“Gun Free Zones” Once Again a Magnet for Violence in Navy Yard Shooting

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Remington 870 shotgun like the one used at the Navy Yard shooting.

Remington 870 shotgun like the one used at the Navy Yard shooting.

Would it surprise anyone to learn that Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis was the subject of an investigation 6 weeks before the shootout in which he killed 12 people and in which he himself was killed?

According to a report from Fox News, that’s exactly what happened. A police officer following up on a complaint spoke to Alexis. The man told the officer he was hearing the voices of three people who were talking through the walls of his hotel room and keeping him awake with vibrations from microwaves. See the full story from Fox News reporter Jana Winter here.

The big questions here is, why do people with obvious mental health issues continually sneak through background checks and obtain fire arms and why was it that the Navy seemingly did not follow up on this IT subcontractor who was issued a DOD Secret Clearance to work on the base?

An even larger question perhaps is, why do we continually listen to the anti-gun politicians and celebrities who want to rob us of our rights and tell us the government will take care of us and the world will be safer if we all just disarm?

I would contend that if a man with mental illness can shoot up a Navy outpost with impunity then we are not safer for obeying the current paradigm and leaving our guns at home. If you are not safe at a military base, where can you be safe?

It should be obvious to everyone that so-called gun free zones don’t work as intended. Instead of being safe havens free of violence, they instead become a magnet for chaos from the criminally insane and mischievous that wants to cause harm to the innocent.

I further contend that gun rights are not negotiable. We should be arming our Soldiers and Sailors to keep them and us safe, and legislation should be enacted to put temporary holds on people with severe mental illness to prevent them from obtaining firearms.

In the wake of this tragedy, the left leaning main stream media again attempts to persuade the people into the erroneous thinking that guns, particularly assault weapons are the problem. That is why once again they attacked the AR-15 as the culprit weapon of the attack when it turns out that the shooter used a Remington 870 pump action shot gun, a weapon designed for hunting. Both CNN and The New York Daily News reported that the AR-15, like the one allegedly used in other mass shootings was also used in this incident, which the FBI later debunked. See The Blaze article here. It would be laughable how the mainstream always seems to get it wrong if it were not so tragic.

If we are to be truly safe, we must turn away from voices that say that we are nothing more than evolved animals and that there is no higher power to which we are accountable. That leaves us with a society bereft of any moral core and opens the door for violence. If I am not held accountable in the next life, then who is to stop me from taking advantage in this one? We should also stop listening to the voices of people who want to take our guns away. If you aren’t safe on a military base like Fort Hood or the Washington Navy Yard, then you aren’t safe anywhere. Buy a gun, get training on how to use it safely, and start carrying it with you where ever you go.

Until society changes, we must change our selves to be prepared for a society that is broken. Heaven help us.

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