A Note To Law Enforcement

MN-RochesterPDfrom Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online

Nobody likes the blinking lights in their rear view mirror as they are being pulled over by law enforcement; but when you call for help, you want an armed officer there yesterday. It’s time we say thank you to our local men and women, (and dogs) of law enforcement.

I live in southeast Rochester. In my immediate neighborhood, and the extended neighborhood, there is crime. So much so that it can be dangerous. I’ve been awakened at night by gunfire. Not every night, but once in a while. In a park not far from my house, in broad daylight, a thug gunned down other thugs who robbed him previously. Right next to my house, on my very street, an county sheriff’s deputy was assaulted when he stopped an alleged drug trafficker in a routine traffic stop.

This week a Rochester police officer had his legs pinned when a drunk driver who was thrown out of a local bar drove off, struck a couple of cars and smashed into the officer. Nice huh?

In this day and age, there is a lot of animus about police, black lives matter and all of that nonsense. The fact is there are some bad police officers out there, and the system will work to weed those out. But the vast majority of law enforcement officers are hard working, loyal and dedicated. We should give them the benefit of the doubt.

In the upcoming holiday season I suggest that we remember how hard it is to be a cop and keep the neighborhoods safe. If you see a police officer in uniform, waive to him or her and say thank you. If you are an officer, know that we are grateful for your service and we want you to stay safe. We are proud of you and we want you to know it. Feel free to tell us what you need so that we can help you to continue to do the very difficult job that we require you to do. Thank you, and God bless you all.


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