My Dream Encounter with Hillary Clinton

I spent my night in a dream avoiding Hillary Clinton at the bar and looking for my lost shoe. -Jeremy Griffith

I spent my night in a dream avoiding Hillary Clinton at the bar and looking for my lost shoe. -Jeremy Griffith

Dreams can be weird and last night I had the weirdest. I haven’t visited this blog for months so I thought I would tell you about it. This my dream encounter with Hillary Clinton.

So I was celebrating, in my dream, the election of Donald Trump and the trouncing of Hillary Clinton, the worst democrat candidate in the history of bad candidates, when I’m approached at the bar by none other than Hillary Clinton. Now I’m dressed in a nice suit and tie with my nice Army black dress shoes, the patton leather ones. She’s looking all haggard and in disarray, morn full over her epic loss. She says to me, “well Jeremy I guess you have something to brag about in your little blog now. But just you wait, your comupance will come.”

I was stunned. I thought to myself, doesn’t the former Secretary of State have better things to do than slum it with us in a Minneapolis bar?Here in  Minnesota at least she could hide among her many supporters, we’re such a blue state.

Tim Walz was with her, our smarmy representative here in Minnesota and he introduced himself to me saying. “Well, Mr. Griffith, it looks like I’m going to be your congressman for a little while longer!” He had a huge smile on his smug face.

“Yes, that is too bad. Enjoy your victory while you can,” I said, shaking his sweaty hand. “I hope you have conference meetings with your new peer from the second district, Jason Lewis!” I’m still miffed about Walz’s razor thin win over Jim Hagedorn, but I guess that is politics. At least I can console myself with the notion that we Republicans have the majority in the house and the senate, and a quasi-republican president in the White House. The former popular libertarian radio talk show host Lewis was elected handily in the second district of Minnesota and will be a good representative to offset the miserably inept Walz.

Clinton approaches me again as Walz politely drifts off into the woodwork. Her breath smells of alcohol and she seems a bit unsteady on her feet. She says, “don’t think for one second, my dear fellow, that we Clintons are done. You haven’t seen the last of us!” She had a slight lisp in her voice.

“Madam Secretary,” I said, very polite. “You’re political ambitions are done. You might as well take your ill-gotten gains from your fake foundation and move quickly to a non-extradition country and retire before you get audited. If you do have a future, it is in the slim hope that your daughter Chelsea wins a New York house seat as you have planned!”

That comment earned me a slap from Hillary, with stunned me and which led me to lose one of my shoes under the bar, which was never recovered. Shocked I turned to Chelsea, who was standing there in tow behind her mother, acting meek. I said to her, “Chelsea if you do run for office, don’t act like your corrupt parents. You’ll get slaughtered if you do. We’re making America Great Again!” I spent the rest of my dream looking for my lost shoe.

So how weird is that? I’m grateful that Donald Trump has beat Hillary, I’m sorry to have Sergeant Major Walz as my rep again, but then, he has to run again in two years and hopefully we can get someone to beat him. I hope Chelsea won’t run, little chance of that. I guess all my concerns, fears and hopes came out in this one dream. It will be such a relief to not have to talk politics for a while.

Good luck Mr. Trump, I hope you can turn this country around.

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Bachmann, Lewis Headline Minnesota Taxpayer Rally

(Jason Lewis addresses Taxpayer Rally at Minnesota’s State Capitol in St. Paul Saturday, April 27, 2013. -video by Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium.)

(Michele Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, addresses a taxpayers rally in the State Capitol Saturday, 27 April, 2013. -Video by Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium.)

By Jeremy Griffith
Creator of The American Millennium

She didn’t get the colorful introduction she received in 2009 when she was introduced by radio personality Chris Baker, but she was greeted with rousing applause and praise as taxpayer champion and traditional values hero Michele Bachmann took to the stage at the Taxpayer rally at St. Paul Saturday.

Bachmann headlined the successful, and peaceful rally that took place on the capitol steps, and happily, no “moonbat” liberals were there to greet her with glitter. (There was also no gunfire at the rally either, unlike the cannabis rally at Denver last week.) The beleaguered congresswoman is under constant assault from the left because of her views on traditional marriage and conservative values and faces an uphill battle in the next election. She is also the target of an ethics complaint many believe to be an unfounded attack aimed at discrediting her.

In her comments, Bachmann made mention of the horrible attacks on the marathon-goers in Boston, calling for prayers for the victims. She called for increased scrutiny in the Benghazi scandal in which several Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens and several former Navy Seals were killed. And, she tried to bolster conservatives to continue the fight to keep conservative voices in the House of Representatives and block any efforts of the present administration.

A pivotal moment in the speech came as Bachmann made a moving tribute to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who passed away earlier this month, reading from a quote from the late conservative politician. Of Maggie, Bachmann called her a branch of the conservative trifecta consisting also of President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II that brought down communism and the Iron Curtain.

“She was the most influential female politician of the last 100 years!” Bachmann reflected. See her full comments in the video above.

There was a Washingtonesque moment when Bachmann exchanged her sunglasses for reading glasses in order to read the Thatcher quote.

Paraphrasing Washington she said, “I’m passed my prime, I’ve grown frail in the service of my country!”

Popular syndicated radio personality Jason Lewis was the final speaker of the day and brought his legendary wit and more importantly his undisputed grasp of the facts to the rally Saturday. He explained in depth why the conservatives must win future elections for the health of the country. He made fun of himself as well as Governor Mark Dayton, Former Vice President Al Gore and Senator Al Franken.

“Anyone who listens to me knows I trend toward the libertarian side just a bit. But while I’m not one of those William Buckley Radicals, who want legalize drugs tomorrow, I have to wonder at the success of the war on drugs.

“After all, if we are winning the war on drugs, how do you explain Mark Dayton?!” Lewis joked. See Lewis’s full comments above.

Thousands gathered at the annual rally MC’d by TwinCitiesNewsTalk radio personalities Jack Tomczac and Benjamin Kruse of the Late Debate, who did a fine job of introducing the speaking guests. As with other rallies involving the Tea Party and other conservative groups, when the rally ended, the participants left the mall in better shape than when they found it. The Late Debate airs weeknights from 8-10 p.m. on Twin Cities News Talk, AM 1130.


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