Governor Dayton Touts Budget Plan in Rochester Townhall

From Jeremy Griffith
Creator of The American Millennium Online

Hey gang. Jeremy Griffith here. Creator of American Millennium Online. I have a few comments on Governor Mark Dayton’s town hall meeting here in Rochester at Rochester Community and Technical College’s Heintz Center.

You know I’ve had a couple of opportunities to view this governor in action and I believe he is sincere about wanting to help Minnesotans. But like most garden variety liberals or progressives, they just don’t understand economics. Dayton comes from the Dayton Store wealth and I understand that he wants to give back, but there is no end to the kind of tax and spend policies these politicians dish out. What they can’t get in their budgets, they get in taxes and bonding issues over and above what they’ve already budgeted. And still people want more.

There was no one at this meeting to really challenge the Governor on anything he said. It was all like, “Governor, thanks for coming. We love you. My issue is blah blah blah.” And everyone’s issue involved some kind of monetary handout from the government.

If it wasn’t more funds for education, it was deregulation of certain industries, such as adult day care. One lady complained that the so called green energy initiative is creating a health crisis because of all the wind mills? Really, where was that study done? On Mars? Who is being harmed by windmills. I mean yes, if you mean it’s hurting our pocket book because none of these windmills produce enough energy or revenue to make a difference were it not for government funding, but come on. Health risks. These are the same people who complain they’ve been abducted by aliens.

Then there’s the anti-fracking people. We’re looking for ways to boost the economy and meanwhile we’re literally sitting on a gold mine of oil and gas that we can use to fuel the economy and create jobs. And the nut jobs on the left want all that to go away because, “it’ll hurt the Earth”. We know there’s no evidence of that, but that doesn’t stop the libs. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people, they’re all so mental.

I’ll give it to the governor, he’s personable. But you give him a blank check and he’ll write anything into it he can get away with. At least he passed a budget, which is more than congress or the president has done in the last five years.

The State of Minnesota passed a $39 billion dollar balanced budget last year, the largest in history, and till this governor wanted to spend more. There is no end to how much the libs will tax and spend, and whatever they tax, they’ll spend more than they’ll take in.

The Republicans and especially conservatives are so awful at getting out their message about good old conservative fiscal and social values that these F’tards are crushing them on the political arena. Our friend Kira Davis is right, we have to work on getting our story told and doing it in such a way that we don’t look like a we’re not compassionate. The gay marriage fight is just a smoke screen. The real battle is about economic and personal freedom against the nanny state. The libs will continue to buy votes with cash we don’t have. We have to “Buy” votes with common sense fiscally conservative principles that will preserve our Republic for our children and not break the bank. If we want to save our country as we know it, we can’t just sit on the sidelines and let these people have their way, otherwise, we’ll have nothing to pass on to our children except a mountain of debt they can’t pay and chaos.

And that’s my view on the Governor’s budget.

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