Fighter Pilot For a Day

Air Combat USA Fighter Pilot For a Day from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

by Jeremy Griffith, creator of American Millennium Online

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a modern-day fighter pilot? Now you don’t have to wonder. Air Combat USA in Fullerton California allows you to fulfill your dream of being a fighter pilot for a day.

I’d always dreamed of being a pilot, but because of my color blindness, it was never to be. So I only dreamed and wondered what it would be like to fly. Then I found Air Combat USA online and I embarked on making my dreams come true. You can do the same.

Air Combat has experienced pilots, some who have actual stick time in combat to help train you to be a pilot for a day. They’ll set you up with a partner and let you fly real live dogfights over the Pacific Ocean. There is no previous piloting experience needed. Bring a friend to be your partner and you’ll get a discount.

When you fly, three onboard cameras will capture your flight. You’ll receive a video of your adventure to share with family and friends when you leave. People won’t believe you when you tell them you flew a dogfight, so we give you the video to prove it!

We guarantee you’ll enjoy your flight, or we’ll refund your money. It’s safer and more exciting than other adventure trips out there, like bungee jumping and parachuting. We offer incentives, corporate events and much more. Join us today and let your adventure begin!

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