Hypocrite Chris Matthews Accuses Tea Party of Racism, Practices Racism Himself

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Conservative Blogger Kira Davis scares liberals like Chris Matthews with her sign.

Conservative Blogger Kira Davis scares liberals like Chris Matthews with her sign.

(Video of Chris Matthews “three-fifths” comment. Video by Mediaite.)

(Video of Kira Davis expulsion from live MSNBC event. Video by Lee Stranahan.)

Chris Matthews, the ultra-liberal pinhead on MSNBC, continues to baffle with his nonsensical statements and his water-carrying for the Obama administration and progressive causes. On his show this week he blasted Tea Party, regular Americans like you and me, accusing us of racism for opposing the horrific failure of Obamacare.

Said Matthews, “I wonder if the Tea Party is reverting to their old ways of considering black people as only 3/5ths of a person!”

Now this is a ridiculous comment and it doesn’t much matter that we as conservatives have pointed out the history behind this reference, the so called 3/5ths clause in the Constitution, which allowed slaves to be counted in the south as 3/5ths of a person for the purpose of representation in the House of Representatives pre-Civil War. It doesn’t matter that this was a compromise, though a bad one, that allowed the south to count their slaves in order to get more representation in the congress, meanwhile depriving black Americans their rights and denying them representation, real representation in their government. It doesn’t matter that this compromise from northern legislators in the Continental Congress was aimed at limiting the power of the south and restrict the spread of slavery, a horrible stain on the American Legacy. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that the Progressives won the budget battle, the Obamacare debate, and the government shut down fiasco when the GOP leadership caved and Chris Matthews in an effort to win the support of his three remaining viewers and to boost is flagging ratings took a victory swipe at the people he despises most, you and me, with a despicable racist and historically erroneous comment.

I find this interesting as far as politics goes. The left, usually when losing an argument, will attack conservatives and call them racists. This wins big points for black Americans who watch the pundits because they feel they have been treated badly and are entitled. When black Americans, those who are informed about the real history of the left, speak cogently and accurately about the harm they have caused to the African American, the left attempts to destroy them personally and politically. Look at former Congressman Allen West, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson as examples.

There is another example more recent that I want to point out. It’s personal because it directly demonstrates Matthews’s true attitude towards black Americans. You will remember that prior to the last election contest between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, a conservative black woman, blogger Kira Davis, went to attend a live taping of the Chris Matthews show with friends. Those friends included other prominent bloggers from the Brietbart organization, all of whom were white. Davis was ejected from the live venue by security thugs hired by MSNBC in the most shocking manner. Her offense, being a black conservative carrying a pro-Romney sign.

When it comes right down to it, people like Matthews don’t really like black people and don’t want to hear from them, otherwise the Kira Davis’s of the world wouldn’t be considered a threat. They don’t respect black conservatives because they don’t support the false narrative that the evil Republicans are a bunch of racists who what to re-introduce slavery.

The Facts speak for themselves. The Democratic Party has a long history of racism and suppression of the black vote. The Republicans have had a long history of championing the Civil Rights movement, from the very beginning of this country. That is why Civil Rights Icon and Lincoln adviser Frederick Douglas famously said, “I am a die in the wool Republican!”

I think today his party would embarrass Mr. Douglas, but I don’t think he would be embarrassed by the Tea Party, which embraces a lot of the principles that he advocated during his lifetime. It’s too bad that the GOP leadership caves into pressure, but I think the Tea Party is the infusion of influence that will eventually take over the conservative movement and Republican party and turn things around for the country, it will just take more time.

As for Chris Matthews and liberal political pundits of his ilk, shame on you! You are a true racist for bad-mouthing black conservatives the way that you do. You don’t shame them, you shame yourself, and someone should sock you in your big fat libelous mouth.

Blog on Kira Davis!

Kira Davis’s blogs can be found at Kiradavis.net. She has been a frequent guest on the Glenn Beck program and other media venues. Be on the lookout for her Internet Radio blog, The Dark Side, on FTR Radio.

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Government Targets Who They Fear Most!

Jeremy Griffith, creator of American Millennium Online, in front of Thomas Jefferson's house. Nobody was home.

Jeremy Griffith, creator of American Millennium Online, in front of Thomas Jefferson’s house. Nobody was home.

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Victory for Obamacare! Will Today’s SCOTUS Decision Awaken the Sleeping Tea Party?!

by Jeremy Griffith

crossposted from ConservativeDailyNews.com

President Barack Obama

The Supreme Court of the United States handed down a controversial decision today upholding Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act and it’s individual mandate requiring all citizens to purchase health care insurance. Now, if Americans really hate this law and what it imports, the only way to act is to elect a regime that will undo what has been done.

This decision by the Supreme Court, with a deciding vote cast by supposedly conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, is the worst decision ever, putting us in the same position as Greece when it comes to our economic future. The nation is filled with 50 percent of the population or better who believe that it is the government’s role to take care of individuals from cradle to grave. The other half of our society is either opposed to this view, solidly in favor or rugged individualism and the rights of man, or they are ignorant or indifferent.

Chief Justice John Roberts

Justice Roberts justified his decision by stating that it is the congress’s right to impose the mandate the same as a tax, even though the solicitor general’s horribly inept argument detailed that it was the administration’s belief that this is not a tax. This is yet another example of how total incompetence, i.e. the solicitor general, the attorney general, the president, can even prevail despite their colossal ineptitude.

Will this horrible decision stand, enslaving grandchildren and great grandchildren to the will of the state, like Soviet Russia, or Communist China? Or will the Tea Party Patriots wake up and remove this administration in the election in November?

You’re going to do something you’re not going to want to do, Tea Party! You’re going to have to show up and vote for someone you are luke-warm about, or are totally disgusted with, Governor Mitt Romney. I recommend you salve your wounded pride by supporting someone local you know, a conservative/libertarian who can beat his or her liberal/progressive opponent. And then, while you’re at it, put a check mark in the box for the other guy, Mitt.

A conservative congress can lead our candidate around by the nose back to conservative and fiscal sanity. Barack Obama and his goonies are totally insulated and immune to the will of the people and will continue to drive us off a Euro-Cliff! If they can require us to pay a tax for a service we don’t want, what else are they going to tax us on in the next four years? Maybe they are going to force gun owners to pay a tax on their guns every year until they decide to turn them in? Will the Supreme Court uphold that? After all, now there is precedence.

Attorney General Eric Holder

Remember Fast and Furious? This administration and the horribly incompetent Eric Holder, Attorney General, allowed, even forced gun shops to sell assault rifles to drug kingpins in order to create a crisis for Mexico and the US. That crises, which no one should let go to waste, would force the issue of gun control back into the public forum and allow Barack and his cronies to seize our guns. This administration is deadly and dangerous, and totally untrustworthy when it comes to safeguarding the rights of citizens. It’s time that they are gone.

Remember to vote in November and get your friends to vote. Dead people, illegal aliens and felons will be voting for the progressives, so the more the merrier!

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