Five Reasons Progressive Utopians Will Hate “Divergent”

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Screen capture of the movie Divergent, in theaters now.

Screen capture of the movie Divergent, in theaters now.

The newest box office hit for the year is the Movie Divergent, which will have appeal to the younger set as well as those who are older, but Progressive Utopians will hate it and here are some reasons why.

The Hunger Games has new competition in the box office this year and it’s also a book-based dystopia where the rebels become the heroes and where a strong female character is the lead. I don’t know what the political affiliation is of this author, but I think that there are a great many reasons why the story has struck a chord and why progressives will hate it.

Here is the synopsis: the Earth has survived a cataclysmic global war. Only one urban center and its rural surroundings have survived: Chicago. Society has separated itself out into five basic factions; Erudite (intellectuals), Dauntless (the Brave), Abnegation (Selfless), Amity (peaceful), Candor (the Honest). At the age of 16, people are separated are allowed to choose for themselves (after an ability test) the faction they want to belong to for the rest of their lives. The main character, Betrice, later know as Tris, comes from the Abnegation faction. But after taking the test, she learns that she doesn’t fit anywhere as she has characteristics of all of the factions.

Tris is encouraged to hide this truth from her friends and family, everyone in fact and when the selection process occurs, she chooses to belong to the Dauntless. As the story progresses, the secret she hides crops up and threatens to destroy her and her family.

The plot thickens when the girl finds out that the Erudite faction is planning to usurp Abnegation as the ruling government class. They plot to use the Dauntless class to eliminate Abnegation and only the Tris and her friends can stop them.

There is a lot of action and great effects in the movie, but the story is what makes this story a hit I think. And now, my reasons why progressive Utopians will hate it, (and why it won’t be winning any awards at Oscar time!)

  1. Socialist Utopias don’t work and will ultimately fail. The government has established an artificial social order and rewards those who conform to that social order. Those who don’t are punished and live below the social order abandoned by the society that swore to help them. A few of those who “diverge” from the norm eventually find themselves fighting that society that becomes self-destructive.
  2. In a society where only an elite minority hold all the power, eventually the disenfranchised masses will rebel. Social utopians always say they are doing what they do to help society, but really it’s just about retaining power. When another group finds themselves being disenfranchised, as always happens eventually, there is a rebellion and the social order changes once again. The pendulum swings.
  3. Control of education, media and government are essential for Socialist Utopias to maintain control. Without all three, society will eventually slide into chaos. Progressives always try to quash debate. There can be no free will in society and everyone must conform to the big government ideal. In order to do that they must ostracize those who do not conform and praise those who do. Education institutions are used to brainwash the masses, media is used to put out propaganda messaging, and the boot of the military/police will quash any resistance. But when there is a chink in the armor in anyone of the three, or all at the same time, progressive societies begin to fail.
  4. Power comes from the barrel of a gun! The ultimate power of the state is maintained through the use of force. Power is taken away when the populace arms itself. This is the truth that the NRA has known all along.
  5. Free will and diversity are the signs of a healthy society, not conformity. The state without diversity is stagnating, but when there is free will, communication, knowledge and culture, society grows and thrives. Automatons who lack diversity, free will and debate, sicken and eventually dies. A society that struggles against itself will grow stronger because of that struggle, and thrive.

I haven’t read the series of books upon which this movie was based, but my interest is intrigued now, so I think I will pick it up. I recommend this movie to my friends. If you loved Hunger Games, you’ll love this one two. I honestly cannot pick which series I like the best.

Poor progressives, you’ll just have to go see Noah instead. This movie is not for you.

Watch a trailer of this exciting new movie here.

A graphic of the different factions in the new thriller movie "Divergent".

A graphic of the different factions in the new thriller movie “Divergent”.


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