Conversation with a Trainer, Prepare for the Horse Show.

20120620_Horsetrainer from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

A photo story by Jeremy Griffith. A conversation with a horse trainer, Terri Lauth, on how to prepare horse and rider for a show.

Summer is here and that means the horse show crowd will be headed to fairs and shows. There are five or six things that every showman needs to be successful at a show. Eyota horse trainer Terri Lauth laid them out for us.

The rider’s outfit: Every cowboy and girl riding in a show has to have the right costume, including hat or helmet, cowboy shirt with buttons not snaps, long pants or nice jeans, boots and spurs. That is, if you are riding western. If you are riding English you need a jacket, helmet, slacks and English riding boots.

The equipment for the horse: saddle, bridle, horse blanket and any specialty equipment like boots or shoes.

Training is very important for the horse and rider. That’s why the local clubs have clinics at the Olmsted Fair Grounds. For information on these clinics, contact your local 4-H Club or riding club.

When you are riding, always remember, safety first.

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