Union Supporters Gather on Steps of Madison Capitol to protest during historic Gubernatorial Recall Election

Madison, WI (June 6, 2012) Protesters gather on capitol steps to express outrage at Governor Scott Walker during recall election Tuesday. - photo by Jeremy Griffith

by Jeremy Griffith

It’s election day in Madison Wisconsin where embattled Governor Scott Walker and four Republican Legislators  face a recall. Union protestors gather on the capitol steps to express their feelings for the governor and his policies one more time before the polls close.

Steve Walker, no relation to the governor, is a non-union carpenter who came out to support the union. He is angry with the governor for his attempt to strip union members of bargaining rights. He also says he feels this protests and others like it have a kinship with the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Arab Spring.

“It all started with the specific issue of the canceling of the bargaining power of the public sector unions,” said Walker. “But I think it’s become much broader in that there is an understanding that  he is perceived to be aligned with the elites who have been eroding the rights of the little man and the middle class for 30 years now since the Reagan administration.”

Miles Christian is a student and libertarian who came out to support the recall. He carries with him a facsimile of the governor which he is trying to sell. He believes the two party system of the US government is flawed and should allow for more parties and more viewpoints to choose from, as they do in other countries.

“This is Scott Walker,” said Christian, pointing at the facsimile he’s carrying. “He got elected to office pretending to be a conservative. Conservatives are supposed to be for limited government. ”

“I don’t think he’s a true conservative,” Christian added. “I think he’s a puppet.”

Jim Roberts  is a retired firefighter for the city of Madison. He voted for Walker in 2010 and is suffering from voters remorse he says.

“There are a number of issues. Basically I think he lied to the general public during his campaign,” said Roberts. “He did away with workers rights which is the wrong thing to do. And I think he’s butchered the budget.”

“I think in the last few days you’ve seen a change or a switch,” Roberts added. “I think you’ll see a historic event where you’ll see a win, for the recall!”

Scott Walker won the recall vote defeating his opponent handily 53-46. He and his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett called for all Wisconsinites to move past the election now and work together.

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