Innocents Betrayed – A Documentary detailing the history of gun control and genocide! -Warning Graphic

Here is a very important documentary produced by the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. In the wake of the mass school shooting tragedy in Newtown CT, this is an important video that puts the whole issue of gun control into true perspective. While the slaughter of children and their teachers at their school, a place of supposed safety, is a monumental and heartrending tragedy, it is important to reflect that in the 20th Century, more innocents have been killed by their governments than by rogue madmen.

The American Millennium Online abhors violence, especially that committed against children. But we also hate the tyrannical governments throughout the ages that have slaughtered their own people for whatever reason because they thought they were “undesirables”. Posting this video will probably get you banned from Facebook, Twitter and other social media. It goes against the leftist agenda of gun control.

We appreciate what film director Aaron Zelmon says at the end of this video, that an armed society is a polite society. He’s right. You only have to look at American History to see the victimization of Native Americans and Black Americans at the hands of angry whites with guns. So it is wrong headed to think it can’t happen here. It already has.

We believe that there is a God-given right for the private citizen to make provision for themselves for self defense. In that ideal, we support the private citizen to own semi-automatic weapons with large capacity magazines. It should be noted that the armed citizen must still face the armored tank operated by their government. It still isn’t a fair fight, but a citizen armed with a rock or club is just a bad joke.

Creative consultant and attorney Richard W. Stevens sites Federalist Papers 29 and 46 in the end of his interview as opinions preferred by our founders as to why our citizens should be armed as a right. None imagined the kind of genocide possible in the 20th Century with modern weapons. If they had, I believe the Founders would have been even more pro-gun than they were, if that is at all possible.

I believe this short film should be distributed far and wide over the Internet as a way of informing people about the dangers of gun control. I believe this was the intent of the film makers. I would encourage everyone who view this film to also go to the website and buy the DVD, as a thank you for the people who went through the time and expense to produce it.

Some might object to citing a Jewish source for information of this type. There is still a lot hatred and animosity for the Jews and the Jewish state of Israel even today. That’s OK. No one on Earth understands genocide better than the Jewish people, having been the victim of it for so many years, and we appreciate their viewpoint.



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