5 Things I would want to accomplish if I was elected to state office.

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Jeremy Griffith, the creator of The American Millennium Online.

I was sitting at home thinking about my situation in life and being generally pissed about it, and as a result, I came up with 5 things I would do if I ever was lucky enough to get elected to the Minnesota State Legislature. Here they are.

  1. Eliminate speed limits: speed limit laws are ridiculous. No one enforces them, cops have better things to do with their time, like tamping down on violent crime and public safety. Speed traps are used for one purpose only, generate funds not in the budget for state and local governments. Frugal local governments should solve their budget problems through spending cuts and conservative vision. They should not have the power to utilize law enforcement to pick up budgetary shortfalls by generating revenue through tickets. Instead, if you are a moron, and you are driving like a maniac, the officer should be able to pull you over and you can be charged with a misdemeanor reckless endangerment to public safety, which includes a huge fine and That would take care of the jerks who swerve in and out of traffic, tailgate and make a nuisance of themselves.
  2. Eliminate drunk driving laws: also ridiculous. DUI laws are based on an arbitrary number, at this time .08 blood alcohol content. This is an arbitrary number as alcohol affects people in different ways. A 110 girl that has one drink is going to be affected much more by alcohol than a heavier male because of volume of alcohol compared to your weight. If you are a moron who drinks and drives, an officer will see that you are impaired and make observations on camera to show you are impaired in your driving and on a field sobriety test. The same law should apply, reckless endangerment to public safety. Also, there are drugs out there that there is no test for, so the breathalyzer is obsolete anyway. Drivers stupid enough to get two occurrences of reckless endangerment, because of drugs, alcohol or aggressive driving should permanently lose their license. In the age of Lyft and Uber, no one need worry that they don’t have transportation to get to work. This law would also put people out of business who bilk the government on those stupid breathalyzer locks on your car that people are always dreaming up ways to cheat. Create products the people want and need, not stuff the government will by with money they don’t have.
  3. Eliminate fraud in the college text book sale market: people are selling books to college students at outrageous prices. You can’t tell me text books cost so much to produce that you have to sell them for hundreds of dollars. No book is worth that much. Oh, you can sell your book back when you are done, at an extremely discounted rate, so you are still out a boat load of money. This is a scam to take advantage of the poor college student who just want to study and get a job. A text book can be edited with a power point slide indicating major changes to information. Minor changes aren’t even worthy of note, and a college instructor can amend those in lecture on their own. Anyway, why are we making students carry all those heavy books. Text books should be covered in the price of tuition and issued digitally on a laptop or digital tablet rented out to the student, with the textbooks loaded onto it. One device, no heavy books. No greedy authors taking advantage of poor college students. You’re welcome.
  4. Open up colleges and universities to law suits for students who can’t find a job in their field after four years of good faith effort: I have a masters in journalism. Can’t find a job to save my life. I should be able to sue my institution for failing to help me find a job. Instead, the institution should pay for retraining in a job that actually exists. That will eliminate all of the foolish study programs like gender studies and social justice bull crap that won’t ever lead to a job. Instead, employers should be open to train people off the street in journeyman type internships for jobs that actually exist. If they fail to make the grade, they go to the next employer and the next, until they find a job they have aptitude for. That’s how you get to full employment. Universities and colleges are dumb and have left students with huge debts they can’t pay to save their lives.
  5. Disband the IRS: the IRS is dumb. They can seize your money in your bank if you make deposits of less than $10,000. What right to they have to do that? It looks suspicious because you have money. What is suspicious is the government can just reach into the bank account and take your hard-earned money the same as any common identity thief. Taxes should be garnered from the things that you buy, not the money you earn. That way everyone pays their fair share. Sales tax is a progressive tax. The poor can’t afford to buy a lot, so they buy fewer items and they pay fewer taxes. The rich and middle class buy more, and the taxes they pay are commensurate with their income. Now the IRS can’t target you for your political leanings and can’t seize cash that isn’t theirs, can’t garner wages if you made the unhelpful mistake of choosing an expensive college program that doesn’t lead to an actual job worthy of repaying the outrageous loans you took out. Done.

These are just a few of my top five things I would do if I worked for the legislature. You say: the IRS is a federal government program dummy, how are states going to eliminate that? The states are not subordinate government agencies to the federal government, they’re just more local. By doing away with state income tax and imposing a state sales tax, they alleviate the tax burden. Also, a convention of states can be helpful in removing federal programs by constitutional amendment like the IRS that have proven to be abusive to citizens of the United States.

I don’t have any illusions that I can win an election of course. Elections take lots of money and I don’t have a dime. If I knew of a really popular guy or gal who could generate interest and funds, these are some of the principles I would like him or her to have. These are just my random thoughts. You’re welcome.

Bonus item, Universal Concealed Carry: law abiding hunters should have to submit to a background check and attend a safety class. The same should be true of hand gun owners. Submit to your county sheriff’s office for a background check and pay a fee. Take a class. Carry your gun. Done. Gun licenses in one state should be legal in every state. In addition, if you have contact with law enforcement because you are a dangerously deranged individual and the contact results in a mental commitment, a trained psychologist or psychiatrist can put a temporary hold on your right to carry a weapon. If you attempt to purchase a weapon, the gun store clerk calls the state to confirm your rights have not been removed. They will discover you are under a temporary hold and will deny purchase. Mental patients in good standing with their treatment requirements can petition a judge to have their gun rights returned. Ta da.

What are your thoughts? Am I out in left field or what? What laws would you pass if you were a legislator?

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