Atheists are Idiots, (And So Are We!)

Last Days Madness: Obsession of the Modern Church by Gary DeMar -American Vision

Above my doorway between the kitchen and my living room, I have a sign. It has a verse of the Bible, Jeremiah 29:11. It reads, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Now I could quote you any famous quotation, from Shakespeare, to Euclid, to Cicero or Kant. Perhaps Nietzsche is your bag, it doesn’t matter who. I chose this saying for a purpose, actually two purposes, but the main one is to demonstrate this, reason and logic as the source of information.

You see, even an atheist, frothing at the mouth in his horror at being subjected to any concept religious or especially Christian has an understanding about what this verse means. He can tell you, after he or she gets over his complete disgust at the insult made upon his person to be subjected to the idea or concept of a creator God who has a plan for us out there in the universe can tell you what this verse means and be fairly accurate at doing so, even if they claim not to be interested or familiar with ideals of faith. Why? Information. This passage contains information and data, logically ordered in an easy to understand code that passes on information and a message to the reader that the reader can understand and relay back to the one reading it. Why is this important? Because the froth-mouth atheist in his most honest moment must admit that he has no idea or explanation adequate to articulate where information comes from, how it is created or who it’s author may be. (We all can use information and share it through language, but where does information come from in the first place?)

You see, regardless of what quote I give you at the top of this page, it’s immaterial. I chose this one concept for the secondary purpose of pissing off the atheist because I think it’s funny to see them rant and rave and carry on about how insulted they are, my secondary purpose. But the first purpose was to demonstrate how ideas can be passed along by language and information that though we disagree about the nature or truthfulness of that information, we never the less can understand the concepts being shared and there is the conundrum. Why is this so?

An atheist, or an agnostic who is nothing more or less than an atheist who attempts to disguise who he is, has no good explanation of where information comes from. The evolutionists, or atheist who happens to be a scientist as well, will tell you that before the world or universe was created, there was nothing, and this supposed nothing exploded without cause or impetus or design purpose what so ever. Then after the nothing that preceded everything that blew up for no particular reason expanded over billions of years and was very hot, though no one knows why, and then, for no particular reason again that nothing that is now everything that blew up without reason and expanded for who knows why suddenly began cooling and contracting and formed the stars the worlds and what have you.

Then, after billions of more years where nothing much happened, some chemicals that formed out of the nothing that preceded everything got together for who has the foggiest and spontaneously made the first living cell, no small feat, for no reason at all. Not knowing what its purpose was or caring much at all that first cell all on its own knew that it had to reproduce itself and feed itself and did so until suddenly there were many cells mutating and growing and changing into more complex life forms that also knew how to eat and breed and take care of themselves even though there was no one or nothing to show them how. Let’s not forget that in light of all of this the mind numbing opportunistic chance that there was nutrients and conditions ripe for these early life forms to thrive, otherwise it would have been all for naught.

Are you starting to see what I’m up to? The atheistic worldview is worthless garbage. But the Christian worldview has everything, an easy to understand logical explanation for the source of all life that gives us purpose and vision for this life.

You see, atheist and evolutionists think they are pretty smart, but they really aren’t. Because nowhere in their theories do they bother to explain where information comes from that orders everything into something and creates the very complex biosphere we have with all the biodiversity of life forms we see. That is pretty arrogant, and in my view, ignorant.

I can understand the atheist, he really is quite simple. Why do you suppose they push this absurd idea upon us that there is no God and all of nature is really just the product of billions of years of chance and mutation, even though there is myriad evidence to the contrary? Well for the simpleton who is the atheist and evolutionist, the thought that he or she is not accountable to a creator God is quite liberating and intellectually satisfying to them. They don’t have to follow anyone’s rules, so they can make up their own. Which brings us to another point. Atheists have to have control of the conversation because it gives them power and makes them members of the ruling class.

If we buy into the lie that they are all so smart and listen and obey their fallacious notions we become their slaves and have to depend on them for everything. That’s why they try to dominate education, politics and the culture. It gives them the control and those who are in control are the ruling class. Pure and simple.

I believe that the smartest of this bunch really know the flaws in the argument about creation and purpose, God and eternity, but it really doesn’t matter to them. Many would continue on as they are even if they have concrete proof that God exists, because in their minds, they don’t want to be accountable to Him.

So the atheist is easy to understand. I know him, I have studied him often. He is an open book. What I don’t understand is the Christian.

Christians are supposed to know the Truth, that Truth with a capitol T that doesn’t care what you and I think of it, it merely is. If we who are Christians know this Truth, why are we so afraid to share it? Instead of fighting the constant onslaught that is the liberal left, fueled by the doctrine of the atheistic, humanist high priesthood, (scientists), we crawl in a hole and keep silent and wait for a rapture that is never coming.

That’s right my Christian friends, I don’t believe in the rapture. Are we still friends? The rapture is just a made up word and notion that someone made up that never appears once in the Bible. Surprised? Well, it doesn’t. Millions of Christians are walking around day after day waiting for Jesus Christ to come down out of the sky and save us from the decadent world and bring us justice, whisking us all away to the sweet by and by of Heaven. Well, that’s not going to happen.

See, the Bible verses quoted to give us this idea of a rapture and the end times are taken out of context and woefully misused. Most of the prophecy of the Bible is closed, having been fulfilled in Bible times. Most of prophecy is a prophet telling the people there will be consequences for their actions and that God will bring justice in their times to the sin and rebellion of the people. The people have the opportunity to change their ways and of course they don’t, and thus, God’s wrath is realized.

So where does all this end times crap come from? Many believe Bible authors wrote coded messages stating when Jesus will return with judgment and free us all from the sin and awfulness of this world. Hogwash. They even quote Jesus himself. “When will you return and what will be the sign of your coming.” Etc. Well most of those old quotes of Jesus have been fulfilled in the disciples’ own lifetime or shortly after, in the first century. Jesus accurately predicted the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Jewish temple as a recompense for His rejection from the Jews. He wasn’t predicting his ultimate return 2,000 plus years out. He was talking within His generation, the generation he was living in. And as he predicted, the end of the Jewish world arrived. The Jewish nation was destroyed, the temple burned, their city sacked, end of story.

The tragedy from this story is that we as Christians don’t really understand what Jesus was talking about when he predicted judgment on the  Jews and their temple. We erroneously believe he is coming back to judge this generation, but we are not the primary audience of the scriptures, the Jews and Gentiles of Jesus’s day were the real audience. The scripture is useful to us in that we can understand by reading what God’s plan is for redemption for us, since we do not have the power of redemption within ourselves.

We have abdicated our power to change this world in his name because we think it is a hopeless cause and Jesus is coming back soon anyway so what’s the use in trying. This is why Christians throw up their hands and don’t engage in politics or culture and live their lives in quiet suffering, doing the best they can while they wait for the end. But this is not what Jesus wanted us to do.

The great commission Christ gave us is to preach the Gospel to the whole world and not to stop until all who have heard can either accept or reject it. And, we’ve failed in our mission because of an erroneous reading of Bible prophecy. Shame on us.

We need to get re-engaged and get back out there and fight for the culture, and not to accept the lies of the left. We can see all around us the fruit of their world view. It is up to us to change it.

Jesus will come when he comes, but we meanwhile have a mission and we have not done it. We need to get back to work.

Gary DeMar, Author of Last Days Madness: Obsession of the Modern Church

If you’re are interested in Bible Prophecy and it’s real meaning, go to American Vision and look for the works of Gary DeMar. I particularly recommend his book, Last Days Madness: Obsession of the Modern Church. It is an interesting, enlightening read that won’t take you very long at all.


Jeremy Griffith, Creator of The American Millennium Online

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