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Jeremy Griffith

Who am I? I am Jeremy Griffith, writer, blogger, Army Logistician. I graduated from St. Cloud State University with a bachelors in Mass Communications, and accepted a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army National Guard in 1995. I worked as a writer for several years for small-town newspapers. As the War on Terror kicked up, I transitioned into the military full time. I won an award for showing up to the War on Terror in Iraq and getting shot at. Fortunately, the bad guys missed.

Education: In addition to my bachelor’s, I’ll be completing a master’s degree program from Full Sail University in New Media Journalism in February of 2013. I attended the Defense Information School’s Public Affairs Course at Fort Meade Maryland.

What is Millennium? This is my venue for sharing stories that are important to me and commenting on them. Why “American” Millennium? Because I believe that America, the Idea, is so important and precious that it should be made to last more than a thousand years!

Stories? I will be covering stories in the news of public interest to Americans who love their country. I will focus on freedoms and responsibilities of the Citizen, the news of the day, what our military is doing in our name, and the political horse races.

If you have a story idea or just want to comment, you can contact me here at the American Millennium Online Facebook Fan Page, or send me a message on Twitter. You’ll find a link to my military biography here. Thank you.


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