Money doesn’t buy victory in the MLB!

by Jeremy Griffith

I love baseball! But I don’t know anything about it. I just purchase my overpriced hot dog and beer and sit with my friends and enjoy the game. So I decided to educate myself and find out if money really buys victory in Major League Baseball. What I found out surprised me!

Take my team the Minnesota Twins as an example. In 1990 they were the worst team in the American League. The Atlanta Braves had a similar distinction in the National League that year. In 1991 however both teams went from being worst to first and faced off in one of the best World Series ever, with the Twins defeating the Braves in the final game 1-0. The Twins won the Series four games to three.

In 1991 the New York Yankees was only the eight highest paid team in baseball with over $27.8 million in total paid salaries. The Oakland Athletics was the highest paid team that year with over $33.6 million in total salaries paid. Minnesota was in the bottom half with $22.4 million and the Braves were in the bottom third with just over $20.4 million. That year the highest paid player for the Twins was Jack Morris who was paid $3.7 million. The Braves’ highest paid player that year was Lonnie Smith who earned just over $2 million.

So you see, talent and desire, with a little bit of luck, win championships in Major League Baseball, not money.

*graph statistics compiled from USA Today and ESBN.Com.


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