Who should apologize for burning Korans?

Iraqi Horseman in front of the Ziggurat of Ur - artist unknown

by Jeremy Griffith

When Korans were burned inside a jail at Baghram Airbase in Afghanistan on Feb. 21, the local populace was so enraged at the desecration that they rioted for days, according to the Huffington Post. In the violence that ensued, 25 have been killed and more than 100 injured, including four Americans murdered inside a well-guarded Interior Ministry says .

Local Muslims made the discovery after finding the burnt pieces of the Koran in the rubbish. According to a column in the Daily Caller, officials say soldiers at the base were ordered to discard the books after detainees wrote codes on the pages in order to transmit secret messages to one another, a practice that takes place in many corrections institutions around the world, including the United States.

The Army Commander of the Afghan theater Lt. Gen. Allen as well as the President of the United States have apologized for the destruction of the books, but that has done nothing to quell the unrest. Afghan President Hamid Karzai and leaders of the Taliban have demanded the apology from US leaders.

The Millennium doesn’t condone the willful desecration of holy books and artifacts, but we will ask the question, who needs to apologize? We  agree that someone should apologize, but it is not the Americans!

Muslims always show feigned outrage whenever someone insults the prophet or draws a controversial cartoon or criticizes the practices of Islam. Most of these reactions are way over the top and involve violence. Yet, the Muslims never apologize for their outright disrespect for religions of others. In fact, they are outright contemptuous, destroying holy sites and building mosques on top of them, burning Bibles and other holy writings, desecrating Jewish Shrines, and destroying Buddhist Statues. Sometimes their outrage includes murder, like when the body of a filmmaker critical to Islam was found outside his home with a Muslim manifesto stapled to his chest.

Muslims should get a grip on themselves and stop with the murder and violence every time someone does something, purposely or not, to insult their religion. There are ways past that don’t involve murder. A  life is more important than the pages of a book.

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