Tea Party Patriots Get Education on Voter ID Ballot Amendment

Voter ID Amendment Information Meeting from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

Earlier we wrote about the constitutional amendment ballot initiative that will require all Minnesotans to carry valid photo ID at the polls. On Thursday, two knowledgeable advocates of the ballot initiative spoke to a group of Tea Party Patriots at Rochester’s Godfather’s Pizza to educate them on the latest news about the amendment and to dispel rumors.

John Rouleau of St. Paul is a political activist and field director of ProtectMyVote.com. His message is to not believe the hype that the law will disenfranchise voters who can’t afford an ID, the elderly, shut ins, the military serving overseas, college students and the like.

“I got my ID in college” said Rouleau. “I’m kind of insulted that they think that I’m not smart enough to do that! “

Rouleau points out that the military voting laws cover absentee balloting for servicemen and women overseas and that the law when enected by the legislature will include provisional balloting and free photo ID for those who cannot get it any other way.

State Senator Mike Parry-R was on hand at the meeting and spoke to voters on issues currently facing the ballot initiative. He intends to call key government officials into committee hearings Friday to hear why they oppose the ballot initiative properly voted on in the legislature and why they won’t let it go to the people for a vote, campaigning against it with tax-payer dollars. One of the members Parry intends to call before committee is State Secretary of State Mark Ritchie-DFL who has opposed the measure from the beginning and has recently changed the name of the ballot question, which Parry believes is outside his authority.

“Our whole purpose in my committee meeting tomorrow is to show a pattern of (Ritchie) using taxpayer dollars to actually campaign against not only the Voter ID Law but the marriage amendment,” said Parry.

It is likely the Secretary of State will not show, but send a representative, Parry said, in which case, his committee has subpoena power, he said.

Ritchie has said from the beginning that there is no voter fraud in Minnesota, while Rouleau cites statistics saying that Minnesota leads the nation in the number of voter fraud convictions. Information and a history of the ballot initiative is available at the Minnesota Majority website and at ProtectMyVote.com.

A recent poll conducted by the Minneapolis Star Tribune shows that the majority of Minnesota residents across the spectrum are in favor of some sort of photo ID requirement at the polls. Below you can see an infographic showing the numbers in that poll.

The Star Tribune’s Scott Newman writes Wednesday that the rewording of the ballot initiative by Ritchie is “out of bounds”.

The ballot question comes up for a vote in the November election. An abstention from voting equals a no vote according to constitutional amendment rules in Minnesota.




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Allen Quist Outlines Quest for Congress

Quist4Congress from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

Allen Quist, 67, has once again thrown his hat into the political ring, this time in competition with DFL Congressional Incumbent Tim Walz. First however, he will have defeat another political rival, Mike Parry-R, in an upcoming primary election coming up August 14.

Quist and his wife and campaign manager Julie Quist outlined his vision for debt reduction and the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, in a town hall meeting Friday in front of voters at the Ramada Inn in Rochester, Minnesota .

Quist, armed with a graphic with data from Factcheck.org, explained the ballooning of the national debt in his lifetime to almost $16 Trillion in 2012.

“We have to cut this debt down in the next five years or less,” explained Quist, addressing constituents. “I believe in deadlines and if you don’t set a deadline for this, it’s my experience that it will never get done.”

Quist distanced himself from his Republican opponent, Mike Parry, explaining their various stances on the debt and the deficit.

“Mike Parry doesn’t have the same position on the deficit that I do, and I think this is critical,” said Quist. “My position is we have to balance the budget in five years or less. And I believe you have to have a timeline; you have to have a deadline.”

Incumbent Tim Walz’s position on debt and deficit are even further removed from that of his challenger, Quist said.

“Mr. Walz says that the way to deal with the debt is for the government to spend even more! And so he’s following the ‘stimulate the economy’ nonsense,” Quist said. “The fact of the matter is that for 2011, 36 cents out of every federal dollar spent was borrowed. That is mega-stimulus by definition.”

“And so if stimulating the economy is the way to get out of the debt,” Quist continued. “Then we should have a huge surplus. And so what he (Walz) is saying is nonsense.”

The Star Tribune notes that Quist is able to raise $178,230 for his campaign in the second quarter, with $165,000 in the bank. He’s donated over $100,000 of his own money to the campaign as well.

According to The Star Tribune, National Democrats are backing Walz as a part of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “Frontline” program, which supports potentially vulnerable incumbents. In 2010, they committed over a quarter million dollars to help retain Walz’s seat in Congress.

Quist served four terms as a representative in the Minnesota House since 1982 and has made two unsuccessful runs for governor.

Mike Parry, a marketing company manager and business owner, currently represents Minnesota as a member of the State Senate for district 26.

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