall. I brought the wrong camera for the occasion, I thought I would be closer to the stage, and got photos I’m not real happy with. But we made it through and it was a nice ceremony.

The League of Women voters used up the waiting time before the ceremony and offered to register all the new voters. I commented about this to the two Mexican women sitting next to me, saying, “Look, it’s so nice of the League of Women voters to register new Democrats, uh, I mean ‘voters’!” They laughed politely. Both of the ladies, fast friends who had never met before that day, were amazing and fun to talk with. The younger one was from Peru and was there for a friend. She fiddled with her new Android Galaxy smart phone that looked more like a television. (I bet she got better photos than me.) The other woman had come from Mexico and had been here for over 20 years. I enjoyed listening to them speaking Spanish together, the syllables sound like music to me, unlike the German and Arabic I studied. It was fun talking and listening to their stories of their separate journeys to become citizens and their hopes for their relatives and friends who were being sworn in that day.

It's gotta be official. US District Court Judge for the State of Minnesota calls the court to order and swears in the new naturalized citizens. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

It’s gotta be official. US District Court Judge for the State of Minnesota calls the court to order and swears in the new naturalized citizens. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

The League finished passing out pens and papers to the attendants and the ceremony got underway. The US District Court for the state of Minnesota was the host of the event and opened the ceremony as t hey would any other official court function. An assistant to a US district court judge opened the court session. She took the time to announce the numbers of people present from the different countries and had each stand in turn when they were announced. That’s when we learned the nationalities and the numbers of each applicant present. I remember a few; two from Iran, two from Iraq, 20 from the Philippines, one each from Canada, Israel, Australia and the UK. Many from war torn, disease-ridden Africa, including the largest number from the non-country of East Africa, Somalia: 98! Wow!

When the district court judge’s assistant completed the task of announcing all the applicants, she made a motion to open the court and recommended that the gathered applicants be sworn in as citizens, having been vetted as people of high moral character who have completed all of the requirements of citizenship. The judge took over and presided over the court, approving the recommendation of citizenship for all in attendance. There was a music video played with the patriotic Lee Greenwood song played. The judge had all the attendees stand and raise their right hand as the oath was administered. The oath, very similar to the oath I took as a newly commissioned lieutenant in the United States Army, was displayed on a large view screen at the front of the hall. The applicants spoke in unison, swearing allegiance to the United States, abandoning all allegiance to their country of origin and swearing to protect their newly adopted nation with force of arms if need be. It was a very moving ceremony. I cried.

A happy new citizen gets her photo taken with my parents, Kathy and Len. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

A happy new citizen gets her photo taken with my parents, Kathy and Len. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

I made the hail-Mary move of inviting our local state senator to join us for the ceremony and to the pleasure and surprise of both of us, she was happy to come. Carla Nelson-R from Rochester, found my parents in the large hall and sat with them for the ceremony. The judge recognized her as well as our Federal Senator, Amy Klobuchar, who sat up front with the judge and his assistant. We were happy to meet both of our representatives, state and federal on that important day.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Klobuchar made a few remarks. She talked about citizenship, and about her own path through life. She explained that her grandfather had been a coal miner in northern Minnesota, had taken care of his family and worked hard in the mine all his life, putting the children through school. Now a generation later, his grand-daughter was a United States Senator. It is that kind of determination and hard work that makes a US citizen and affords the citizen success later on, success they might not otherwise find in their country of origin.

I have no major qualms about what our Senator said up until that point. I was actually quite impressed with the history of or democratic senator, a story I had not heard before. Then she told the crowd in what sounded like a campaign speech, that she was for comprehensive immigration reform, to which the majority of the crowd loudly applauded. Except for me and the Peruvian and Mexican sitting next to me.

Comprehensive immigration reform, Senator?! What does that mean? We have a legal process that allows many, many people to enter the country legally every year, many who take the step to become legal citizens. On that day, 98 Africans who had escaped the black hole of that continent, Somalia, were sworn in and naturalized. What more do you want? Should we swing the doors open to everyone who wants to come? Should we invite even those people who don’t embrace our values? I think we ought to keep and embrace our current system or more clearly define how you propose to change it. I didn’t hear the Senator do that.

At the end of the ceremony, my parents and Sen. Nelson found us. I still hadn’t seen Rose, who was still up front getting her certificate of citizenship. I told the Senator, doubtful, “I don’t think we can get up there.” She said, “Don’t worry, let me take care of that.” She lead me through the crowd to the front where we found Rose. We then pushed to the head of the line to meet Sen. Klobuchar. Nelson introduced herself to the senator’s staffer, who waived us ahead. Because of Nelson’s clout, we got our photo taken with our Federal senator, a moment in time we will never forget. The Federal judge we missed, he had already escaped out the back.

Sen. Carla Nelson made the effort to make our day special. She used her cloud and introduced us to our federal rep, Sen. Amy Klobuchar. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Sen. Carla Nelson made the effort to make our day special. She used her clout and introduced us to our federal rep, Sen. Amy Klobuchar. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Since the ceremony, we’ve gotten a lot of recognition for Rose on her achievement. We’ve registered to vote and we are studying the candidates. I hope the other new citizens sworn in that day are also happy with their achievements but also studying the issues that are affecting our state and our nation. I hope they will uphold their oath to protect and defend their new nation, abandoning interests in other lands. I hope. If they have the work ethic, patriotism and drive of the Pilipino immigrants I’ve met in the last two years, they’ll do fine.

Rose and I are very grateful for all the support we received from family and friends.

A new citizen relaxes after the dust settles. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

A new citizen relaxes after the dust settles. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Rose always gets people coming up to her saying, “Congratulations dear, now you can pay taxes like the rest of us!” to which Rose replies, “You’re crazy, I already paid the taxes!” Do you think the IRS would let us by without paying taxes, you are crazy.

I’ve put off writing this column because I didn’t know quite what to say. I guess the major thing I want people to know is what it took for us to get here and our gratitude for all who helped and supported us. That’s all. And for all who want to come here and enjoy the benefits of citizenship I want to say this, please don’t violate our laws to do it. Do the right thing, the legal thing. The benefits of citizenship are massive, but so are the responsibilities. Both go hand in hand. Don’t take on this journey if you are not able to accept one without the other. There is a path and many have taken it and have been grateful for it. You can do it too, if you want to become a citizen of the United States of America.

Rose and I are very grateful for everyone who made this day possible. -Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium

Rose and I are very grateful for everyone who made this day possible. -Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium

Johnson Wins First Gubernatorial Debate in Rochester

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online


Commissioner Jeff Johnson gives a strong performance at the first gubernatorial debate in Rochester Mn. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Commissioner Jeff Johnson gives a strong performance at the first gubernatorial debate in Rochester Mn. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

The headline above is a bit of a conceit I admit, from a Conservative Republican blogger such as myself, but in my view, Commissioner Jeff Johnson, Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota clearly lead the  debate against is opponents: Incumbent Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and Independent candidate Hannah Nicollet.


The debate occurred Wednesday at Mayo Civic Center in Rochester and was televised on public television.


Johnson was on point from the beginning, he attacked the governor in a way that didn’t make him look like a jerk, he was respectful to his opponents and he was armed with facts.


Governor Mark Dayton had strong support in Rochester and didn't make any major gaffes at the first debate in Rochester MN. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Governor Mark Dayton had strong support in Rochester and didn’t make any major gaffes at the first debate in Rochester MN. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Having said that, Dayton was better prepared and performed better than I thought he would, even though he always has that befuddled look on his face when I see him in public and he mumbled a bit. The governor was quick to respond to his critic and didn’t make any major gaffes.


Former software designer Hannah Nicollet, the Independent candidate, surprised me a little, was engaging in the debate and even though her answers were long and meandering, still made some good points which her opponents, Dayton and Johnson were forced to agree with. I sat next to a member of her campaign staff and let him know how impressed I was, even though it was apparent it was her first debate.


Hannah Nicollet, the Independent candidate for Governor, gave a good performance at the first debate. She should consider running for lower office to get more experience. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Hannah Nicollet, the Independent candidate for Governor, gave a good performance at the first debate. She should consider running for lower office to get more experience. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

The staffer agreed. “She needs to slow down a bit and give the answers we know she has,” the staffer said.


Now I don’t think Nicollet has a chance in this field, but I could be wrong. Minnesota has voted for independents before. However, the last independent governor, Jesse Ventura, was a celebrity with name recognition with an aggressive competent staff. At the time the state was pissed off with both the democrats and republicans in that race, which was extremely helpful for Ventura. Nicollet has none of those aspects in her favor and she should consider running for a lower office such as state rep or senator, or as a small town Mayor. That would give her more credibility if she were to run for higher office in the future.


That being said, she added to the debate and should be allowed to compete in all five gubernatorial debates, which is what the governor agreed. It helps him as in most cases the independent party candidate, with the exception of Ventura, bleeds away support for the Republican candidate.


I’m happy to have seen this first debate in person, and I look forward to seeing the televised debates coming later in the month. Dayton, while he has a lot of local support, is vulnerable in several areas, such as health care, transportation such as roads and bridges, and his seeming abandonment of greater Minnesota areas. Incidentally, Johnson made a point to attack the governor, very successfully I might add, in all of those areas.


Johnson has an uphill climb against a heavily entrenched liberal base here in the state. He’ll have to keep on the offensive in public debates and in his TV and radio advertisement if he is to get traction against the incumbent. And, hopefully, the independents won’t bleed off so much support from Johnson that it throws the election to the other guy.


Johnson needs to have the help of his running mate, former state legislator Bill Kuisle, who has a lot of credibility in the greater Minnesota area and has been a popular public figure in the Rochester area.

Helpless and Terrified: Life Without the Gun

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online

Need a reason to keep an AR-15? Here's one: a muslim child holding the head of a slain Iraqi man.

Need a reason to keep an AR-15? Here’s one: a muslim child holding the head of a slain Iraqi man. -photo credited to proud dad.

Helpless and terrified, Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities are fleeing to the hills to avoid the perilous onslaught of the ruthless Islamic state. If they had AR-15s or AK semi-automatic rifles, they might be able to defend themselves somewhat.


Meanwhile and arrogant and misguided US administration ignores the problem too long, abandoning Iraq along with heavy weapons and vehicles to the enemy, who gleefully used the armaments to enforce sharia law and hunt down anyone who gets in their way.


The Kurds, not as gullible or helpless, are meeting the threat head on; are even making headway as the face off the Islamic extremists. They didn’t believe the promises of the US government that they would take care of the Kurds. The Kurds of Kurdistan, located in Northern Iraq,  placed their faith in themselves.


And that is the take-away for us here at home in the US. A federal judge has ordered that AR-15s and AKs are not covered under the Constitutional protection of the 2nd Amendment. She decided all on her own, this judge, that Americans don’t need them and therefore shouldn’t have them. Read the full article about the case in the Washington Times here. 


Simultaneously, armed men in Ferguson, Missouri are defending their businesses from looters. The neighbors who without weapons  are helpless to defend their homes and shops as an overwhelmed police force who can’t be everywhere at once, struggle to get the violence under control. Read more about this incident here.


Who needs an AR-15 or AK-47 style semi-automatic rifle. The answer is: I do. That should be the answer to any politician, local or federal, who attempts to seize our guns and make us defenseless. Chances are, hopefully, you won’t need your AR for anything other than plinking at the range. Hopefully your fire extinguisher is left idle as well. You don’t buy these things because you are certain there will be a fire or a riot; you get them because the danger exists.


In Ferguson, a black kid was shot. As a result, the black community in their anger took it upon themselves to decimate their own neighbors and steal their neighbors’ property before burning their shops.


In Iraq, the US and other nations are dropping food and water on refugee camps in the mountains. What they should be dropping is guns and ammo to fend off the Islamic State, who gleefully post online the child of an Islamic fighter lifting up the severed head of a man they killed.


Meanwhile in the United States there are many walled settlements of Islamic communities totally dedicated to Sharia Law. US law enforcement aren’t allowed to patrol those communities. What is going on in there. Are they planning Jihad against their neighbors? Likely, but if that’s the case, are you ready to defend your home, or are you just going to submit to the politicians will and let Muslims relocate or kill you?


I for one am tired of the “religion of peace”! So is Israel. They have to defend themselves daily against a regime of terrorists who would rather spend millions of dollars the US gave them to fund terrorist tunnels rather than infrastructure to support a healthy community.


What’s next? Will the president ever stop playing golf and do his job of defending the country. Not likely. So why we wait, why don’t you prepare yourself and go to your local gunshop and get an AR, before they’re all gone.


Don’t believe me? Think you don’t need an AR to defend your life and your liberty. Watch the videos I’ve attached below.

Communism Survivor Testifies for the 2nd Amendment.

African American explains how his AR-15 saved his home when an armed mob came to break into his house.

Hagedorn Wins Surprising Upset in Primary, Beats Miller

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online


Hagedorn campaigns before local Republican Party BPOE in Olmsted County. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Hagedorn campaigns before local Republican Party BPOE in Olmsted County. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Jim Hagedorn has surpassed all expectation in the Republican Primary this past Tuesday by trouncing the endorsed candidate Aaron Miller. His win proves two things: that he is an able campaigner who cannot be underestimated, and there is a lesson here to be learned by the people who vote to endorse candidates in the local caucuses.


Now I’ve been following Hagedorn for a while now, since his failed bid the last time around for the same position running against Tim Walz. He humorously noted to me that the situation this time around was very similar to the last time. He said, “In this race the composition is the same as it was the last time; you’ve got a military guy, a professor, a professional politician, and me!” What has always struck me about Hagedorn is his self-defacing, quick wit. He has continuously refused to badmouth Republicans competing for the same job, and he has shown a gleeful willingness to hammer his overall opponent, Tim Walzm with truth about his dismal record.


In a caucus earlier this year, state representative Mike Benson stood in the entry way of the Byron High School handing out fliers and shaking hands right next to his competitor Jim Hagedorn, who was doing the same thing. I noted this fact to the candidates with irony. Hagedorn responded, indicating to Benson: “That’s not my opponent, that’s a competitor. Tim Walz is the opponent!”


The last election as I recall, Hagedorn agreed to be constrained by the request that candidates abide by the endorsement process. When he was passed over in this process, Hagedorn grudgingly stepped aside, and the Republican endorsed candidate lost to Tim Walz. This time Hagedorn stepped up his game and surpassed the endorsed Republican candidate. This usurpation indicates two truths to me: that you can accomplish anything if you work hard enough at it; and two, the people who vote in primaries here in Minnesota obviously have a different view of who is a viable candidate than those who show up to vote at caucuses and endorsement conventions.


The Republican establishment should take note of this fact at accept it for what it is. The grass roots of the party does not necessarily agree with the leadership of the party when it comes to choosing it’s candidates. Hagedorn is an able campaigner. He has made appearances for media outside the very offices of his opponent and ripped Walz’s voting record to shreds. Aaron Miller, a local businessman and National Guard leader, though a great candidate, didn’t set the world on fire with his campaign following the endorsement. Hagedorn continues to jab at the liberal agenda of Tim Walz, who votes 90 percent or better in line with liberal leader Nancy Pelosi of California; not at all in line with the values of Minnesotans.


I have to admit something here. In the caucuses, I supported Benson, who failed his bid for the slot. Then, I voted Miller, though I didn’t know him very well. Though probably a better candidate than Walz, he just didn’t impress me with his drive following his endorsement. Hagedorn however, continues to jab away with his quick wit and the facts on Walz’s record. It will be interesting to see if Hagedorn’s energetic strategy is able to overcome the progressive left’s money and propaganda machine. For the sake of Minnesota, I hope it is.

Watch Hagedorn deliver his message outside Walz’s Rochester office in regards to Walz’s support of the failed Obamacare law.  We were there.

Online hacking of personal emails and social media now a weapon of the British Government

 by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online

How much do you trust your government to do the right thing with your privacy and your freedom of speech? British citizens are finding out now that the answer to that question should be, “not very much”! It seems that a super-secret British spy agency is publishing a menu of options they have to provide politicians to hack into the social media accounts of citizens in the name of national security.


I learned about this first listening to Glenn Beck and have found creditable confirmation on a number of other websites. You can see Glenn’s comments on this issue here. Glenn Greenwald has an article here with a full description of the British government’s Internet capabilities. I’ve included the list here verbatim:

• “Change outcome of online polls” (UNDERPASS)

• “Mass delivery of email messaging to support an Information Operations campaign” (BADGER) and “mass delivery of SMS messages to support an Information Operations campaign” (WARPARTH)

• “Disruption of video-based websites hosting extremist content through concerted target discovery and content removal.” (SILVERLORD)

• “Active skype capability. Provision of real time call records (SkypeOut and SkypetoSkype) and bidirectional instant messaging. Also contact lists.” (MINIATURE HERO)

• “Find private photographs of targets on Facebook” (SPRING BISHOP)

• “A tool that will permanently disable a target’s account on their computer” (ANGRY PIRATE)

• “Ability to artificially increase traffic to a website” (GATEWAY) and “ability to inflate page views on websites” (SLIPSTREAM)

• “Amplification of a given message, normally video, on popular multimedia websites (Youtube)” (GESTATOR)

• “Targeted Denial Of Service against Web Servers” (PREDATORS FACE) and “Distributed denial of service using P2P. Built by ICTR, deployed by JTRIG” (ROLLING THUNDER)

• “A suite of tools for monitoring target use of the UK auction site eBay (” (ELATE)

• “Ability to spoof any email address and send email under that identity” (CHANGELING)

• “For connecting two target phone together in a call” (IMPERIAL BARGE)

Now it would be great fun if you were computer hacker employed by the British or American governments monitoring the Internet activity of groups like Al Qaeda or ISIS. After all, they love to post videos of their exploits against the West there, videos for example of them blowing up American Soldiers or lopping off the heads of Christians and Jews and plopping them on spikes! Wouldn’t it be great if instead of going to the intended video posted by the terrorists, you would instead be misdirected to a video of an old lady power walking or Afghani Muslims humping a goat before getting blown up by a JDAM laser guided missile? I think it would be hilarious, but that is not likely to happen given the current political climate.

Instead of the above scenario, imagine something a little more realistic. Say you are a conservative blogger who doesn’t like Barack Obama much. Perhaps you don’t like the way he plays golf as the world burns; he sides with Palestinian terrorists instead of a free and democratic Israel; he allows Russia to run amok in Ukraine while shooting down Malaysian airliners; he invites millions of undocumented immigrants to flood the border while selling guns and other weapons to the drug coyotes who are bringing them over; he’s destroyed the economy with Obamacare; allowed an innocent Marine to rot in a Mexican prison and allowed his IRS and Justice Departments to target people who don’t agree with him. Because you have a dream of an idealized America with freedom for all, you’ve taken it upon yourself to remark on the many arrogant missteps of your government in your $5 blog and now you’ve raised the attention of the NSA, whose boss is the very president who you’ve been criticizing all this time, and he doesn’t like it.

So now the NSA or its British equivalent if you happen to be a Brit, has a solution to shut you up. They can use government paid hackers they retain on staff to hack your computer and implant hours and hours of child porn, while the FBI or IRS fabricate a reason to get a search warrant for your house and computer. And bam, you’re sitting in front of a judge and a jury with your government provided defense attorney who is late for his golf game with the president defending yourself against a child porn rap while all the time maintaining your innocence. Scary huh? And your only defense to a skeptical jury is, “I don’t look at that crap! I have no idea how it got there!”

Nice huh! And it’s not out of the way too much to imagine is it. See, when it’s just you, who is going to believe that you don’t look at child porn, or that you’ve hatched a scheme to overthrow the government or that you are cheating on your wife or whatever. You’re just you. In the meanwhile the government has all the legal machinery available to them in the form of any number of alphabet soup type agencies with which to go after you: i.e. the IRS, the DOJ, the NSA, the FBI. You’re bad and you’re fellow citizens will see it and you’ll be thrown into jail. You’re a nut who needs to locked up. It’s a communist dictator’s dream.

The only solution to this problem in my view is for everyone to get a gun and a blog and start writing. They can’t get us all, and when they go after one of us, they go after all of us. The IRS may have destroyed all of those emails and hard drives, and the DOJ won’t press any charges against the Lois Lerner types,  but then the confidence in government will never be the same as long as the average citizen is an enemy of the state just for exercising his freedom of speech. Eventually the American Spring will happen and the end of progressive government will come to an end. The faster, the better. Our founders gave us a great, accountable, limited form of government. Progressives continue to try to take that away. They say the Constitution is too limiting, it’s a list of negative rights, whatever that means. We’ve got to send a message to our government that we reject being spied on and monitored, or free speech rights being curtailed and if they keep it up, we the people are going to throw them out of office and into jail.

In Great Britain, new organizations like News of the World, owned by billionaire media tycoon Rupert Murdoch went down in flames when it was discovered that reporters were listening illegally to phone conversations in order to get the scoop on dirt in the lives of celebrities so they could print their stories first in their latest editions. You can find information about that scandal here. People went to jail for that and New of the World was forced to shutter their doors. If’ it’s illegal for journalists to threaten the privacy of citizens, then why is OK for the government to do it. It’s not, and western governments need to know it’s not OK.

Who do they think they are anyway?

Now comes the conspiracy theories! Imagine if the News of the World scandal was a made up scenario by the government to punish conservative media. It cost Murdoch and friends serious loss of reputation, money and people went to jail over it. How do you prove your government sabotaged your media organization? What if Sen. Weiner’s Twitter account was actually hacked in order to shut him up for who knows what reason? See, there is a slippery slope developing here.

By the way, if you suspect you will eventually be caught doing something illegal on the Internet, maybe you’re running an illegal scam, or you’re in charge of an online gambling ring, or the aforementioned child porn racket, just hire a conservative blogger to create a cover story for you. And save copies of everything. You may have a plausible alibi when you’re case comes to trial!

When the government and thieves alike have the power to hack into your accounts through the Internet or listen to your phone calls, no one is safe from people with nefarious intent.  If someone doesn’t like you, and has these tools at their disposal, they can destroy you, your reputation, your life.

I suspect the private sector will be coming with a solution for this. Phones will have anti-listening or jamming software on them so that no one can listen in, Internet capable computers will have anti-spoofing software included, and there will be online reputation protection services cropping up dedicated to defending you in case you’re computer is hacked.

The bottom line is there is a lot of awful things happening on the Internet. Lots of great things too. The fact is that in a free society, information needs to be freely transmitted, the good with the bad. That is the marketplace of free ideas. When that capability is shuttered, bad things happen. It is better to tolerate the bad, then let the good be silenced.

In a free society, when the truth is given an equal footing, the truth always wins. That is the concept of the Free Marketplace of Ideas.