Minnesotans Battle Over Voter ID Law

Minnesotans Battle Over Voter ID Law

A thesis regarding the current battle over requiring voter ID at the polls to decrease or eliminate voter fraud, by Jeremy Griffith

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Minnesotans will vote in November on a controversial constitutional amendment requiring voters to present Photo ID at the polls. Is it voter suppression or a well-intentioned way of eliminating voter fraud? Here is what people are saying about the Voter ID issue on the Internet. 
RT @CampBenCh: RT @CampBenCh: I wish I was voting in Minnesota… Marriage and voter ID is better than abortion disclosure for minors and stricter mari …Nicole Smith
RT @OurVoteMN: RT @OurVoteMN: Politics in Minnesota: Voter Restriction foes are raising more money than their opponents. #voterrestriction http://t.co/ …Fire Matt Dean
RT @mmwlawtaos: RT @mmwlawtaos: Yay, faith restored in the North! “@Normsmusic: Minnesota’s Support for Voter Photo ID Amendment is Falling http://t.co …Annyah L Hasler
RT @ALECwatch: RT @ALECwatch: Voter ID: Close elections drive amendment battle in Minnesota http://www.twincities.com/ci_21603666/voter-id-close-elections-drive-amendment-battle-minnesota #ALEC #ALECexposed #VoterSuppression # …Jim Elliott
Here’s what people are saying on Facebook.
One of our fans asked about tribal IDs recently. Tribal IDs are not necessarily going to qualify if this amendment passes. Another reason we must vote NO on this ill-conceived, damaging amendment.David Schleper
If the Voter ID amendment passes, will service members from Minnesota deployed overseas or on duty in other states be unable to vote in our elections? How will they verify their photo ID and address under a new Constitution?Nick Shillingford
Bloomington, MN police order, in violation of 1st amendment rights, a group who had peaceably assembled on government grounds (a parking lot) to distribute signs to those who wished them in support of the voter ID law that is being voted on in the November elections in Minnesota. This was done by the police, who could not cite a valid statute or city ordinance, at the request of the Bloomington City Attorney who is clearly using their office as a political weapon against something they don’t agree with.http://www.protectmyvote.com/?p=2457Charles D Smith
City of Bloomington Seeks to Stifle Political Speech about Voter ID on Public PropertyThe ProtectMyVote.com van has a stop scheduled in Bloomington this evening to distribute “Vote Yes on Voter ID” lawn signs. The Bloomington City Attorney has demanded that ProtectMyVote.com not use any city property, including sidewalks, right of ways and the city hall parking lot for this protected political speech. She has threatened police involvement. After consulting attorneys, ProtectMyVote.com will proceed with the stop as planned.What: Lawn Sign Distribution Stop Who: ProtectMyVote.com and Voter ID Supporters When: Thursday, September 27th at 6:00 PMWhere: Bloomington City Hall 1800 W. Old Shakopee Road (or nearby) Contact: Dan McGrath, 612-702-5649 (cell) www.ProtectMyVote.comSue Jeffers
You Tube Videos on Voter ID.
Our Sacred Rightprotectmyvote
MN Voter Photo ID Amendment Heads To Fall Ballotuptakevideo
MN Voter Restriction Amendment Threatens Dr. King’s Legacyuptakevideo
Debating MN’s Voter Restriction Constitutional Amendmentuptakevideo
ProtectMyVote.com | Vote YES on the Minnesota Voter ID AmendmentLet's work together to pass the Minnesota Voter ID amendment in November 2012.
Would voter ID amendment really prevent voter fraud? | Minnesota …Sep 18, 2012 … Supporters of Minnesota's voter ID constitutional amendment claim the requirement is needed to protect the integri…
MINNESOTA POLL RESULTS: Voter ID amendment | StarTribune.comSep 23, 2012 … e Star Tribune Minnesota Poll interviewed 800 likely Minnesota voters Sept.
Minnesota voting amendment would change much more than you …Sep 6, 2012 … Of course, eligible Minnesota voters can register any time, day or night, ….. …in support of the Voter ID amendment…
These are just a few examples of what people are saying about the Voter ID Constitutional Amendment coming up in Minnesota this November. Regardless of your position on the political spectrum, it behooves you as a voter to get informed on the pros and cons of this issue as it will affect how we vote in Minnesota in the future. Remember an abstention from voting on this or any constitutional amendment equals a “No” vote. For more information on the Voter ID issue in Minnesota, visit AmericanMillenniumOnline.com.

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Minnesota Social Workers Demonstrate Against Gay Marriage Ban

By Jeremy Griffith

Minnesota voters will see a new constitutional amendment proposal in their ballots this November protecting the traditional definition of marriage, a proposal that his highly supported by the Catholic Church. Meanwhile, on Monday Minnesota social workers marched to the capitol to demonstrate in opposition.

Members of the Minnesota Association of Licensed Social Workers met at the History Center in St. Paul in the morning to attend training sessions. In the afternoon, they marched the short distance to rally on the capitol steps. Governor Mark Dayton and several state legislators made brief remarks.

Mike Arieta, a licensed clinical social worker and therapist, attended the rally.

“People were carrying signs and talking about the issues,” said Arieta. “I was particularly moved by a couple of the signs I saw.”

According to Arieta, it is the duty of a social worker to advocate for the less fortunate and to take up those issues on behalf of clients to political leaders. He is against the marriage amendment as written, he says, because it would discriminate against people who have an alternate home life.

“The state used to promote the traditional marriage because it was viewed as the most stable situation,” Arieta explained. “Things have changed a lot. We aren’t the same farm based economy we were a hundred years ago. Our idea of what a marriage is should change with it to better reflect who we are today.”

According to October editions of The Blaze and the Minnesota Independent , the Minnesota Arch Diocese has sent an open letter out to every Minnesota priest advocating support for the amendment. The letter signed by Arch Bishop John Nienstedt says in part:

It is imperative that we marshal our resources to educate the faithful about the Church’s teachings on these matters, and to vigorously organize and support a grass roots effort to get out the vote to support the passage of the amendment. .  .”

The letter calls for “Church Captains” who would advocate in their churches, forming ad hoc committees, a tactic that worked well in California’s successful Proposition 8 bill initiative.

If passed, the amendment would make it so that only unions between one man and one woman would be recognized by the state as a legal marriage.

Social Workers gather in St. Paul -photo by Mike Arieta

Social workers rally at Minnesota state capitol carrying signs -photo by Mike Arieta

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