Simone Biles is a blessing and an example to us all!


The Indomitable Simone Biles

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

The Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro have certainly been a shimmering example to all of us what individual drive, determination, and skill can achieve. The Americans, more than any other nation, has shown what rugged individualism, not collectivism, can do on the world stage. Here are some of my thoughts on that.

Simone Biles, the sprite little African-American woman leading in the American Women’s Gymnastics team has just been an inspiration to watch. So poised and commanding in every event she participates in. She’s a little spitfire. She’s won how many medals and it’s only day six? How many more can she get? The gymnastics team has been a great example of teamwork and camaraderie and esprit de corps these past few days, so positive and supportive of each other. I want to point out that little Simone, the giant in that little body, who people are now calling the most dominant athlete in the world, didn’t come to this pinnacle with a lot of advantages. In fact she was very disadvantaged.

Born of a drug addicted mother, abandoned by an absentee father, this girl was the poster child for Planned Parenthood, her highest aspiration to be harvested for arms, legs and tissue in the name of science. Thank you Jesus that her mother did deliver this little black baby into the world, and thank you Jesus that her loving grandparents adopted her. They home-schooled her, and took her to the gym every day, because I guess she was a little wiggle worm, always active. Instead of putting her on Ritalin and delivering her to a state school, they took it upon themselves to teach her themselves and encourage her passion of gymnastics. She missed proms, all those social events that high-schoolers love, she spent tireless hours in the gym, 300 days a year, the report on the TV said. And look how it paid off.

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Simone Biles’s life is a stunning indictment of all of the leftist propaganda filth we’ve been bombarded with all of these years. You don’t need a failing school. You don’t need the state to run your life. You don’t need wealth redistribution, we don’t need the state saying, oh, you’re young and black, you really don’t have a shot, let us take care of you. Screw you, leftists! What you need is a good home, loving parents, and the drive and determination to fulfill your own dreams.

We’re told: homeschoolers won’t be competitive in the marketplace. They’re goofy and weird and they won’t fit in. How are they going to adjust to social interaction if she stays at home all day with her parents? Excuse me?! Simone Biles seems to have turned out fine. In fact she’s better than fine. She’s a champion.

Can we now divorce ourselves of the ideas of leftist socialism and see things for what they really are? We don’t need a village. The state doesn’t need to raise our kids. We need to raise our kids, and when the public school system fails us, as they inevitably will, we take it upon ourselves to educate our children. Screw the state and wealth redistribution. Hard work and dedication are the keys to achieving our dreams, not social engineering.

Look at the opponents of our team: socialist countries who take the kids away and train them in state schools. The Chinese gymnasts, as good as they are, have struggled against our team. The Russians, also good, have not measured up. I take this as an object lesson that despite it all, Republican Government, where we honor free will and personal achievement still trumps collectivism and the worship of the state.

Someone said to me recently, I can’t watch the Olympics, they’re all so PERFECT! Well how do you think they got that way/ They worked hard! Put down the Cheetos and soda, get off your ass, and go out and do likewise! Stop bitching!

Margaret Sanger must be spinning in her grave. The racist mother of Planned Parenthood who plotted to destroy minorities in America with her Eugenics and abortion clinics, who called black people “human Weeds” must be very sick to her stomach now, observing from whatever level of Hell she now occupies. Good. Can we now say that the color of our skin does not determine our destiny, our heart, soul, and intellect do? Go to Hell, Margaret, we never needed you.

A few more comments and then I’m done. I’ve seen this meme out there about Michael Phelps. It suggests that you can do dope and still achieve your dreams. What a load of crap! Michael Phelps is the most successful Olympic athlete of all time in spite of his off again on again flirtation with drugs and alcohol. In fact those things only served to derail his life for a short time until he figured it out and got his life back together for the most epic of come-backs. You don’t need weed, or booze, you just need belief in yourself coupled with hard work and determination. That is the take-away from Michael Phelps life. The marijuana people are out to lunch. They had the munchies when they wrote that meme. They should abuse the pot less and get out off the couch and go lead more active lifestyles. It would be better for them.

As I continue to watch the Olympics, I am continually inspired. Maybe that’s the point of having these every two to four years, so we watch the achievements of our athletes and maybe get a little motivated ourselves. I like it and I can’t wait to see more. Good luck to all the athletes of every nation competing. I hope your days of competition are joyous, peaceful and free of distraction.

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