Lincoln Rocks the Theaters with Message of Freedom!

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. The movie Lincoln is in theaters now.

(The trailer for the new movie Lincoln staring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields.)

By Jeremy Griffith

After watching the movie Lincoln with Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields I understand finally what is wrong with the Republican Party. Leadership. There is none.

There were Republicans back in the day, in fact the Republican party was created as the anti-slavery party, which we should be intensely grateful for. But even then there were cowardly Republicans who waffled on the right thing to do. The difference then was, they had Lincoln as their leader. He wasn’t perfect, he did things wrong, but he was a man of amazing credibility, faith and strength, something totally lacking in the Republican party today.

Republicans bemoan their outcast state now because we lost an election to Barack Obama, but let’s remember, things were much worse in the time of Lincoln. The new untested Republican Party and its leader the President had to face secession and bloody war for four years. Horrible. So many dead. In the midst of that chaos, and personal family tragedy, Abraham Lincoln delivered to congress by hook and crook an amendment to the constitution that secured for all time the freedom of black Americans from slavery. Can I get an Amen! The only problem with this film, lamentably, is there was no Frederick Douglas character! Bummer.

This movie that is in theaters now, recounts the trials of Lincolns waning days as he struggled to pass the 13th Amendment to the constitution. Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields deliver brilliant performances by the way. We already know there is something wrong with Hollywood, but if these two fine actors don’t get Academy Awards then there is no more hope for Hollywood and we should stop watching their crap.

Seriously, I cried during this movie. The performances were awesome on every level and the story and script was just amazing. Jared Harris did a great job as General Ulysses S. Grant, perfectly portraying the relationship between Lincoln and the General. Harris totally owned the scenes he was in, except for when Lewis was there.

There was a scene I liked especially. There was a gentleman who played the beloved southern General Robert E. Lee. He spoke no lines. Grant and Lee spoke no words to each other at a scene in front of the Appomattox Courthouse. Lee descends from the building’s front steps and mounts a grey horse, held for him by a Confederate soldier. Grant follows, a smoking cigar in his hand. The two generals regard one another and Grant leaves his position of superiority atop the court house steps and assumes a weaker position below the mounted Lee. He then doffs his hat to Lee and out of respect, all of Grant’s officers do the same. Lee graciously tips his hat to Grant, and then the defeated southern general rides off. Brilliant filmatography! I think that will be an iconic moment in film history from now on.

There is just not enough to be said about this movie, except that it is great to see such great films that accurately reflect the history of this great country. With all our flaws and all our greatness mixed in together.

We have troubling times now, and people are hurting. So it is good to escape for a while and remember the challenges of people before us. There was no greater tragedy in our history than the Civil War, unless you account for the war of our founding, the Revolution. It is important to know that for conservative Republicans, we have a great history and a legacy that lives on even to this day and it behooves us to remind the country even in momentary defeat that we have the better ideas and better vision than our opponents. At some point when the free Obama stuff runs out, will we find we sacrificed our freedom for it? I hope not, after all, we’ve fought too hard for it.

Black Americans must be reminded that it was the Democratic Party that endorsed slavery of their people, both in the North and the South and that the Northern Democrats opposed the historic 13th Amendment. In fact, for decades before and after the Civil War the Democrats opposed anything to do with the freedom and equality of Black Americans. It was the Republicans who delivered every important bill and amendment dealing with the equalization of the playing field for blacks, and the Democrats dug in their heels. White congressmen were beaten almost to death in the house for delivering anti-slavery speeches, and when they recovered, they went back and gave another rousing anti-slavery speech.

Black Americans served in the houses of congress in the Reconstruction that followed the Civil War, and they were brave and eloquent as any who have served in that legislature before or since. How is it that black Americans are not taught about their accomplishments in school?

I believe that is because blacks in this country, in fact half the country regardless of race are subject to a new kind of slavery, the slavery of dependence on government. We are all too stupid, inept or whatever to succeed on our own with the freedom we have, we are just as soon sacrifice that inconvenient gift of freedom for a free handout. After all, freedom won’t buy bread, or that free Obama phone or iPad.

No, conservatives has the better vision and dream, but right now we don’t have a good pitchman to sell the vision, at least not in politics. We have Rush Limbaugh, we have Glenn Beck, we have Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, but we don’t have any conservative minorities that will carry the flag. Unless of course you count C.L. Bryant, Herman Cain or our own Kira Davis and Alfonso Rachel. But nobody is listening. We are all just preaching to the choir, so why isn’t our message resonating?

It isn’t resonating because culture is upstream from politics. Hollywood continually feeds us a message that is contrary to our history and the truth, and so blacks and minorities are sold the lie of liberal progressivism and shackle themselves to the slavery of the Democratic party, the party of the KKK. We need to educate the people, not fight them. We need to show them their own history in a way that will motivate them. Only then is change possible.

I wish I had come up with this idea, that culture is upstream from politics. But alas, I am not the author of this truism. Andrew Brietbart gave us that, RIP. He was right. We who are in the blogosphere should own the message and continue to fight as he would have wanted us too.

So if you are blue and you need motivation, go see Lincoln for a good swift kick in the butt. It is an eye opener and well worth the ticket price. So few movies from Hollywood are these days.

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