Is Genesis History? Movie Review

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Del Tackett (right) interviews Dr. Danny Faulkner, PhD, for the movie Is Genesis History.

Blink and you might have missed it, but this week and last week there were limited showings of the new pro-creation vs. evolution film, Is Genesis History? staring Del Tackett, which appeared in theaters across the country. In this independent film, Tackett interviews PhD level scientists who hold a strong creationist view about their opinions of the Genesis Biblical account and how the physical earth evidence shows that the Global Flood appearing in the Bible could have happened. 

Professionally shot with scenic locations around the world, Tackett creates a narrative, backed up by scientists, that Genesis is a historical account that can be backed up by physical evidence in geology, archaeology, astronomy, language, and history. It was enjoyable to watch the arguments, and anecdotally, in the second showing of the film I attended in Rochester Minnesota, the theater was packed with movie goers of all ages. 

I liked it, and so did most of those who saw it. Rotten Tomatoes, who doesn’t have any professional critique of the movie as yet, does say that 70 percent of movie goers who saw it report that they liked it. You can see some of the movie goer commentary here

I’ve often felt that the theory of evolution and secular science instruction has killed the faith of a lot of young people attending high school and college. This movie seems to be an attempt at mitigating the damage and bringing young people back to faith. It does a good job with the arguments it makes. I can’t wait until the show comes out in DVD so I can show my family and my church. 

The movie is not without resistance though. Hard core atheists and the secular science community probably won’t be jumping of their chairs and exclaiming, “you’re right! We’ve got it all wrong!” But, this movie is a good beginning to the discussion for people who are on the fence. 

Speaking of fence sitters: Bio Logos, a group of scientists who hold onto a christian world view, but refuse to totally reject the theory of evolution, wrote a critique of the movie in the latest blog by Mike Beidler. Beidler argues that only two of the now well known arguments are presented in the movie. A third world view, that which attempts a middle ground between the Bible’s literal interpretation and evolutionary theory, is not included in the discussion and is totally dismissed. He says that those who study science don’t have to reject either evolution instruction or their faith, there is a third way. He criticizes Tackett’s film by not presenting a third world view in the body of the movie and talking deceptively and dismissively in a round table discussion following the movie. Beidler stops short of giving a blow by blow rebuttal of the evidence presented in the movie, but says that an understanding and acceptance of evolution doesn’t need to endanger faith. You can read the entire blog at the Bio Logos website here

There’s apparently no love lost between the folks that made the Tackett movie and the folks over at Bio Logos. In a blog written a couple of years ago on the Answers In Genesis website, author John UpChurch states that Bio Logos is dangerous because they put people on a shaky middle ground that endangers their faith. The blog was written too early to comment on the Tackett move, but apparently the Bio Logos people and the Answers In Genesis people have a long history, and don’t get along well. You can read UpChurch’s blog post here

While it is true that Tackett does not present this view in his movie, we don’t think he should have to. After all, a Chevy dealer shouldn’t be forced to give praise to the Ford company, do you think? Bio Logos seems well equipped to make their own arguments on their own platforms. It would be interesting to see people from the two groups debate, however. 

I recommend this movie for parents, uncles and aunts, and grandparents to drag their millennial kids to see. It’s not oppressive in it’s presentation and it offers another look into different perspectives not seen in public schools and institutions today. It doesn’t get to down in the weeds either, so the kids won’t be rolling their eyes and falling asleep as they drown in scientific minutia. Overall I give this film an 8 out of 10. I look forward to seeing a DVD and other supporting materials coming out in the near future. 


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6 thoughts on “Is Genesis History? Movie Review

  1. I saw this last night, and although I went tired, I was impressed. Those interviewed expressed their information clearly and within understanding by most but those totally resistant (and they won’t see it anyway.) I was most interested in the geologic information, opening many eyes to how things have been totally slanted. Worth seeing for a documentary because of the presentation, lack of “preaching,” and great info.

  2. The Bible is fiction–and badly written fiction, at that. So the question is moot.

    • Millions of people, many very intelligent, believe the Bible is history. You could approach sacred scripture with an open mind and a little respect.

  3. Aside from taking exception to your description of me (and BioLogos) as a “fence-sitter,” I found your characterization of my stance very fair. Thank you.

    And yes, I believe there is a “third way,” one that both accepts modern science (including Darwin’s “outlandish” theory) and retains a robust faith in the Living Word of Jesus Christ and God’s inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.

    • It’s my observation that people who want to have it both ways are called fence sitters. You seem to believe in the efficacy of faith while you retain your dependence on modern science based on Darwinian evolution. Sorry if you don’t like the term. Am I wrong?

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