Real Journalism: The Unreported World now Available on Netflix

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millenniuim

Journalist Kiki King of Unreported World with freedom fighters in Kobani, Syria. – photo credit Unreported World

The camera viewfinder pans over her and you catch a glimpse of a running girl in body armor and blue kevlar helmet, but then her image is gone again; replaced by sky, debris in the streets, sky again, a devastated city with an explosion in the far distance. British reporter Kiki King is in the Syrian town of Kobani with her producer and cameraman covering the ongoing war between Kurdish Freedom Fighters and Isis. They’re running across a dangerous road as snipers attempt to engage them, which is why the camera has such trouble focusing on the action. This is British TV Channel 4’s debut on Netflix of the journalistic public affairs program, Unreported World, which appeared this month.

The TV show Unreported World has been a staple of British TV since 2000, but with the advent of streaming channels and a desire to get away from Fake News and into more entertaining and engaging journalistic efforts Netflix has adopted a season of 8 episodes, each lasting 24 minutes apiece. The first of these episodes is the one described above, called The City That Beat Isis. In the 24 minute episode, King and her cameraman talk with fighters in the besieged city of Kobani as they try to liberate it from Isis. There isn’t much of the sprawling town to save, much of it is in ruin, destroyed by war and coalition air strikes aimed at dislodging terrorists. You can see distant explosions, coalition aircraft circling overhead leaving long white chemtrails, bodies in the streets, and broken buildings. You can see the fear in King’s face as she plods along in her reporting, giving the blow by blow of what is happening in the contest over the city. The crack of bullets can be heard in the background as she reports. At one point, a rocket lands very near her, and the camera falters again as the camera operator seeks cover. “That was very close,” King says, very deadpan and British.

After watching three of these episodes, I’m hooked. As a journalism junkie, I’m enthralled by good reporting and this new series, while being very old, is actually new to America and it has a lot of variety. News junkies like me will dig it. It’s very much in the vein of Vice News and Vox, very edgy with real content from areas of the world often neglected by the mainstream media. The second episode in the season shifted to America where another female Brit takes a look at young rodeo participants in the American south, some of the contestants are as young as 8 and 9 years old and their parents allow them to participate in dangerous sport more traumatic on the body often times than pro-football in the NFL. The episode is entitled, America’s Cowboy Kids.

The kids are typical southern kids, very respectful of the reporter interviewing them. “Yes, Ma’am!” and “No, Ma’am!” are often their replies to the reporter’s questions as they describe why they love their sport and how they struggle through the inevitable injuries and disappointments that come with it. The families involved are very religious, and you see them praying before competition. You can feel a lump in your throat as you see young kids in full protective gear get on to a bucking steer in a shoot and prepare to ride it for a full eight seconds, exactly like the highly paid professional bull riders they idolize. The parents are looking on. The gate opens and the enraged animal explodes into the open arena, attempting mightily to dislodge its rider, which doesn’t take long. There’s a tense moment where the child continues to ride, sliding off precariously to the side as the steer prances and spins. Then the child falls off, and a sharp hoof comes down hard, dangerously close to the child’s body. The rodeo clowns distract the animal and pull it away. The boy gets up from underneath, and runs to the side of the arena and climes the fence. He’s ok.

I really get the sense that the reporters and producers of this series really have their fingers on the pulse of the world and show stories with real drama and impact. Every episode follows a similar pattern, but the formula doesn’t diminish the show, because the stories are so interesting. A very professional looking man in a finely tailored gray suit, introduces the show at the beginning before tossing over to the reporter in the field. There the storytellers take the viewer of the guided tour of the land, issue and concept they are reporting on.

In episode 3 we are in Zimbabwe where a young hip looking black man with dreadlocks is covering non-traditional journalism/comedy critical of that nation’s longstanding and brutish dictator, Robert Mugabe. Reporter Seyi Rhodes introduces the viewer to a group of friends, white and black, who work together to produce edgy comedy and journalism criticizing Zimbabwe’s leader Mugabe. Collectively this group calls themselves Zembizi News, and their brave comedic efforts brazenly attacks the dictator and his yes-man state-run media. The dictator recently tripped on a rug at a political event and pictures of his fall have gone viral, giving these internet rebels a lot of material. Through Rhodes’s reporting we can see how dangerous it is for these talented comedians to be calling out their government. While it would be only natural for a comedy show in the United States to parody a politician, in Zimbabwe, it can be very dangerous and even lethal. Comedy takes courage in Africa.

Eight episodes of this series will not be enough for journalism connoisseurs like me. Netflix, please add more of this series and quickly. Even back dated issues are good. The ones appearing now are already two years old. I predict that Netflix will order more episodes which will be consumed quickly. I the meantime, there’s always You Tube. I have to see the next episode.

You can see a full episode of the report from Zimbabwe from Unreported World’s You Tube Channel here:


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Tucker Carlson Brutalizes Jose Vargus on Immigration

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Tucker Carlson and journalist Jose Vargus have a heated argument over Donald Trump’s new temporary travel ban. -image from Fox News

Jose Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and undocumented alien, went on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox last night to talk about Donald Trump’s immigration program, and the results were brutal as Tucker laid into the Filipino immigrant over his illegal status. 

You can watch the whole conversation on Fox above. It is easy to see here why Carlson’s ratings are through the roof as he takes Vargus to task on immigration. Over the weekend, because of a faulty rollout of a temporary moratorium of seven countries deemed too dangerous to allow immigrants from, airports around the country were clogged with protesters angry about people being denied access to the country. Many people, including green card holders were stopped and detained as their statues was verified. 

President Donald Trump announced through executive order that there was a temporary ban on travelers from seven failed states, mostly in Muslim majority areas, where it was deemed too dangerous to allow people into the country. Nations included on the list include, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan. 

Unarguably, the implementation of this travel ban was anything but smooth. But, the United States does have borders and does have the right to limit travel when national security is at state, a fact Carlson establishes in the interview with Vargus. 

In their conversation, Vargus asked the deeper question about why it is that people are coming into the country in the first place and he’s not wrong to ask that question. It’s not hard to answer and though he has difficulty making is point, when he finally gets around to making it, the point is valid. The United States has always had an appetite for cheap labor. Immigrants sick of eating garbage in their own home countries risk becoming illegal aliens by jumping the border and finding work here. This immigration is fueled by weak willed politicians who want to have votes from these undocumented aliens come election time and who refuse to go after the companies that use the labor of these people. As a result, the United States victimizes these people, creating a secondary slavery where people too desperate not to come are forced over the border in search for a better life. 

The Philippines, which the US has a longstanding relationship, is no exception. That country has no shortage of skilled labor, but a lack of good jobs, which forces many to leave their homeland and seek employment elsewhere. Families are split apart, months, maybe years at a time as family members find work in far-flung areas like Canada, The  US, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Italy, etc. My wife, a Filipino immigrant, has relatives in all of these places. Family ties are stretched thin as family members spend long stretches of time apart. 

Meanwhile, journalist Jose Vargus flaunts his illegal status as he criticizes the American System that allowed him to have so much success. Vargus has had plenty of time to solidify his status in this country legally and he refuses to do it. He should take his journalism skills home with him, where he can do an in depth documentary on the President Duterte’s war on drugs, or he could make a film on the tragedy of homeless Filipinos still digging through garbage for food to survive. I recently downloaded a Filipino news channel on Roku and was shocked as I watched a short video on the problem. 

Bottom line is this. Tucker is right when he confronts Vargus with his opening question. How would the Philippines feel if people illegally occupied that country and took jobs away from local nationals in the midst of an economic downturn and labor glut. I don’t think President Rodrigo Duturte, who has been clear in his disdain for the United States, would play that game, and illegals would be immediately deported. 

The Nations of Europe have flung open the doors to immigration from Muslim majority countries, and the citizens there have soon regretted it. Large communities of Sharia observant men who refuse to integrate cause many problems for the locals. Crime is at an all time high and gun sales are through the roof as Europeans seek ways to defend themselves by means they never had the right to before. If the United States is to avoid the problems in Europe, then they need to vet people more carefully who want to come here, even if that process is in a state of flux for awhile. America is a land of immigrants, and it always will be. But the United States government owns the right to control the flow. 


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Fran Bradley will run once more for state legislature!

Fran Bradley addresses supporters. - photo by Jeremy Griffith

Fran Bradley addresses supporters. – photo by Jeremy Griffith







By Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online

Veteran Minnesota State Legislator Fran Bradley-R of Olmsted County announced today in front of supporters that he will be seeking election once again as a state legislator for the House District 25B.

He said, “Service to humanity is the best work of life.”

Fran served previously in the state legislature and worked as chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. He left the House of Representatives over a decade due to family issues.

Bradley will be stepping down from his current posting as Olmsted County GOP Co-Chair. His co-chair, Aaron Miller, said the Republicans will be seeking nominations shortly to fill the slot vacated by Bradley.

Bradley is a retired engineer having worked for 30 years for IBM in Rochester. He is married to his spouse Mary for 52 years and has four children and 5 grandchildren.

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FBI-Bundy Standoff Ends Badly

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online


The Author trains at First Army Trainer-Mentor Academy at Camp Shelby, MS.

The Author trains at First Army Trainer-Mentor Academy at Camp Shelby, MS.

I wanted to comment on this issue before it got too stale. As you may have heard, the FBI-BLM-Bundy Rancher standoff in Oregon has ended and it ended badly. What I want to comment about is the drone overhead video of the felony stop and the subsequent shooting death of Bundy ally LaVoy Finicum.

Normally I’m pretty pro-law enforcement, but I’m going to criticize them so hopefully they’re not too thin skinned. You might ask the question, “Ok Mr. Blogger smarty-pants, Mr. Arm Chair General! What makes you think you are qualified to critique video of a law enforcement felony stop!? What are you? Rambo?!”

Let me put your concerns to rest. I am a retired Captain in the Army Reserve with 22 years of experience. I worked with law enforcement providing security during the Republican National Convention of 2008 here in Minneapolis and I have great respect for them. My last job was as a team leader for about 30 trainer-mentors whose sole job was to assist in the training and education of military units going to war. I am a graduate of the First Army Training Academy which focused on training new trainer mentors to do their job. There’s a picture of me somewhere on the internet at the First Army school at Camp Shelby Mississippi on my birthday playing OPFOR sniper for my fellow classmates. So there’s that.

I’ve attached a video that basically expresses my views on how the situation went down, so I won’t belabor any points. I will also include the original video so you have a clear understanding of what I’m saying. I will say this at the outset. As a trainer mentor one of the first things I would do in an After Action Review of a training exercise is I would use the Socratic method with the BLUFOR commander and try to get him to tell me in his own words what was the plan going in, how they deviated from the plan, what went wrong, what went right, lessons learned. At the end of the briefing I would try to get the commander and unit members to pin the rose of responsibility over lessons learned in order that they take ownership of their improvement plan going forward.

So here’s my take. BLUFOR, or the law enforcement guys, did much better in this situation than they did many years ago in Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas. The loss of life here, while tragic, was much less than at these other two previous events, so thank you for keeping the casualty count down.

I think LE has learned some important lessons from Ruby Ridge and Waco that they put into practice here in Oregon. By calling the suspects out of their defensive position rather than meeting them in a fortified location, the LE guys took control of the situation and fought the battle on ground of their own chosing. Sun Tzu would have been proud.


I have this criticism however. What was with the circular ambush? If you look at the video, you see that you have officers hunkered down behind their vehicles blocking the road. The location of the vehicles forced the driver, LaVoy Finicum to drive off the road and get stuck in the snow, which to me seemed like part of their plan. Unable to continue to go forward, the driver exited the vehicle and is almost immediately shot by a flanker from the woodline. To me this raises three points. One: he was a little too quick to shoot. There was no negotiation, there was no orders from the officer. The driver was out of the vehicle, hands up don’t shoot, he reaches for his pocket and down he goes, shot dead.

I would like to ask this officer, what was going through your mind when the gentleman came out of the car with his hands up? Did you think to give an order to lay down and surrender. Did you use any less-than-lethal methods to get him to surrender?

Inevitably the lawyers for the state will argue that officer was justifiably afraid for his life and when he saw the subject reaching for his pocket, he feared the worst, gun or bomb or what have you. But from the point of view of the overhead drone, that defense doesn’t seem clear cut. There was no exchange of gunfire to this point, no threat to the officer, the guy clearly had his hands up most of the time and had his back turned to the officer when he was shot. What threat was he to you?

You might say he was charging the officer. Huh? This is a 55-year old guy allegedly charging uphill through deep snow. You could have watched him charge you for 10 minutes before he fell down from exhaustion or a heart attack. I really don’t see that argument holding up. I see an old guy up to his knees in snow wondering which way to go. I think you could have waited a minute before making the catastrophic decision to shoot.

Secondly: look at where knucklehead is shooting. If you draw an imaginary line from his line of sight through the target subject, what do you see on the other side. That’s right, he’s shooting at his own guys who are huddled behind their vehicles. This is called a circular ambush and it is held in derision for good reason. Imagine if everyone stands in a circle and shoots at a target in the center. What happens? That’s right, everyone in the perimeter of the circle is dead from gunshot wounds. I think in the future, law enforcement should go back to the training range and learn how to conduct an “L” shaped ambush rather than the circular or “O” shaped ambush they  ended up using. The “O” stands for “Oh shit! I shot Johnny! How the Hell did that happen!”

Third and last point for LE BLUFOR! I see you had stun grenades and used them. If Finicum was such a threat, why didn’t you use them to pacify him? He’d be alive today and you wouldn’t be the bad guys in this event. Just sayin’.

I have plenty of criticism for the Bundy’s and their friends. Ever here of a telephone?! You started out OK in all of this. You had a protest and you got on TV. You said your piece about the BLM and land management and the weird situation about those two guys going back to jail after already serving their judge ordered sentences. Great. Then you decided to go off the rails with this wild life refuge occupation. You are not black. You will not be allowed to occupy federal property. I know it’s not fair, get over it. Use the telephone and call your congressman. If your congressman doesn’t answer, get a lawyer and file a civil suit. There are appropriate ways of handling situations like this and armed occupation should be the last resort in a democratic Republic.

As I mention in the video, a guy in Colorado was mad at his legislators after they betrayed their oaths of office and attempted to crush the second amendment. This gentleman put down $4,000 of his own money on a campaign to recall those legislators and he won. Take a page from his book next time.

I’m a little sympathetic to western states where the government owns pretty much 90 percent of the land out there. I’m not sympathetic to the Bundy’s. You live out there on your own with no concept about how the Constitution actually works. You think a gun is the choice of first resort. It isn’t. And you should accept your half of the blame for the death of Mr. Finicum.

We can all learn from this event. I think LE officers will have to answer uncomfortable questions in the civil suit that inevitably follows and be forced to answer why they chose to shoot. It might not go in the direction they want it too. And for the rest of us, this shows that armed confrontation is not the way to go, unless you really like the site of blood. The Founders gave us a process to solve our problems with the government. We should use the Constitution to our advantage, and leave the guns locked up at home.


#all lives matter




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Video: The Candidates Speak To Iowa Voters

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

This past weekend we attended the Rising Tide Summit in Cedar Rapids Iowa. The event was sponsored by Freedomworks and hosted by First District Congressman Rod Blum-R. The event was MC’d by conservative radio talk show host Andrew Wilkow.

Below you will see the full video of the individual candidates’ comments at the event, including comments from Rand Paul, Ted Kruz, Carly Fiorina, and Dr. Ben Carson.

(Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. -video by Jeremy Griffith)

(Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. -video by Jeremy Griffith)

(Businesswoman Carly Fiorina. -video by Jeremy Griffith)

(Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon. -video by Jeremy Griffith)

We unfortunately had a camera issue and were not able to get video of Rick Santorum’s comments. Below is a video shot by Caffeinated Thoughts.

(Rick Santorum speaks at Freedomworks Rising Tide Summit in Cedar Rapids Iowa. -video posted on You Tube by Caffeinated Thoughts.)

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Hagedorn Challenges Walz on Importation of Prisoners of War

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

In a press conference recently near the Federal Medical Center prison in Rochester Minnesota, congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn challenged his opponent, incumbent Tim Walz on his policy to accept the importation of prisoners of war from Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba to the facility in Rochester.

Hagedorn, the Republican challenger in the local District 1 race called Walz’s support of President Obama’s policy to close GITMO and import terrorists into prisons in the continental United States as reckless, unnecessarily endangering citizens of the country.

The first duty of an public official, Hagedorn said, is to protect the citizens of his state and nation, something Walz doesn’t seem to understand, Hagedorn said.

See the video of the press conference here.

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Hagedorn Takes the Fight to Walz over Health Care

Jim Hagedorn, 1st District Republican Congressional Candidate, held a press conference in front of Rep. Tim Walz’s Rochester office to talk about the detrimental effects of Obamacare,(Affordable Health Care Act), on consumers, the City of Rochester, and the Mayo Clinic.

Below is the press release and video of the comments he made to the press Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014.

Hagedorn is one of several candidates competing in a crowded Republican field who are vying for the opportunity to challenge Rep. Tim Walz-D for his 1st District Congressional Seat. The winner of a state Republican convention will move on to run against Walz later this year. The CD1 convention takes place on April 5, while the state convention takes place on May 30-31. For more information on upcoming dates, check out the Olmsted County GOP calander here, or check out their website at 

Hagedorn – Rochester Obamacare PR

The American Millennium does not endorse any candidate or candidate’s campaign. The creators of the American Millennium stand for conservative free market principles and limited government. Candidates who want to discuss their views prior to the county and state conventions can contact us at the

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Sandy Hook Massacre Game is Edgy, but not fun!

by Jeremy Griffith

Undated screen grab of Sandy Hook Massacre video game.

Undated screen grab of Sandy Hook Massacre video game.

So there is a guy out there who developed a very simple first person shooter based on the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre. It basically allows the player to relive the moments of the massacre in real time, about ten minutes. While the game is edgy, it certainly isn’t fun.

Now let me be clear about something. The Sandy Hook shooting was a tragedy, for everyone. I’m not trying to justify anything. This column’s purpose is not aimed at causing any more pain for the victims. I’m just analyzing the game and it’s implications.

I’m a First Amendment advocate. That means I have to defend this game developer’s right to produce this game, even though I don’t agree with his motivations. I mean, this game is really in poor taste. It does start conversations about the Sandy Hook shootings and maybe we should talk about it more, why it happened and how to prevent it in the future.

So I played the game and it’s pretty pedantic. I’ve played a lot of first person shooters and I enjoy them. The difference in this game is, nobody shoots back. It opens with this very basic character and has very simple controls that take a few moments to figure out. The character is a blob, kind of a shadow of a person. In fact, all the characters are shadows. As the cretin walks, his feet look like all broken apart like he’s a wraith, or he’s wading in darkness or blood or something. I’m not sure what the author was trying to convey with this effect. It’s kind of creepy.

The game opens and the words on the screen say “Take the Glock”. You walk over and you hit action and you get the gun. Then you go into your mother’s bedroom and the words tell you, “Shoot your mom.” So you do and if you do, you get rewarded with the AR-15 rifle and the car keys. (After you’ve shot your mom numerous time to make sure she’s dead.)

So then the scene fades and you appear at the school, breaking in through the window. With the rifle raised, you go from room to room shooting teachers and students. Nobody fights back. The game is pretty slow as the character’s walking and his reaction time really sucks. That’s why, when you walk into a room, some of the kids get away because they run too fast for you to take aim at them. There are plenty of opportunities for you to kill because many of the victims just cower in place and that allows you to walk up and shoot them. There is a little blood and it’s over and you move on to the next one.

Once you get to the end of the game, you hit x and the game is over, the police arrive. The game pretty much froze for me after that, but you get the gist. It’s pretty sick and not in the good millennial way. Other articles mention that there is a place at the end where you can sign a pro-gun control petition. But because the game froze for me I never got to this point. Whatever.

There are several problems I have with this game, other than it’s sick, broken and wrong and the author should get psychiatric care immediately. While the moron who perpetrated this horrendous crime did have the AR-15 rifle in the car, for whatever reason, he didn’t carry it into the building. He had two Glock pistols. More than enough to do his awful deed. Obviously, historical accuracy was not the developer’s goal. It’s not cool for the developer or the anti-gun crowd to have a pair of Glocks in the wraith-like killer’s hands. It’s the AR’s fault and that is why it has to appear in the game. Ban long guns that look black and scary.

Number two: where is the security guard? Oh right, there was none. If there had been a guard with a gun, in real life and in this work of virtual fiction, the ‘game’ would be over almost before it began. Shooter walks in with a gun, guard sees him, guard shoots killer, game over.

So the developer of this game has achieved his goal by starting conversations like this one. He’s grabbed a headline or two. Likely we won’t hear the last of him. The actual killer has grabbed headlines too and we should really have conversations about mental health, access to guns and ammo and whether or not it is now time to have armed guards at our public and private schools.

There was a Facebook meme I saw recently that spelled it out for me really well. It said basically, we protect the President, Congress, Banks, important celebrities etc. with guns. We protect our schools where our precious children reside most of the day with a sign that says ‘no guns allowed’. How stupid is that?!

The lasting impression I get from this is that guns, once again are not solely to blame for this and other massacres, people with serious mental issues are. It strikes me more than ever that the Founding Fathers were right on so many levels by enumerating our God given right to self defense by granting us the right to bear arms, as written in the Second Amendment. In the right hands, a gun will save a life. In the wrong hands, a gun can cause tragedy. Criminals never follow the laws, there is always a way for them to cause harm. Why would anyone want to deprive the people of their right of self-defense?

The Revolutionary Founders were worried about Indian attacks, criminals and the British Army. They had muskets to defend themselves. Today criminals have access to much more harmful weapons. It demonstrates why the average person needs a gun to defend themselves in this day and age.

Now you’ve got kids playing the knockout game in large urban cities. You can’t walk down the street anymore without some kid attempting to be cool attempting to punch your lights out just for the fun of it and to impress his friends. I would rather have a gun to protect myself than have nothing at all.

Barack Obama famously said that his grandmother was the typical white person who would cross the street to avoid being confronted by black kids. Well, I think grandma was pretty smart. It’s not safe to walk down the street any more, so it is more important than ever to be suspicious and take precautions. I would take it a step further. Show the kids your gun and make them cross the street.

It’s not that the black kids are the problem. There is enough blame to go around, most school shooters are white. The problem is that we don’t teach values to our kids any more in the public school. Take the Ten Commandments out of schools, take prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools, and this is what you get. Tell the kids they are evolved from dung beetles with no hope for eternity, no different from other animals and the kids will act like animals. Teach them that they are accountable to their Maker and you will get a much different outcome. Perhaps the biggest problem in schools won’t be teenage pregnancy, violence and dropping out, it’ll be little Johnny chewing bubble gum in class.

And then we won’t hear about these awful school shootings and these moronic game developers ever again.

God bless the victims of Sandy Hook and bring them relief from their pain.

Check out out this You Tube video posted by Secular Talk. The author comes to different conclusions than I do, but still makes some valid points.

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Bill Whittle to Conservatives: Stop Talking About Conservatism!

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Whittle: I would abolish the word “Tea Party” and stop using the word “conservative”!

Bill Whittle addresses conservative activists and bloggers at Right Online and Defending the American Dream Summit - photo by Jeremy Griffith

Bill Whittle addresses conservative activists and bloggers at Right Online and Defending the American Dream Summit – photo by Jeremy Griffith

Bill Whittle brought the house down motivating conservative activists and bloggers at the closing joint general assembly of Right Online/Defending the American Dream Summit at the Loews Pacific Bay Resort in Orlando Florida, Saturday afternoon. His advice: stop talking about conservatism!

Whittle in his remarks echoed the late great blogger king Andrew Brietbart who said that politics is downstream from pop culture and if you don’t win over the culture then you won’t win the generation when it comes to politics.

“If we can’t tell a story that the next generation can relate to then we’ve lost and we might as well give up and go home,” said Whittle. “We don’t deserve to win another election ever again!”

The battle over the minds of the youth and of advancing conservatism, Whittle pointed out comes down to three simple principles, Freedom, Property Rights, Virtue.

But you can’t talk about those things, Whittle explained, because the generation has been so torn down by mainstream pop culture that the youth will just blow you off.

“They think when you talk about virtue your telling them they can’t have sex until they’re 70 or something,” joked Whittle.

Instead of using the words like freedom, property rights and virtue, Whittle encouraged conservatives to substitute words that make more sense to the audience. “We should tell people, don’t tell me what to do, leave me alone; don’t take my stuff; and don’t be a jerk!” Said Whittle, “I would ban the word ‘Tea Party’, ban the word ‘conservative!’”

To young people Whittle said, “I would tell the college kids, ‘we are members of the rebel alliance, (a reference to Sci Fi legend Star Wars) and we will always be outnumbered and always outgunned and if you wanna join we have a meeting in room 102 at 4:30!”

Whittle spoke for a little over 21 minutes to over a thousand motivated conservative activists and bloggers at a joint session in the hotel ball room at the Royal Pacific Hotel.  He ended with an epic rant comparing modern day conservatives to rebels in the Star Wars Rebel Alliance and encouraged the audience to entice the young people of America’s next generation through iconic story telling. Whittle does video blogging online at; he has his own video blog called Afterburner; and participates in PJTV’s Trifecta broadcast with colleagues Stephen Green and Scott Ott. Watch his comments on You Tube here.

The Right Online conference and the Defending the American Dream Summit are annual events sponsored by Americans For Prosperity. Other speakers at the general assemblies included media personalities like Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, and Twitchy founder and Tea Party Darling Michelle Malkin among others. The events took place over two days Friday and Saturday. Participants partied Friday night at Universal Studios Orlando at the Marvel Comics section with music, booze and free rides.

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Bachmann, Lewis Headline Minnesota Taxpayer Rally

(Jason Lewis addresses Taxpayer Rally at Minnesota’s State Capitol in St. Paul Saturday, April 27, 2013. -video by Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium.)

(Michele Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, addresses a taxpayers rally in the State Capitol Saturday, 27 April, 2013. -Video by Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium.)

By Jeremy Griffith
Creator of The American Millennium

She didn’t get the colorful introduction she received in 2009 when she was introduced by radio personality Chris Baker, but she was greeted with rousing applause and praise as taxpayer champion and traditional values hero Michele Bachmann took to the stage at the Taxpayer rally at St. Paul Saturday.

Bachmann headlined the successful, and peaceful rally that took place on the capitol steps, and happily, no “moonbat” liberals were there to greet her with glitter. (There was also no gunfire at the rally either, unlike the cannabis rally at Denver last week.) The beleaguered congresswoman is under constant assault from the left because of her views on traditional marriage and conservative values and faces an uphill battle in the next election. She is also the target of an ethics complaint many believe to be an unfounded attack aimed at discrediting her.

In her comments, Bachmann made mention of the horrible attacks on the marathon-goers in Boston, calling for prayers for the victims. She called for increased scrutiny in the Benghazi scandal in which several Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens and several former Navy Seals were killed. And, she tried to bolster conservatives to continue the fight to keep conservative voices in the House of Representatives and block any efforts of the present administration.

A pivotal moment in the speech came as Bachmann made a moving tribute to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who passed away earlier this month, reading from a quote from the late conservative politician. Of Maggie, Bachmann called her a branch of the conservative trifecta consisting also of President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II that brought down communism and the Iron Curtain.

“She was the most influential female politician of the last 100 years!” Bachmann reflected. See her full comments in the video above.

There was a Washingtonesque moment when Bachmann exchanged her sunglasses for reading glasses in order to read the Thatcher quote.

Paraphrasing Washington she said, “I’m passed my prime, I’ve grown frail in the service of my country!”

Popular syndicated radio personality Jason Lewis was the final speaker of the day and brought his legendary wit and more importantly his undisputed grasp of the facts to the rally Saturday. He explained in depth why the conservatives must win future elections for the health of the country. He made fun of himself as well as Governor Mark Dayton, Former Vice President Al Gore and Senator Al Franken.

“Anyone who listens to me knows I trend toward the libertarian side just a bit. But while I’m not one of those William Buckley Radicals, who want legalize drugs tomorrow, I have to wonder at the success of the war on drugs.

“After all, if we are winning the war on drugs, how do you explain Mark Dayton?!” Lewis joked. See Lewis’s full comments above.

Thousands gathered at the annual rally MC’d by TwinCitiesNewsTalk radio personalities Jack Tomczac and Benjamin Kruse of the Late Debate, who did a fine job of introducing the speaking guests. As with other rallies involving the Tea Party and other conservative groups, when the rally ended, the participants left the mall in better shape than when they found it. The Late Debate airs weeknights from 8-10 p.m. on Twin Cities News Talk, AM 1130.


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Janice Schrieber Parasailing

Janice Parasailing from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

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Basic Rifle Marksmanship

(Bureau of Prisons Correctional Officer Jason L. Griffith demonstrates basic rifle marksmanship at a range near his home near Canon City Colorado. -video by Jeremy Griffith, Creator of the American Millennium Online.)

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Tae Kwon Do Tournament Comes to Rochester’s John Marshall High School

Tae Kwon Do Tournament Highlights from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

Jeremy Griffith
Creator of American Millennium Online

Local residents had a chance to watch a dynamic display of Tae Kwon Do skill at John Marshall High School in Rochester Saturday. Martial artists of all ages came from the tri-state area to participate in the tournament that included forms display, breaking techniques and sparring matches. Grand Master Kun Yoo Park of Park Institute in Rochester hosted the event in which clubs from all over came to participate.

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Chris Baker Talks About What Makes a Broadcaster Successful

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online

Jeremy Griffith at Mount Vernon

Jeremy Griffith at Mount Vernon

A couple of years ago I conducted this interview with KTLK Radio Talent Chris Baker before his move to Texas. This is the first time on the Internet. Great interview if I do say so myself. Chris is moving again to Omaha Nebraska’s 1110 KFAB starting Feb. 11.

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Innocents Betrayed – A Documentary detailing the history of gun control and genocide! -Warning Graphic

Here is a very important documentary produced by the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. In the wake of the mass school shooting tragedy in Newtown CT, this is an important video that puts the whole issue of gun control into true perspective. While the slaughter of children and their teachers at their school, a place of supposed safety, is a monumental and heartrending tragedy, it is important to reflect that in the 20th Century, more innocents have been killed by their governments than by rogue madmen.

The American Millennium Online abhors violence, especially that committed against children. But we also hate the tyrannical governments throughout the ages that have slaughtered their own people for whatever reason because they thought they were “undesirables”. Posting this video will probably get you banned from Facebook, Twitter and other social media. It goes against the leftist agenda of gun control.

We appreciate what film director Aaron Zelmon says at the end of this video, that an armed society is a polite society. He’s right. You only have to look at American History to see the victimization of Native Americans and Black Americans at the hands of angry whites with guns. So it is wrong headed to think it can’t happen here. It already has.

We believe that there is a God-given right for the private citizen to make provision for themselves for self defense. In that ideal, we support the private citizen to own semi-automatic weapons with large capacity magazines. It should be noted that the armed citizen must still face the armored tank operated by their government. It still isn’t a fair fight, but a citizen armed with a rock or club is just a bad joke.

Creative consultant and attorney Richard W. Stevens sites Federalist Papers 29 and 46 in the end of his interview as opinions preferred by our founders as to why our citizens should be armed as a right. None imagined the kind of genocide possible in the 20th Century with modern weapons. If they had, I believe the Founders would have been even more pro-gun than they were, if that is at all possible.

I believe this short film should be distributed far and wide over the Internet as a way of informing people about the dangers of gun control. I believe this was the intent of the film makers. I would encourage everyone who view this film to also go to the website and buy the DVD, as a thank you for the people who went through the time and expense to produce it.

Some might object to citing a Jewish source for information of this type. There is still a lot hatred and animosity for the Jews and the Jewish state of Israel even today. That’s OK. No one on Earth understands genocide better than the Jewish people, having been the victim of it for so many years, and we appreciate their viewpoint.



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Fighter Pilot For a Day

Air Combat USA Fighter Pilot For a Day from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

by Jeremy Griffith, creator of American Millennium Online

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a modern-day fighter pilot? Now you don’t have to wonder. Air Combat USA in Fullerton California allows you to fulfill your dream of being a fighter pilot for a day.

I’d always dreamed of being a pilot, but because of my color blindness, it was never to be. So I only dreamed and wondered what it would be like to fly. Then I found Air Combat USA online and I embarked on making my dreams come true. You can do the same.

Air Combat has experienced pilots, some who have actual stick time in combat to help train you to be a pilot for a day. They’ll set you up with a partner and let you fly real live dogfights over the Pacific Ocean. There is no previous piloting experience needed. Bring a friend to be your partner and you’ll get a discount.

When you fly, three onboard cameras will capture your flight. You’ll receive a video of your adventure to share with family and friends when you leave. People won’t believe you when you tell them you flew a dogfight, so we give you the video to prove it!

We guarantee you’ll enjoy your flight, or we’ll refund your money. It’s safer and more exciting than other adventure trips out there, like bungee jumping and parachuting. We offer incentives, corporate events and much more. Join us today and let your adventure begin!

For scheduling and packages, visit

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Voter ID History So Far

(Video by Jeremy Griffith)

History of the Voter ID Debate in Minnesota

In November, Minnesotans will vote on election day for or against a controversial pair of amendments, one upholding the definition of traditional marriage and the other on requiring photo ID at the polls. We will be examining the photo ID constitutional amendment.

The voter ID law has been an issue since the heavily contested election of Al Franken as senator over the incumbent Norm Coleman. The election was so tight that voter fraud was alleged and recounts and legal challenges mounted. In the end Franken was elected, but a need had arisen in the eyes of many to clean up the Minnesota election system.

Dan McGrath of Minnesota Majority has led the charge to require voter ID laws since the 2008 election. He has turned up instances of voter irregularities and fraud and has helped draft voter ID legislation.

In 2010, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton vetoed the law that was approved largely on a partisan basis. He says the law would disenfranchise many voters who cannot afford an ID.

In an effort to get the matter into law, the Minnesota Majority and people have sought the make the issue into a constitutional amendment that would have the power to bypass the governor’s veto. This puts the matter directly in the hands of the voter.

Over 80 organizations in the state oppose the voter ID amendment saying it would serve to restrict voter turnout and disenfranchise voters unable to obtain ID.

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie who opposes the law, changed the name of the ballot initiative without the consent of the legislature. The issue was taken to court and the supreme court of Minnesota ruled that the Secretary did not have the right to change the name of the initiative on the ballot where the legislature had already done so.

Opposition of the law includes the Secretary of State, The Governor, and the League of Women Voters, and most recently OurVoteOurFuture. On Thursday Dan McGrath debated OurVoteOurFuture’s Doran Schrantz on public television. Local legislators who support the bill includes former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, who authored the bill, Rep. Mike Benson, and Sen. Carla Nelson, to name a few.

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal has written a book on the issue of voter fraud entitled “Who’s Counting? How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk”. He supports the Minnesota Voter ID amendment and has visited Minnesota often to talk about this issue. Recently he spoke to amendment supporters in Minnesota and debated Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

For more information on this issue, follow American Millennium

(Below see a the most recent poll regarding Voter ID from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.)

(Visualization by Jeremy Griffith based on statistics from the Star Tribune Poll.)

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Voter ID Debate at Metro State University

In case you missed it, here is a sample of the one and only voter ID debate at Metro State University between Minnesota Majority’s Dan McGrath and’s Doran Schrantz. The debate took place at Metro State University Thursday Oct. 4th and was sponsored by Debate Minnesota, with Bill Salisbury of the Pioneer Press moderating.  (Video by Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium Online)

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Video: WSJ Contributor John Fund Visits St. Paul

John Fund from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

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WSJ’s John Fund Visits St. Paul, Gives Voter Fraud Talk

by Jeremy Griffith

John Fund, author, Fox News and WSJ contributor. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

Wall Street Journal and Fox News contributor John Fund was in St. Paul, Minnesota Monday to promote his new book and to talk to fans about the issue of requiring voter ID at the polls in order to prevent voter fraud.

Fund’s book, entitled “Who’s Counting? How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote At Risk”, prominently features issues of alleged voter fraud in Minnesota during the 2008 election campaign in its opening chapter.

“I at least wanted to come here to thank the folks who read my work, who watch my various appearances on the networks, to at least thank you for your support,” said Fund.”You pay my salary!”

“I know there are a lot of people who will hear a lot of different things about the Voter ID amendment. Our goal is this,” said Fund. “It’s what Democratic Senator Chris Dodd said when we passed the bipartisan ‘Help America Vote’ act, which by the way says contrary to the opponents of this amendment a military ID is a valid government ID, no military personnel will be denied the right to vote.”

“What (Dodd) said is, ‘this is America! We can make it easy to vote and hard to cheat!” said Fund, quoting Dodd. “We can do both at the same time!”

“This is America! We can make it easy to vote and hard to cheat! We can do both at the same time!” -John Fund, Wall Street Journal

Fund’s appearance was facilitated by Minnesota Majority and and took place at O’Gara’s Bar and Grill in St. Paul. Both organizations have been active in drafting legislation in Minnesota and raising awareness of voter disenfranchisement due to voter fraud. A full video of Fund’s remarks is available here.

Minnesota Majority Chairman Dan McGrath, introduced the key note speaker. McGrath helped write legislation requiring voter identification at the polls. A ballot question setting forth a constitutional amendment to require voter ID at the polls will be voted on by the electorate in November’s general election.

Dan McGrath, Minnesota Majority. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

“My grandmother is 92-years old, she has photo ID,” McGrath said, explaining his rational for support of ballot question. “She needs it to see her doctor and pick up her prescriptions. The idea (of the opposition) that senior citizens won’t be able to vote is nonsense.”

“‘It’s going to eliminate same day registration’, they say,” said McGrath said, quoting opposition to the amendment. “Absolute nonsense. Nothing in the amendment calls for that, nothing in statue implies that is going to happen. It’s a desperate lie and nothing more!”

Since the 2008 election, McGrath has almost single-handedly bird-dogged the Voter ID fraud issue, resulting in the placement of the ballot initiative on the ballot and the conviction of over 200 cases of voter fraud.

McGrath and Minnesota Majority won a major victory early this month when the Supreme Court decided that the Secretary of State Mark Ritchie does not have the authority to change the title of ballot questions as they appear on the ballot when the legislature has already decided on a name. Ritchie, along with Attorney General Lori Swanson, who both oppose the Voter ID amendment, approved the name change of two ballot initiatives, the Voter ID amendment question and the Traditional Marriage Amendment. The Supreme Court’s decision chastises state officials for changing the title of the amendments and restores the original titles as they will appear on the amendment.

According to McGrath, a lot of work is needed to raise awareness about the Voter ID Amendment ballot question to inform voters and dispel myths from the opposition.

“We need to spend some money getting this message out there, refuting those lies, using logic and reason to explain how the amendment works and what it doesn’t do,” said McGrath.

“We need to spend some money getting this message out there, refuting those lies, using logic and reason to explain how the amendment works and what it doesn’t do,” -Dan McGrath, Minnesota Majority.

Legislation to require voter ID at the polls was vetoed earlier by Governor Mark Dayton. A constitutional amendment has the power to overcome a governor’s veto. Constitutional amendments like the Voter ID and Marriage Amendments require a majority of voters to pass, and a abstention from voting equals a no vote according to Minnesota Statues.

The League of Women Voters is one of nearly 80 organizations who oppose the Voter ID ballot question, saying it will disenfranchise the poor, the elderly and military voters serving overseas. staff hand out campaign signs at an event in St. Paul. John Fund of WSJ spoke in favor of a voter ID amendment in Minnesota. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

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