Hypocrite Chris Matthews Accuses Tea Party of Racism, Practices Racism Himself

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Conservative Blogger Kira Davis scares liberals like Chris Matthews with her sign.

Conservative Blogger Kira Davis scares liberals like Chris Matthews with her sign.

(Video of Chris Matthews “three-fifths” comment. Video by Mediaite.)

(Video of Kira Davis expulsion from live MSNBC event. Video by Lee Stranahan.)

Chris Matthews, the ultra-liberal pinhead on MSNBC, continues to baffle with his nonsensical statements and his water-carrying for the Obama administration and progressive causes. On his show this week he blasted Tea Party, regular Americans like you and me, accusing us of racism for opposing the horrific failure of Obamacare.

Said Matthews, “I wonder if the Tea Party is reverting to their old ways of considering black people as only 3/5ths of a person!”

Now this is a ridiculous comment and it doesn’t much matter that we as conservatives have pointed out the history behind this reference, the so called 3/5ths clause in the Constitution, which allowed slaves to be counted in the south as 3/5ths of a person for the purpose of representation in the House of Representatives pre-Civil War. It doesn’t matter that this was a compromise, though a bad one, that allowed the south to count their slaves in order to get more representation in the congress, meanwhile depriving black Americans their rights and denying them representation, real representation in their government. It doesn’t matter that this compromise from northern legislators in the Continental Congress was aimed at limiting the power of the south and restrict the spread of slavery, a horrible stain on the American Legacy. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that the Progressives won the budget battle, the Obamacare debate, and the government shut down fiasco when the GOP leadership caved and Chris Matthews in an effort to win the support of his three remaining viewers and to boost is flagging ratings took a victory swipe at the people he despises most, you and me, with a despicable racist and historically erroneous comment.

I find this interesting as far as politics goes. The left, usually when losing an argument, will attack conservatives and call them racists. This wins big points for black Americans who watch the pundits because they feel they have been treated badly and are entitled. When black Americans, those who are informed about the real history of the left, speak cogently and accurately about the harm they have caused to the African American, the left attempts to destroy them personally and politically. Look at former Congressman Allen West, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson as examples.

There is another example more recent that I want to point out. It’s personal because it directly demonstrates Matthews’s true attitude towards black Americans. You will remember that prior to the last election contest between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, a conservative black woman, blogger Kira Davis, went to attend a live taping of the Chris Matthews show with friends. Those friends included other prominent bloggers from the Brietbart organization, all of whom were white. Davis was ejected from the live venue by security thugs hired by MSNBC in the most shocking manner. Her offense, being a black conservative carrying a pro-Romney sign.

When it comes right down to it, people like Matthews don’t really like black people and don’t want to hear from them, otherwise the Kira Davis’s of the world wouldn’t be considered a threat. They don’t respect black conservatives because they don’t support the false narrative that the evil Republicans are a bunch of racists who what to re-introduce slavery.

The Facts speak for themselves. The Democratic Party has a long history of racism and suppression of the black vote. The Republicans have had a long history of championing the Civil Rights movement, from the very beginning of this country. That is why Civil Rights Icon and Lincoln adviser Frederick Douglas famously said, “I am a die in the wool Republican!”

I think today his party would embarrass Mr. Douglas, but I don’t think he would be embarrassed by the Tea Party, which embraces a lot of the principles that he advocated during his lifetime. It’s too bad that the GOP leadership caves into pressure, but I think the Tea Party is the infusion of influence that will eventually take over the conservative movement and Republican party and turn things around for the country, it will just take more time.

As for Chris Matthews and liberal political pundits of his ilk, shame on you! You are a true racist for bad-mouthing black conservatives the way that you do. You don’t shame them, you shame yourself, and someone should sock you in your big fat libelous mouth.

Blog on Kira Davis!

Kira Davis’s blogs can be found at Kiradavis.net. She has been a frequent guest on the Glenn Beck program and other media venues. Be on the lookout for her Internet Radio blog, The Dark Side, on FTR Radio.

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Lincoln Rocks the Theaters with Message of Freedom!

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. The movie Lincoln is in theaters now.

(The trailer for the new movie Lincoln staring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields.)

By Jeremy Griffith

After watching the movie Lincoln with Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields I understand finally what is wrong with the Republican Party. Leadership. There is none.

There were Republicans back in the day, in fact the Republican party was created as the anti-slavery party, which we should be intensely grateful for. But even then there were cowardly Republicans who waffled on the right thing to do. The difference then was, they had Lincoln as their leader. He wasn’t perfect, he did things wrong, but he was a man of amazing credibility, faith and strength, something totally lacking in the Republican party today.

Republicans bemoan their outcast state now because we lost an election to Barack Obama, but let’s remember, things were much worse in the time of Lincoln. The new untested Republican Party and its leader the President had to face secession and bloody war for four years. Horrible. So many dead. In the midst of that chaos, and personal family tragedy, Abraham Lincoln delivered to congress by hook and crook an amendment to the constitution that secured for all time the freedom of black Americans from slavery. Can I get an Amen! The only problem with this film, lamentably, is there was no Frederick Douglas character! Bummer.

This movie that is in theaters now, recounts the trials of Lincolns waning days as he struggled to pass the 13th Amendment to the constitution. Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields deliver brilliant performances by the way. We already know there is something wrong with Hollywood, but if these two fine actors don’t get Academy Awards then there is no more hope for Hollywood and we should stop watching their crap.

Seriously, I cried during this movie. The performances were awesome on every level and the story and script was just amazing. Jared Harris did a great job as General Ulysses S. Grant, perfectly portraying the relationship between Lincoln and the General. Harris totally owned the scenes he was in, except for when Lewis was there.

There was a scene I liked especially. There was a gentleman who played the beloved southern General Robert E. Lee. He spoke no lines. Grant and Lee spoke no words to each other at a scene in front of the Appomattox Courthouse. Lee descends from the building’s front steps and mounts a grey horse, held for him by a Confederate soldier. Grant follows, a smoking cigar in his hand. The two generals regard one another and Grant leaves his position of superiority atop the court house steps and assumes a weaker position below the mounted Lee. He then doffs his hat to Lee and out of respect, all of Grant’s officers do the same. Lee graciously tips his hat to Grant, and then the defeated southern general rides off. Brilliant filmatography! I think that will be an iconic moment in film history from now on.

There is just not enough to be said about this movie, except that it is great to see such great films that accurately reflect the history of this great country. With all our flaws and all our greatness mixed in together.

We have troubling times now, and people are hurting. So it is good to escape for a while and remember the challenges of people before us. There was no greater tragedy in our history than the Civil War, unless you account for the war of our founding, the Revolution. It is important to know that for conservative Republicans, we have a great history and a legacy that lives on even to this day and it behooves us to remind the country even in momentary defeat that we have the better ideas and better vision than our opponents. At some point when the free Obama stuff runs out, will we find we sacrificed our freedom for it? I hope not, after all, we’ve fought too hard for it.

Black Americans must be reminded that it was the Democratic Party that endorsed slavery of their people, both in the North and the South and that the Northern Democrats opposed the historic 13th Amendment. In fact, for decades before and after the Civil War the Democrats opposed anything to do with the freedom and equality of Black Americans. It was the Republicans who delivered every important bill and amendment dealing with the equalization of the playing field for blacks, and the Democrats dug in their heels. White congressmen were beaten almost to death in the house for delivering anti-slavery speeches, and when they recovered, they went back and gave another rousing anti-slavery speech.

Black Americans served in the houses of congress in the Reconstruction that followed the Civil War, and they were brave and eloquent as any who have served in that legislature before or since. How is it that black Americans are not taught about their accomplishments in school?

I believe that is because blacks in this country, in fact half the country regardless of race are subject to a new kind of slavery, the slavery of dependence on government. We are all too stupid, inept or whatever to succeed on our own with the freedom we have, we are just as soon sacrifice that inconvenient gift of freedom for a free handout. After all, freedom won’t buy bread, or that free Obama phone or iPad.

No, conservatives has the better vision and dream, but right now we don’t have a good pitchman to sell the vision, at least not in politics. We have Rush Limbaugh, we have Glenn Beck, we have Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, but we don’t have any conservative minorities that will carry the flag. Unless of course you count C.L. Bryant, Herman Cain or our own Kira Davis and Alfonso Rachel. But nobody is listening. We are all just preaching to the choir, so why isn’t our message resonating?

It isn’t resonating because culture is upstream from politics. Hollywood continually feeds us a message that is contrary to our history and the truth, and so blacks and minorities are sold the lie of liberal progressivism and shackle themselves to the slavery of the Democratic party, the party of the KKK. We need to educate the people, not fight them. We need to show them their own history in a way that will motivate them. Only then is change possible.

I wish I had come up with this idea, that culture is upstream from politics. But alas, I am not the author of this truism. Andrew Brietbart gave us that, RIP. He was right. We who are in the blogosphere should own the message and continue to fight as he would have wanted us too.

So if you are blue and you need motivation, go see Lincoln for a good swift kick in the butt. It is an eye opener and well worth the ticket price. So few movies from Hollywood are these days.

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Conservative Blogger Kira Davis Ejected from MSNBC Pavilion at DNC

Kira Davis holds a sign at the MSNBC Pavilion. She was ejected from MSNBC at the DNC Thursday.

by Jeremy Griffith

Tingle Time Chris Matthews and the MSNBC Crowd must be wetting themselves today because their security guards escorted a black conservative woman and her friends out of their pavilion when she showed a hand-made sign showing her support for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Breitbart TV was first with the story and video as Breibart contributing writer Lee Stranahan was there. Kudos to them. The woman with the sign was none other than our own Kira Davis of conservativedailynews.com and KiraDavis.net. Kira’s sign said simply, “Black, Conservative, and Voting for Romney! Romney/Ryan 2012”. See some of the additional video of the event here.

(Breitbart TV footage of conservative blogger Kira Davis getting ejected from their pavilion at the DNC.)

(Additional footage from Breitbart TV.)

So why was the MSNBC crew so fearful of this woman, Kira Davis and her blogger friends Lee Stranahan, Tabitha Hale and Brandon Darby that they ejected them from the area, banning them and their cameras even though other people had cameras? Because according to the mainstream narrative, black Americans aren’t supposed to be conservative and can’t support Romney. In fact, previously MSNBC has reported that Zero Percent of Black Americans support Romney, even though this is provably false. Look at this report about black conservative delegates at the RNC on The Blaze.

MSNBC and the mainstream media are so stodgy and out of touch that these lefty leftovers can’t understand in their blinding arrogance that they no longer own the narrative. They can’t show this conservative mom from suburban California, can’t interview her. That would destroy their control of that narrative, even though everyone and anyone with a smart phone with a camera, social media and Internet access can be a journalist and fact check the lies that they are bringing forward, even before they finish making their fallacious arguments.

That’s what the Breitbart people did today when they got ejected from the pavilion, they filmed the event and now there is a Twitter and Facebook firestorm that follows. I  think this event won’t discourage conservative bloggers like Kira and her friends, it will continue to empower them. The MSM is the media of the past. We own the narrative and they are losing. Kudos to Kira. I can’t wait to hear her on Blogtalk Radio, and see her coverage of the news of the day on conservativedailynews.com and KiraDavis.net. I’m not worried that Chris Matthews won’t interview her. I’m sure someone like Larry O’Connor will. I like him much better, and I trust him. Matthews I can’t stand.

I actually feel kind of bad for MSNBC. You gotta know that the conservative bloggers are going to hammer them over this. I mean, what are they afraid of anyway? Are they racist? Do they hate women? They’re so used to putting those claims out in describing conservatives, fully expecting not to be challenged. But they will be challenged and already have been. I can’t wait until Alfonso Rachel or Stephen Cruiser get a hold of this story. Oh wow, I can see the sparks fly now!

We are winning this fight and Kira Davis is living proof. People don’t believe the lies of the left anymore, except the mind-numbed minority that watch the MSM these days. More and more people get their news from alternative sources, right on their mobile phones and devices. A false claim from one of these talking heads comes out and a news consumer on a smart phone can instantly fact check those claims. It’s no wonder the left wants to regulate the Internet. They are losing control and if measures aren’t taken soon, they will never get it back. Good. The power in this Republic belongs to an informed citizenry. With an open and free Internet, we are freer than we ever have been before.

Thank you Kira, for your courage. You inspire us!

And to the Breitbart people I say this: Andrew inspired us to fight this war, and you are carrying the torch of his legacy very well. I’m sure he would be very proud of all of you. We in the conservative blogosphere aspire to be like you, and him.

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Race and Gun Violence in the Media; Are We Getting the Whole Picture?

by Jeremy Griffith

Does political correctness in the media taint our perception of race, crime and incidents of self defense with guns? In view of the recent Trayvon Martin story, columnist Michael Filozof of the American Thinker explores these issues in his article, “What if Trayvon Martin had been white, and the shooter black?”

The Christopher Cervini murder investigation presents such a scenario. It shares many details similar to that of Trayvon Martin, only in reverse. Cervini, a 17-year old white teen and his friends were meandering through a Greece N.Y. neighborhood on a cold day in 2009. They had been drinking gin and rifling through cars looking for loose change and cigarettes when they were confronted by Roderick Scott, a black man, who shot Cervini twice, killing him.

In both the Martin and Cervini cases, there was a 911 call before the shooting. In the Cervini case an argument can be made that the boys were committing a crime, albeit a minor one. No such assertion can be made for Martin.

Scott was originally charged with murder, but the charge was downgraded to manslaughter and at the end of the trial he was acquitted by the jury. The jury apparently decided that Scott was justified in his self defense claim.

In a discussion on Internet radio, host Kira Davis and blogger Talitha McEachin interview the Cervini family, (see discussion beginning around 17:30 of the program). While they admit the boys were going through cars in the neighborhood, the family asserts that Christopher was never in any trouble with the law before his death and didn’t deserve to die. The family claims that Scott had no right of self defense,  that he was never in any danger, and their son would still be alive if Scott had remained in his home. The family further asserts that their son’s case was grossly mishandled and largely ignored by the media.

Update: Cervini family interview with Kira Davis and Talitha McEachin. Video adaptation by Jeremy Griffith

The role of the media in covering these two stories is a subject of debate. Davis and Filozof agree that media chooses to ignore the Cervini story because it doesn’t fit with the narrative of a black youth as a victim. African American columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson  believes the media hasn’t done enough to expose the victimization and racial profiling of a young black male at the hands of a white vigilante and says there is a concerted effort to trash the victim and protect a murderer.

It will be interesting to see how the discussion is shaped in the future in regards to race, self defense and the media’s role in coverage of interracial violence.



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