Revolution in Syria Bound for Failure!

102mm Mortar pulled by a Prius

102mm Mortar pulled by a Prius – The American Millennium

By Jason Griffith
Special to the American Millennium

Revolutions are Dangerous things and we don’t always know the outcome.  The only real successfull War of Independance was the American Revolution.  It inspired a people to create their own government For the People, By the People.

The Americans used muskets and what canons they could find.  The weapon that was most powerful though was their Faith.  If you really read into the Founding Fathers like, John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Rush, read their letters and so on they called upon Almighty GOD to help free themselves from the Biggest most well armed Empire in the World.

Great Britain was like the Empire in the Star Wars Movies.  Huge-awe-inspiring Navies and the most well trained soldiers and Hired mercenaries like the German Hessian soldiers in the world.  The American Cause seemed hopeless.

Now Does the Syrian Revolution stand a chance?  Despite these pictures I’ve attached, I think their cause is doomed.  Home made weapons are very impressive, no doubt.  But what they don’t have is the inspiration of American Freedom and democracy.  Muslim Brotherhood will simply enslave a new generation of Syrians, they will not liberate a Nation or inspire a positive change in the region.

Look at recent events.  Chemical weapons have been used in Syria.  The problem is we don’t know who used them, the Syrian Government or the rebels.  If the Syrian army had fired SCUDS with chemical warheads, wouldn’t the U.S. National Satellites have detected the launch?  I suspect so.  So where did these aweful weapons come from?  I don’t have any concrete proof, but my sinking suspicion is that Muslim Brotherhood has chemical arms just like they have SA-7s surface to air missiles obtained when Libyan Pres. Qadaffi’s evil regime fell to the Brotherhood.

Very alarming news indeed.

Home-made Rocket Launcher

Home-made Rocket Launcher – The American Millennium

Home-made mortar

Home-made mortar – The American Millennium

Home Made Kartushia Missiles 107mm

Home Made Kartushia Missiles 107mm – The American Millennium

Major Jason Griffith

Major Jason Griffith

From time to time The American Millennium invites a special contributor to add his or her two cents worth to the web page. Today we are proud to have Jason Griffith, a seasoned warrior leader with extensive knowledge of the Middle East, to the pages of our blog. Major Griffith is a Space Operations Officer in the Colorado National Guard. His last tour of duty was as the leader of a Space Team stationed in Afghanistan. He has four combat tours of duty under his belt dispersed through a 20-year military career. He is the twin brother of Jeremy Griffith, creator of The American Millennium. 

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