Millennium Endorsements for Midterm 2014 Election

By Jeremy Griffith
Publisher of the American Millennium Online

Jeremy Griffith here with American Millennium Online. I want to get on record and talk to you about who we support for Minnesota elections for election day Nov. 4. That would be the royal we being me because I’m the only one here. Ahem.


For Governor we endorse Jeff Johnson and his running mate Bill Kuisle for governor over incumbent democrat Mark Dayton. There’s a really good ad out there for Johnson which I think explains it all, namely that Dayton is too dazed and confused to be a good governor. We need someone in there who actually has Minnesota values that won’t just reward cronies with government funds. Johnson has experience in politics in the state and he has the a common sense conservative vision. Bill has been a representative in the state, I think they’ll make a really good team. Dayton just needs to retire. He’s a joke and he needs to go away.


For Senate I endorse Mike McFadden. He’s a businessman who knows how to create jobs and run a business. His opponent Al Franken is a former SNL comedian who is well past his prime and has ceased to be funny a long time ago. Now he’s just sad. He got to office under questionable circumstances six years ago and is the 60th vote on the dreaded Affordable Health care act or Obamacare which is neither affordable nor is it care. It’s killing small businesses, resulting in lay offs and increased premiums and not covering everyone it said it would cover. Obamacare is a joke and Al Franken is the punchline, only neither one of them is funny. So vote for McFadden and get Al out of there.


I’ve done some campaigning with my personal favorite Jim Hagedorn. Jim’s dad was a representative and he’s got politics in his blood. I think he’ll be a good representative to replace Tim Walz. Walz the former educator and Sergeant Major of the Army National Guard has served his country long enough. It’s not his service prior to being elected that concerns us, it’s what he’s done with his time in the house of representatives since, voting in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Not at all in keeping with the values of southern Minnesota. He talks a good game, talks about veterans, farmers, blah blah blah, but his record speaks louder. He wants to convince you that he is for you and your interests, but he votes in the opposite direction. The VA has been failing veterans for many years and Walz has done nothing to turn that around and as been largely silent on the issue. During the government shut down he said nothing about the shutdown of the World War II memorial as elderly veterans waited outside barracades that had no business being there. Republicans showed up and threw down the barricades and let the veterans in, and Tim Walz, a 22-year veteran himself was no where to be seen and said absolutely nothing.


Walz had the chance to vote to extend pay and benefits to full time reserve and national guard during the government shutdown. Those individuals were required to go to work regardless of pay. Essentially working for free. The representative had a chance to vote on a bill to pay those folks retroactively and he voted no, so so much for the guy who supports the veterans. Also he voted on a bill to cut the budget which contained a clause to cut benefits of retired veterans including the disabled by 1 percent per year, which would hurt retirees, especially those dealing with disabilities. Now everyone agrees that budget cuts are needed to get to fiscal sanity. Even the military needs to be cut, but not pay and benefits of those who risk their lives on our behalf and not for those who were wounded in action because of their bravery. Once again the veteran soldier does us no favors in this regard. He’s failed us again on this issue.


The government is paying for massages for bunnies, and diesel fuel for a powerplant in Afghanistan that has never been turned on, when they get their power from Iran, they’re doing research on why lesbians are fat and putting lobsters on treadmills, but they can’t pay our veterans what they are owed. Time to go Tim, we’ve had just about enough of you.


Jim Hagedorn is for common sense conservative solutions, smaller more accountable government and fiscal responsibility and has a record as a government employee that cut the fat out of his own department. Who do you know had done that. He talks the talk and walks the walk and he’s a fighter. He’ll scrap with members of his own party as well as the democrats to serve his constituents at home and that’s why we like him.


At the local level I’m voting for Breanna Bly who is running again for state senate again against Tina Liebling. You know Liebling is one of those who talks a good game to local constituents, but when it comes to the votes she has made, she’s just another big government bleeding heart liberal. Breanna is a sweet-heart who believes in fiscal responsibility. She listens to her constituents and I think she’ll be a great improvement over Liebling in the state legislature.


And those are my picks. I think they’re great. Go out and vote Nov 4. That’s election day. If you can’t vote on that day, Minnesota has early in-person absentee voting, just go down to the fairgrounds if you live in Olmsted County, the poll there is open there until the day of the election, you can register right away if you aren’t already registered and you can vote the same day. It’s very convenient.


That’s the way I voted and that’s the way my girlfriend voted. She got her citizenship here in the US last month and she voted in her first election ever here in the United States last week, so if she can do it, you can too. It’s just that easy. No excuses, no lines, just go and vote.


And that’s a wrap, so go out there, campaign for your favorite candidate or cause and then go and vote. This is Jeremy Griffith from the American Millennium Online. Have a great day.

Jeff Johnson for Governor Ad:

Jim Hagedorn for Congress Ad:

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McFadden Closes on Liberal Opponent Franken

Mike McFadden, Republican challenger running against Sen. Al Franken, addresses Rochester voters in regard to health care Friday. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Mike McFadden, Republican challenger running against Sen. Al Franken, addresses Rochester voters in regard to health care Friday. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online


Mike McFadden, the Republican competitor with liberal Senator Al Franken of Minnesota is attempting to close the gap with his opponent even as he tries to differentiate himself from Franken’s record.

The challenger debated Franken last week in Duluth. This week McFadden met with Rochester residents on his plan for fixing health care.

He says, “Obamacare, or MNSure in Minnesota, is a train-wreck, and that train keeps wrecking!” Mcfadden went on to explain that the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare as it is most commonly known, is based on three prominent lies told to the American People by the President. He says, the cost of health care was supposed to go down, it’s actually gone up quite a bit. Obama said it would increase access; in fact fewer people have access now than did before, as people are forced off their employer provided health care due to the outrageous cost to small business.

“147,000 Minnesotans found out that wasn’t true,” McFadden said.

And finally, McFadden explained that the quality of health care would go down, not increase as the president promised. “Whenever government gets involved in health care, you get a decrease in quality, like what is happening with the VA,” McFadden said. “I won’t let that happen if I’m elected as the Senator from the great state of Minnesota!”

McFadden met with a small but enthusiastic crowd in Rochester on Friday. He told the crowd he was pleased to get the endorsement of two prominent northern Minnesota newspapers including Duluth. A most recent poll cited by McFadden has him closing within two points of Franken, which is within the margin of error.

ABC’S Eyewitness 5 notes on their website that Franken was down in 2008 when he challenged Republican Norm Coleman and went on to win that election, after a legal challenge and a vote recount, with a slim margin of 312 votes. So, Franken, while still in the lead, maybe vulnerable. According to the latest polling we’ve seen, the closest McFadden has been able to close is eight points. You can see the latest polling day from Real Clear Politics here. See McFadden’s full comments in the video below.

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