The Young Turks

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

The Young Turks is a progressive media channel on the Internet, primarily You Tube that is popular amongst leftist, particularly the young and naïve. It is also the name of the group responsible for the destruction of Armenian Christians in Turkey known as the Armenian Genocide. Coincidence? Probably. More likely it’s a head nod to that group from the past. Like the Young Turks of the past who tried to purge their land of undesirables, the current rendition tries to purge society of anyone who holds on to conservative or libertarian thought by bombarding the youth with liberal progressive nonsense and propaganda.


Their current deception is to label the Trump administration as racist and white supremacist because of his connection to his chief of staff Steve Bannon and his policy of building a wall, preventing illegal immigration into this country and deporting all those who have immigrated here illegally, beginning with illegals who have broken other laws.


This, of course, is ridiculous. There is nothing in Donald Trump’s past to indicate racism or white supremacist tendencies. Indeed, he’s won awards for his work in diversity and race relations. If Bannon has any white supremacist, there certainly isn’t any evidence at it. This is a popular tactic of the left, a disinformation campaign of libelous attacks to discredit political opponents. The fake news claim is most certainly the latest iteration of this kind of attack. The thought process of the left is, accuse the enemy of the things of which you yourself are guilty in order to distract from the real issue and destroy the reputation of your opponents.


Here are some recent examples. You always know for an example that you are winning an argument with a liberal when they accuse you of racism. As popular conservative film maker Dinesh D’Souza points out, liberal democrats have been involved in racist practices from the beginning of the nation’s founding, including slavery, Jim Crow Laws, Black Codes, segregation, the KKK and so on. But somehow the modern Democratic Party is seen as the champions of African-Americans. In fact, their policies are a continuation of a campaign to diminish the minority communities power and keep them contained. Look up the history of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood for starters. Sanger is one of Hillary Clinton’s heroes. That should tell you a lot.


Of course there are other cases of fake news, usually transmitted by the mainstream media: Dan Rather’s CBS story about George Bush ducking out of his military obligations with the Air National Guard, Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Trayvon Martin shot by a white guy, Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes, and so on and so forth. The left has no problem seemingly to libel people they don’t like.


The challenge then is as a media consumer testing whether or not the news source you are using is biased and trustworthy. The only advice I have is to look at stories from that source long term and analyze them as a group. The more sensational and slanted the headline, the more likely the story is false, or half true.


Here at the American Millennium, we have plenty of opinions, but we try to base them in fact and we have references so that the reader can learn from the same source we used to test whether or not what we say is true. We don’t hide that we are a conservative news source. But, the first rule of any journalistic endeavor is the truth, the kind of truth that doesn’t care about public opinion. It is what it is.


We don’t really think the Young Turks have any connection to the past genocide; we’ve used that scenario to illustrate our point. But how reliable are the Turks, the Alex Jones of the left, with their continuous unfounded, biased propaganda. When will the Turks come clean and admit that what they are is a public relations propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, just like most of the mainstream news. We aren’t going to hold our breath waiting.

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