Blogger EJ Haust Talks About Absentee Balloting and Early Voting issues.

(A conversation with EJ Haust, blogger for, regarding her experience with voter ID, poll watching, and absentee balloting. -interview by Jeremy Griffith)

By Jeremy Griffith

EJ Haust has been living in the Minnesota in the Twin Cities Metro area for over five years. Before that she lived in Florida, where she went to college, Alabama and other places. Despite not living in Florida for over a decade, she still receives voter registration letters from her old district. Again and again she contacts that old district attempting to remove her name from the voter rolls, and every time she gets the same answer, ‘yes of course we will’.

But then, as is the case every election year, despite her protests, she receives a notification form the Florida board of elections. This time she had a conversation with a poll worker and floated the question, would it be possible to get an absentee ballot. The poll station worker agreed it was possible. She thanked him and once again asked that her name be removed from the list. The poll worker agreed and hung up.

This election season, following that conversation, Haust received an absentee ballot, without even asking for it. Asking if it were possible to get one, apparently meant that the state of Florida was obligated to send one.

We contacted Haust to ask her to tell her story. The interview is included above. In the interview, Haust explains her story, what she saw as a poll worker this election season, and expressed her feelings on the failed voter ID constitutional amendment and its aftermath.

In addition to this interview, Haust’s columns on Voter ID issues, early voting, absentee ballots, and potential voter fraud can be found at here.

Haust has worked with Project Veritas in Minnesota to expose potential voter fraud, she says.

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