In the Eyes of Fans the World Over, Pacquiao Wins Epic Battle

Manny Pacquiao's ebulient peronality and straightforward fighting style makes him a winner in the eyes of fans all over the world.

Manny Pacquiao’s ebulient peronality and straightforward fighting style makes him a winner in the eyes of fans all over the world.


by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online


Mayweather may have won a technical fight between himself and underdog opponent Manny Pacquiao, by in the eyes of the adoring fans the world over, Manny, a modern day Robin Hood, was the winner.

Mayweather’s technical win seems to hinge on a weak punch, run away and hug strategy. Using his longer reach, the black American would keep his Filipino opponent away at distance, and keep on throwing week punches every time Pacquiao would try to step in and fight. There’s a reason for this. Pacquiao is a dangerous fighter who knocks people out. In the close fight, Manny wins. That’s why often when Manny did step in, Floyd would wrap him up and hug him. It’s a good strategy if you aren’t looking for a real fight, but it makes the outcome less clear.

Floyd Mayweather's run and hug strategy may have won him the fight in technical terms, but made him the loser in the eyes of people watching.

Floyd Mayweather’s run and hug strategy may have won him the fight in technical terms, but made him the loser in the eyes of people watching.

Given all the “points” that Mayweather accumulated from the judges throughout the fight, Floyd chose not to engage Pacquiao anymore, choosing instead to run around the ring and keep away. Already this weak punch, run and hug strategy has given rise to humorous memes on the Internet.

Some of those memes include the following:

Pacquiao is a fighter, Mayweather is a marathoner!


Pacquiao is a figher, Mayweather is a hugger!


Mayweather: Free Hugs!

And Etc. From the very beginning the back stories of the respective fighters suggested an epic battle between good an evil. Pacquiao is the epic small town hero and national champion of the Philippines. He smiles, he worships God openly, and he interacts with fans. On contrast, Mayweather is all about the money, in fact that is his monicker. In the lead up to the fight there was awkward video of a Mayweather fluncky hanging bottles of expensive wine in a expansive room in one of Floyd’s overpriced houses. The weird video showed just how out of touch Floyd seems to be with the common people. He is a franchise fighter and business man who cares primarily about himself and fails to connect to people.

So it was Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker apparently. Ultimately the professional boxing style wasn’t very entertaining for most people who aren’t fans of boxing who only tuned in because they hopped to see a real brawl, which didn’t materialize.

There was a telling moment when a rude interviewer was talking to Manny after the fight. He looked very uncomfortable next to Manny as he basically asked him why he was such a loser, being out-boxed by the American opponent. Manny smiled and said simply, “I think I won the fight!” That shocked the interviewer, who countered. “Well, what about Mayweather’s power. Could you feel that in the ring?” To which Manny smiled, with his bright personable smile and said, “I can handle his ‘power’!”

Because there was no power to Mayweather’s punches. A martial arts practitioner will tell you that you can’t break a board or a brick by punching it at the full length of your punch, which is what Floyd was doing to Manny. The target has to be closer in, and the fighter must punch through the target for there to be any power. Whatever power was in Mayweather’s punches was pretty much extinguished at full reach when they occasionally made contact with Pacquiao’s face or body. Analysis given by the announcers demonstrate that the fight was basically judged by the number of punches thrown versus the effectiveness of those punches, which came out hugely in Mayweather’s favor. It seems an odd way to judge a fight that seemed largely to come out as a draw in the eyes of the viewers.

Many are already speculating on whether there will be a rematch, but I find that highly unlikely, based on the build up to this fight. It might take another five years, at which time, the fighters will be well past their prime. The only way Mayweather would schedule such a fight is if he could capitalize on it for more money. He can find the money elsewhere, and much easier too.

The fight was largely a disappointment to Philippines fans, who put a lot of emotional stock in their hero. But the loss doesn’t diminish Manny at all. If nothing it elevates him through the sorrow of disappointment in the eyes of the fans who admire his straight forward, honest fighting style. I was in a house filled with Filipino immigrants that night and all of them were angry at Mayweather for cheating and running rather than fighting. Many asked the question: why doesn’t he get penalized for that? Isn’t that illegal? I’m not a boxing fan, so I don’t know the rules, which seemed to favor the American and weigh against his Filipino challenger.

The rules of society don’t make much sense sometimes and often heroes of the past find themselves at odds with them. Jesus Christ, Robin Hood, Davy Crocket, etc. all were victims of this, but in the end it did not diminish them, but elevated their legend. At the end of the day, Manny Pacquiao was elevated again on the shoulders of people who love him and identify with him. In the meantime, the ‘winner’, Floyd Mayweather will be able to cash in, while at the same time be the subject of ridicule not unlike Pontious Pilate, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Santa Anna.

One more observation on the fight before closing. Did anyone notice the weird opening? There were three national anthem’s played. The United States and the Philippines, and I get that, but why was the Mexican Anthem sung? It was a weird awkward moment to be listening to an anthem played for a participant who wasn’t there, had no dog in the fight. Apparently the PC police are in full force. The excuse was, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Whatever. It would have been better if it had not been played. Leave the PC crap at the door. All it did was cause snickers amongst the impatient fans who waited hours to see the primary fight card.

The so-called epic matchup

The so-called epic matchup between Mayweather and Pacquiao ultimately was a disappointment to people watching.


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