Sandy Hook Massacre Game is Edgy, but not fun!

by Jeremy Griffith

Undated screen grab of Sandy Hook Massacre video game.

Undated screen grab of Sandy Hook Massacre video game.

So there is a guy out there who developed a very simple first person shooter based on the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre. It basically allows the player to relive the moments of the massacre in real time, about ten minutes. While the game is edgy, it certainly isn’t fun.

Now let me be clear about something. The Sandy Hook shooting was a tragedy, for everyone. I’m not trying to justify anything. This column’s purpose is not aimed at causing any more pain for the victims. I’m just analyzing the game and it’s implications.

I’m a First Amendment advocate. That means I have to defend this game developer’s right to produce this game, even though I don’t agree with his motivations. I mean, this game is really in poor taste. It does start conversations about the Sandy Hook shootings and maybe we should talk about it more, why it happened and how to prevent it in the future.

So I played the game and it’s pretty pedantic. I’ve played a lot of first person shooters and I enjoy them. The difference in this game is, nobody shoots back. It opens with this very basic character and has very simple controls that take a few moments to figure out. The character is a blob, kind of a shadow of a person. In fact, all the characters are shadows. As the cretin walks, his feet look like all broken apart like he’s a wraith, or he’s wading in darkness or blood or something. I’m not sure what the author was trying to convey with this effect. It’s kind of creepy.

The game opens and the words on the screen say “Take the Glock”. You walk over and you hit action and you get the gun. Then you go into your mother’s bedroom and the words tell you, “Shoot your mom.” So you do and if you do, you get rewarded with the AR-15 rifle and the car keys. (After you’ve shot your mom numerous time to make sure she’s dead.)

So then the scene fades and you appear at the school, breaking in through the window. With the rifle raised, you go from room to room shooting teachers and students. Nobody fights back. The game is pretty slow as the character’s walking and his reaction time really sucks. That’s why, when you walk into a room, some of the kids get away because they run too fast for you to take aim at them. There are plenty of opportunities for you to kill because many of the victims just cower in place and that allows you to walk up and shoot them. There is a little blood and it’s over and you move on to the next one.

Once you get to the end of the game, you hit x and the game is over, the police arrive. The game pretty much froze for me after that, but you get the gist. It’s pretty sick and not in the good millennial way. Other articles mention that there is a place at the end where you can sign a pro-gun control petition. But because the game froze for me I never got to this point. Whatever.

There are several problems I have with this game, other than it’s sick, broken and wrong and the author should get psychiatric care immediately. While the moron who perpetrated this horrendous crime did have the AR-15 rifle in the car, for whatever reason, he didn’t carry it into the building. He had two Glock pistols. More than enough to do his awful deed. Obviously, historical accuracy was not the developer’s goal. It’s not cool for the developer or the anti-gun crowd to have a pair of Glocks in the wraith-like killer’s hands. It’s the AR’s fault and that is why it has to appear in the game. Ban long guns that look black and scary.

Number two: where is the security guard? Oh right, there was none. If there had been a guard with a gun, in real life and in this work of virtual fiction, the ‘game’ would be over almost before it began. Shooter walks in with a gun, guard sees him, guard shoots killer, game over.

So the developer of this game has achieved his goal by starting conversations like this one. He’s grabbed a headline or two. Likely we won’t hear the last of him. The actual killer has grabbed headlines too and we should really have conversations about mental health, access to guns and ammo and whether or not it is now time to have armed guards at our public and private schools.

There was a Facebook meme I saw recently that spelled it out for me really well. It said basically, we protect the President, Congress, Banks, important celebrities etc. with guns. We protect our schools where our precious children reside most of the day with a sign that says ‘no guns allowed’. How stupid is that?!

The lasting impression I get from this is that guns, once again are not solely to blame for this and other massacres, people with serious mental issues are. It strikes me more than ever that the Founding Fathers were right on so many levels by enumerating our God given right to self defense by granting us the right to bear arms, as written in the Second Amendment. In the right hands, a gun will save a life. In the wrong hands, a gun can cause tragedy. Criminals never follow the laws, there is always a way for them to cause harm. Why would anyone want to deprive the people of their right of self-defense?

The Revolutionary Founders were worried about Indian attacks, criminals and the British Army. They had muskets to defend themselves. Today criminals have access to much more harmful weapons. It demonstrates why the average person needs a gun to defend themselves in this day and age.

Now you’ve got kids playing the knockout game in large urban cities. You can’t walk down the street anymore without some kid attempting to be cool attempting to punch your lights out just for the fun of it and to impress his friends. I would rather have a gun to protect myself than have nothing at all.

Barack Obama famously said that his grandmother was the typical white person who would cross the street to avoid being confronted by black kids. Well, I think grandma was pretty smart. It’s not safe to walk down the street any more, so it is more important than ever to be suspicious and take precautions. I would take it a step further. Show the kids your gun and make them cross the street.

It’s not that the black kids are the problem. There is enough blame to go around, most school shooters are white. The problem is that we don’t teach values to our kids any more in the public school. Take the Ten Commandments out of schools, take prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools, and this is what you get. Tell the kids they are evolved from dung beetles with no hope for eternity, no different from other animals and the kids will act like animals. Teach them that they are accountable to their Maker and you will get a much different outcome. Perhaps the biggest problem in schools won’t be teenage pregnancy, violence and dropping out, it’ll be little Johnny chewing bubble gum in class.

And then we won’t hear about these awful school shootings and these moronic game developers ever again.

God bless the victims of Sandy Hook and bring them relief from their pain.

Check out out this You Tube video posted by Secular Talk. The author comes to different conclusions than I do, but still makes some valid points.

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  1. I thought I’d get a lot more comments on this page. I guess not. What I would like to add is this. In the video from Secular Talk, look how he backs into the conclusion that I made, an admission against interest. He says the game hurts the gun control lobby and damages the First Amendment argument for violent video games. He’s right, but that is not something the left wanted to happen.

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