Tragedy In Charlottesville

By Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

I would like to take this moment to express my outrage and horror at what has happened in Virginia over the weekend. Two state patrol officers dead, and a young woman murdered after being run down by a white supremist. I thought we had gotten past all of this, but apparently not. Tragic.

Let’s clear something up from the get go. Those police officers didn’t die fighting violence and hatred as the headlines seem to imply. Their helicopter crashed, possibly from mechanical failure. Tragic, but not the fault of any one party or group. Our hearts go out to their families. They were only doing their jobs.

Second, and this is the most important: the American Millennium blog totally denounces racism and hatred in all its forms. It doesn’t matter if its white supremists or blm or Antifa; you all suck. God Almighty created us all in His image, and what He did was good. He did not create us to hate one another for our glorious differences. Stop trying to be something you are not and love your enemy, do good to those who want to harm you. That is what the carpenter from Nazareth tried to teach us. Be perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect! Not this! This is horror. This is evil.

As we watch the stupidity that took place in Charlottesville over the weekend, we wonder how anyone has that much time on their hands. We wonder too why the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAulliffe did not call out the National Guard. Possibly he did not know for which side they would fight? I will tell you which side they would fight, the side of law and order, which they always do, which is why McAulliffe didn’t want them there. He wanted the chaos, the violence. He wanted the talking points. He did not want peace, because that did not serve his purpose. He should be impeached. He’s always been a crony of Hillary Clinton and as such no one should believe a single word he says. It’s all political calculation with him.

There has been criticism that President Donald Trump has not come out to condemn the violence on behalf of white supremist groups. I heard his comments this weekend and I have no trouble with what he said. He said we must all respect each other. You can view his comments here.

I don’t know if you can get a stronger condemnation than that. The president is right. This kind of thing has been going on for a long time in this country and it has to stop. We are going backwards.

OpsLens contributor T.B. Lefevor, an active law enforcement officer in the Atlanta Georgia area, had a great column today commenting on the violence going on in Virginia over the weekend. You can read the whole thing here, it is a very good read.

Lefever states very eloquently: Ignorance owned the day and it’s just the latest event to have the rest of us questioning if we as a people are going forwards or backwards in this country.

Lefever is right. We are going backwards. We as Americans defeated the very ideologies that are now clashing. They have raised their ugly heads again, Nazism, Fascism, racism both from whites and blacks. It’s disgusting. But we should not be surprised that they are fighting each other again. We have to crush their heads, not with our fists, but with our logical arguments of anti-hate. We must ridicule them in our blogs, and express our horror in the public spaces.

Lefever writes in his column: “…good people can disagree on this matter without having to beat the hell out of each other in Charlottesville.”

I know a lot of democrats, a lot of republicans, independents and libertarians. Most are good people who just want to make the world a better place. You can express your opinions, you have that right, but keep your hands to yourself. It’s the golden rule, do onto others as you would have done to you. Nothing more needs to be said.

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