Sen. Al Franken Responds to Benghazi Letter

by Jeremy Griffith
Creator of the American Millennium Online

Recently I sent a letter to my local legislators asking about the status of the Benghazi investigation. Only Sen. Al Franken-D Minnesota responded and while I believe his answer to my questions is inadequate, I am pleased that he at least agrees that there should be more security for our Ambassadors and State Department employees overseas. His response does not address the fundamental question as to why there was such lax protection for Chris Stevens and his staff and why the President of the United States blocked a rescue effort by the military. That question has not been answered to my satisfaction.

Here are the Senator’s Comments:

April 30 Al Franken Letter

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One thought on “Sen. Al Franken Responds to Benghazi Letter

  1. Why is no one telling the American people what happened there? Why is no one being held responsible? I will work very hard to get politicians like you out of the government. Shame on you, you are only thinking about your reelection.
    sincerely Lisa Chase

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