What if God and The Devil were to have a debate, with the world as the audience?

devil_vs_jesus_by_ongchewpengby Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online

The political season is in full swing. The democrats just recently had a debate. The republicans have another debate on Thursday, the last one before the Iowa Caucus. One of the candidates, the frontrunner Donald Trump is skipping out because he thinks Fox News, specifically Megyn Kelly, has been unfair to him. All of this gave me an idea last night. What if God and The Devil had a debate, with all of us as the audience?! Who would moderate? What questions would they ask?

I imagine God the Father would be too important and too busy to show up to such a debate, but perhaps His son Jesus would accept his invitation? The Devil would no doubt show up, after all, he’s got a huge ego and probably wouldn’t trust any of his reprobate minions to give a good showing on his account. So there you have it, the candidates are set.

For the sake of argument, I’ll play the part of the moderator. We can have the debate at our own Rochester Civic Theater here in town, a small intimate setting.

I have no idea what the candidates would answer, so I’m not going to speculate. I’m just going to put out a couple of questions that came to mind last night.

This one is for both the candidates, 1. The Devil, and Jesus. Of the current candidates competing for the presidency of the United States, which one do you like the most? Which one do you like the least?

2. This one is for Jesus. Everyone says you are coming soon, but when exactly will that be, and what does that mean for the people of the Earth?

3. This one is for the Devil. They say you are a liar, a thief and a murderer. How do you respond to those charges and how can anyone believe what you say here today?

4. This one is for both candidates. Some people think that you are both mythical characters, made up out of the imagination of religious men. What would you say to such people?

5. Another question for both candidates. How old is the Universe, and the Earth specifically? Did it take a literal six days as it says in the Bible or did it take much longer?

6. Another one for both candidates. Who are the angels, and the demons? Are they the souls of humans gone to the other side, or are they something different?

7. This one is for Jesus. What will your followers be doing in the afterlife? Is Heaven really as great as they say?

8. For the Devil. What about your followers? Will they be cast into eternal punishment in Hell with you as their ruler, or will you all be cast down for eternal punishment in the lake of fire?

9. Here’s one for Christ. What did Lucifer do or say that got him and his followers kicked out of Heaven? Is there anything he could do or say to get himself back into the good graces of The Almighty?

10. For the Devil. How do you respond to the answer Jesus just gave? If offered amnesty, would you and your followers ever return to the fold, or would you continue your rebellion such as it is?

11. For both candidates. Did evolution happen, and is it happening now? What does that mean for the progression of life on this planet, both animal and human?

12. For the Devil. If for whatever reason you were to win this rebellion and take over as a god, what would your new domain look like? What would that mean for the people of the Earth?

13. Jesus, please respond to the answer Lucifer just gave.

14. For both candidates. The Crusades. During the time known as the Crusades, Christianity and  Islam fought for centuries and there was a lot of bloodshed. Who was right in that conflict, or did both sides share in the fault?

15. This one is for Jesus. They say God is good and can do no wrong, but He allows a lot of bad things to happen here on the Earth. Wars, plagues, suffering. If God is good, why does he allow all of these bad things to happen?

16. The Devil, please respond to the answer Jesus just gave.

17. Back to the Devil for this one. They say you are the ruler of the Earth and are responsible for all the bad things that happen here. You prey on the weakness of men’s minds and cause them to be tempted to be selfish and cruel to one another. Is that true, and if so, what is your motivation?

18. For Jesus, please respond to the answer The Devil just gave.

At the end of the debate I would of course allow a 3 minute time span for each candidate to wrap up their comments. I think that would be very interesting to hear the candidates give a three-minute spiel on whatever topic they wanted.

What other questions would you ask Jesus or the Devil if you had them in a room together? Write us a note and give us your question or just comment on this article. Tell us what you think. The new email address to this blog is americanmillennium@yahoo.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.

FYI. There is little likelihood of such a debate as I imagined above taking place in real life. But we have the next best thing. On February 3, liberal professor and Obama ally Bill Ayers will debate conservative film-maker and author Dinesh D’souza on a live stream. Information is available here. In this day and age, that’s the best we can do people. Apparently these two men have debated before. I’ve not seen the debate, but it is apparently available on You Tube, here. I think I might watch it, since I will likely miss the next one due to work. If you see it, let me know and give your comments. It will be interesting to see since D’Souza just got out of prison after serving 8 months for violating campaign finance laws. Ayers of course was a member of the infamous Weather Underground responsible for bombing the Pentagon and a judge’s house. It should be an interesting debate.

You can contact us at our new email: americanmillennium@yahoo.com.


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Arizona Governor Should Veto Anti-Gay Law!

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online

 Hi gang, Jeremy here with The American Millennium. I’d like to talk to you about this so called anti-gay law that passed recently in the state legislature of Arizona. The governor has the option of passing or vetoing the law, she’s expected to act on it by Friday and she’s getting a lot of pressure to veto this very controversial law.

So the state legislature has passed a law to allow business owners to deny service to homosexuals or people in the LGBT community for religious reasons. That is to say, photographers don’t have to shoot their weddings and bakers don’t have to bake them cakes. Before we get into what I think of this law, let’s listen to what Judge Andrew Napolitano has to say about it. He was talking to Tom Sullivan on Fox News Radio. Here is the judge.

So there you have it. I have to say I was waffling on this law a bit but after having heard the judge speak on the issue I have to agree with him at least partially. I think this a bad law and should be vetoed and I think that even if it isn’t it is probably unconstitutional and will probably face challenges at the supreme court level where it will likely be overturned. I can understand a business owners hesitancy to offer services to people who are outside their religious views like gay weddings and such, on the other hand I don’t want to see a class of people go without housing, food or essential services because they live a certain lifestyle different than my own.

So that begs the question, does a Jewish bakery have to provide non-cosure food to a customer who has a swastika tattooed on his forehead, or does a gay interior decorator have to provide services to a business that opposes same sex marriage; Does a Christian caterer have to provide food to a party thrown on the anniversary of Rowe v. Wade at the local office of Planned Parenthood? You can see how we can go to extremes here. Do we have the freedom to associate with whom we please or don’t we. I think it’ll be a mess either way.

More importantly I think we as Christians miss an opportunity to engage with people of another worldview if we just throw them out of or businesses. Jesus gave us what we call the great commission in that we are to share our faith with the world. We in essence are lifeguards of the world and we are ordered to educate, share and rebuke those around us as we share the Gospel. It doesn’t mean we all have to be Billy Graham or we have to yell at gay couples and tell them they’re going to hell. No! But when we see the drowning swimmer, do we judge is or her lack of planning, rebuke them for not learning to swim or for not wearing a life vest? No, that is not the time to judge, that is the time to throw the lifeline and as Christians, we are called to do that.

What it does mean I think that most of us have to be prepared to be like Andrew the Apostle who often lead people to Jesus and made introductions. I think when the opportunity is offered to engage with these people, we should, not with hate like the Westborough Baptists do but as Jesus did. Remember he often hung out with the riff raff, the tax collectors, prostitutes and sinners. That’s because he came to save us as many as possible from inevitable judgment. We need to be compassionate with these people and show by demonstration in our personal lives how Jesus influenced and changed us and thereby show them what awaits them if they commit their lives to him as well.

I think you should be subtle, business owners in your dealings with the LGBT community. Instead of throwing them out, offer a better deal and better quality service than what they would expect to get at a shop that endorses their lifestyle. A better cake for that wedding and better photos for the reception. Greet them with a smile and a handshake and show them how you are different you are than the world around them. Entice their curiosity. Put a Bible verse in your shop or on your business card, or a provocative saying that will spark a conversation: something like “My boss is a Jewish carpenter. Ask me how he changed my life!” Then be prepared to give a satisfactory answer. Remember Jesus wasn’t judgmental. I can totally see him at a gay wedding. When invited by Matthew the tax collector, he didn’t brow beat old Matt, he told stories and won people over with his words. That’s how we should act, toward everyone who crosses our path and that is how the Christian makes an impact on the world, one person at a time.

No one will darken the door to your churches before if they see the members acting like asses. And that’s my view.

If you have a different point of view or would like to comment about the new Arizona law, you can add your opinion to the comment section below.

Listen to Tom Sullivan’s full interview with Judge Napolitano on Fox News Radio here.



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Who is responsible for targeting Christians in First Army Briefings? Will there be hearings?

First Army Patch

First Army Patch

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online

This week Todd Starnes of Fox News exclusively reported on incidents where Army leaders briefed Soldiers ready to deploy on so-called “hate groups”, listing Christian Protestant and Evangelical groups in the mix. Now after that report came out, no less than the Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, has ordered that all such training be halted.

Several questions are now apparent: who is responsible for this training and will there be hearings to ascertain why these training briefings were given apparently without approval of top Army leaders? Or, were they approved at higher levels and then eliminated after the backlash that followed?

According to Starnes’s reports, available here, Army leaders on several occasions have warned Soldiers not to contribute to or participate in certain political or religious groups under penalty of the Uniform Code of Military Justice or UCMJ. At Fort Hood Texas, for example, deploying Soldiers were told that they could be punished for participating in Tea Party organizations or evangelical Christian Groups or donating funds to them.

At Camp Shelby, Mississippi, a National Guard post responsible for training and deploying thousands of Troops overseas for contingency operations, leaders briefed Soldiers warning them about so-called hate groups, listing such organizations like the American Family Association and the Family Research Council, groups that support traditional marriage.

Reports of such briefings became available when a Freedom of Information Act request or FOIA was submitted by the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. Chaplain Alliance Executive Director Ron Crews is happy with the Army Secretary for stopping the briefings.

“Men and women of faith – who have served the Army faithfully for centuries – have been likened to those who regularly threaten the peace and security of the United States,” said Crews.“It is dishonorable for any U.S. military entity to allow this type of improper characterization.

“Men and women of faith – who have served the Army faithfully for centuries – have been likened to those who regularly threaten the peace and security of the United States. It is dishonorable for any U.S. military entity to allow this type of improper characterization.” -Ron Crews

So who was it who was responsible for these controversial briefings? The Army Secretary says they were not approved by him.

In a memorandum to Army leaders obtained by Starnes, Secretary McHugh writes, ““On several occasions over the past few months, media accounts have highlighted instances of Army instructors supplementing programs of instruction and including information or material that is inaccurate, objectionable and otherwise inconsistent with current Army policy.” According to an Army spokesman, those briefings have been halted by order of the Secretary who has “directed that Army leaders cease all briefings, command presentations or training on the subject of extremist organizations or activities until that program of instruction and training has been created and disseminated.”

What that means exactly is not exactly clear to this writer. The overarching question now is, did low level Army leaders include the materials without getting approval by higher headquarters before they presented materials? That is unlikely since the Soldiers were warned of penalties under UCMJ. Did the Secretary or his staff approve of this training, backing off only after an apparent embarrassing backlash, or were they left out the loop by overzealous and mislead leaders lower down in the chain of command?

This week congress is involved in hearings to discuss the embarrassing implementation of the Obamacare launch. We at the American Millennium believe they should also should hold hearings on this issue, holding Army leaders accountable for this embarrassing and controversial actions. Kudos to the members of congress who wrote to the Secretary requesting the halt of these briefings.

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