Concerned Veterans for America throws a party, calls for action in Minneapolis

(Highlights of Fort Snelling CVA event. Video by Jeremy Griffith, American Millennium Online.)

by Jeremy Griffith

The American Millennium Online


Madison Rising performs at CVA event at Fort Snelling MN 9-12-2015. Photo by Jeremy Griffith.

Madison Rising performs at CVA event at Fort Snelling MN 9-12-2015. – Photo by Jeremy Griffith.

This weekend my girlfriend and I attended an event in Minneapolis for veterans sponsored by Concerned Veterans for America. We had good food and entertainment, with a call to action at the end.


This was apparently the last stop of CVA’s Defend America 2015 Tour. Registration was free and they served hot beef and pork sandwiches and pop to those who attended. CVA’s Pete Hegseth headlined the event, flanked by Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn, Army Ranger Captain Sean Parnell, Jason Quick, and popular musicians Ayla Brown and Madison Rising.


Pete Hegseth talks about the failures of the VA. Photo by Jeremy Griffith.

Pete Hegseth talks about the failures of the VA. – Photo by Jeremy Griffith.

Hegseth interests me because we have somewhat of a shared story. We served in the Minnesota National Guard together in the same division around the same time. He served in Afghanistan while I served in Iraq. I met him one time when he was running for congress. I covered his campaign for this blog. He’s gone on from that loss to become an advocate for veterans and a successful radio and TV pundit, now contributing to Fox News on a regular basis.


Hegseth high lighted the recent failures of the VA and proposed a way to change it and hold it accountable. He handed out a proposal to those of us who were interested prepared by expert advisors called Fixing Veteran Health Care. The veterans he said have been the victim of a horrible government monopoly where the customers are not valued for who they are: heroes. The employees are secure in the knowledge that they can’t be fired or held in any way accountable for failing to provide adequate service. As I drove to the venue there at Basecamp, located on the unsecure side of Fort Snelling, I pondered this issue as I observed several signs posted right on Fort Snelling property addressing this very issue. They said, “The VA Lied, Veterans Died!” I didn’t get to see what group published the large billboards.


I’ve heard it said on Facebook and elsewhere that over a third of all veterans waiting for health care from the Veterans Administration have died while they’ve been waiting. Some of them, too many, suffering while they wait have chosen to commit suicide rather than wait any longer. This is unacceptable to me and many veterans and is one of the reasons I was curious about this rally.


Hegseth says their proposal is the beginning of a bill that will be presented to congress to hold VA employees accountable for providing inadequate, (or no) care, giving administrators the ability to fire those employees who under perform, providing the administration has the political will to do so. I’m not convinced that they do provided their history. So far the VA head has resigned, and two people have been fired but none have been prosecuted, problematic considering that administrators in the Arizona VA actually purged patients names on waiting lists so as to make their numbers look better.


Outlaw Platoon Leader Sean Parnell. - photo by Jeremy Griffith

Outlaw Platoon Leader Sean Parnell. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

The Defend America tour seems like a political rah rah rally to get veterans fired up to take political action on their own behalf. Interesting if true. Hegseth says he wants to create an Army of veterans who don’t hang up their uniforms and stow their boots after they leave the service, but continually serve their country in the interest of the nation. I have to admit, I’m intrigued by the prospect. I think a lot of veterans of my generation are not interested in the current veterans organizations, who offer a club to drink beer and eat burgers and pull on pull tabs while telling war stories with other veterans. We want something a little more involved. This might be it. I signed on for grass roots training later this month. I’ll let you know what I learn.


This week was the anniversary of 9-11 and many of us remember that fateful day with sadness and loss. I remember it for another reason. On this day last year, my girlfriend turned fiancé passed her test in Minneapolis to become a US Citizen. Emigrating from the Philippines 8 years ago, she has settled in to the American way of life such as it is. She often says, watching the news of the day, that America isn’t the America it once was and I agree. This was a good way for us to celebrate her anniversary. She was all smiles that evening and it was great to see.


New friends made at CVA event at Fort Snelling , MN. -photo by Jeremy Griffith.

New friends made at CVA event at Fort Snelling , MN. -photo by Jeremy Griffith.

We sat across from new friends we’d just made. She met a Filipina married to an American gentleman and they became Facebook friends on the spot. Across from me, talking about weird coincidences, sat John, a former Command Sergeant Major from my old unit. I retired in January of this year from 1-340th Training Support Battalion there at Fort Snelling. He had served as that unit’s Sergeant Major until his retirement in 2005. Small world. I think everyone enjoyed the show and learned something new.


Army Veteran Sean Parnell spoke with passion about his unit’s service in Afghanistan, telling about one harrowing day of battle there where everyone in his small platoon sustained injuries fighting off Al Qaeda forces. Parnell is the author of The Outlaw Platoon, which is now going to be on my reading list. His story of courage was very moving.


Ayla Brown performs. - photo by Jeremy Griffith

Ayla Brown performs. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

Country Singer Ayla Brown and patriotic rock group Madison Rising performed at the event. The most interesting moment however was when Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn got up to speak. She is the mother of fallen Navy SEAL hero Aaron Vaughn, a member of SEAL Team 6 who died with some of his colleagues on Aug. 6, 2011. Her story of her son’s courage and determination was riveting and made everyone’s eyes water. You can watch her testimony on You Tube and see for yourself.


Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn talks about the sacrifice of her son, Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn. - photo by Jeremy Griffith.

Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn talks about the sacrifice of her son, Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn. – photo by Jeremy Griffith.

I actually had low expectations of this event but I was actually pleasantly surprised. I’m eager to learn more about this organization. I will let you know more as I go. Attached you’ll find links to the highlights I shot of this event plus You Tube video of previous events on this tour.

(Video from Concerned Veterans For America – Defend America Tour, Austin Texas 2015.)

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Glenn Beck Vows To Save Besieged Christian Families from the Middle East by Bringing Them to the United States

by Jeremy Griffith

The American Millennium Online

Glenn Beck speaks in Birmingham, Alabama.

Glenn Beck speaks in Birmingham, Alabama.

Late last month supporters of Glenn Beck, the popular conservative radio host, marched in Birmingham, Alabama as part of his Restoring Unity Event. The march garnered over 20,000 participants. Beck spoke at a local church there and made an astonishing announcement: that he was seeking to raise $10 million to bring 400 families of Christians besieged by ISIS in Iraq here to the United States, thus saving their lives.You can read about the Restoring Unity Rally here if you missed it and here for yourself his astonishing claims.

The American Millennium is a small one man blog for conservative thought. We would like to do our part to add to the Nazarne Fund by raising awareness and funds on our own. All the proceeds of this fund will go to Mercuryone.Org’s Nazarene Fund where the money will be used to bring Christian Families who want to leave the war zone to come here to the United States.

American Millennium has one more call to action: that people of Rochester Minnesota take a copy of this blog to your churches and secure from your congregations a vow that you will voluntarily bring a Christian Family here to your community and sponsor them until they can get on their feet and support themselves. The issue of illegal immigration is a tender one right now. It is our view that if these Christians from the most ancient Christian communities are not brought out, then we will be giving tacit permission to ISIS to slaughter these people and wipe them out. I don’t want to be responsible for that genocide.

If you approach your churches and you receive permission from your church councils to adopt a family, we would like to hear about it. Just email us at and let us know your intentions. And then donate to the campaign listed below, or go to and donate directly. All of the funds donated to NazarneFund-Rochester will go directly to Mercury One. Your efforts are appreciated. Pay attention to this blog and the Glenn Beck Show and the Blaze for more information about this issue.

Jeremy Griffith

Creator of The American Millennium Online


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Reich is Wrong on Iran

(Robert Reich on behalf of on the US-Iran Accord.)

(Dennis Prager delivers a message on the US-Iran Deal.)

by Jeremy Griffith

Creator of The American Millennium

Robert Reich, a former Clinton Crony speaking on behalf of political action organization built by the Clintons,, would like you to think that the current US-Iran Accord is a good idea, that it will lead to peace, and opposition to it will only lead to war. He’s wrong, dead wrong and here’s why.


Nations that want peace don’t call for the destruction of other nations. They try to work things out with other nations and find common ground. Iran, a Muslim Theocracy disguised as a Republic, has never done so. In fact, the sole aim of the Iranian Republic (Theocracy) is to dominate the Muslim World, destroy the Jewish State of Israel and then conquer or destroy the United States of America, who it calls, the Great Satan. Israel they call, the Little Satan.


From its inception, the Iranian nation has been opposed to a Jewish state and have fought for it’s destruction. They were involved in the Israeli war of independence, which Israel won handily despite overwhelming odds. They support terror organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas within Palestine, which constantly barrage Israel with rockets and car bombs, forcing the Israeli Defense Forces to retaliate in their defense. Iran has fought a proxy war in Iraq where they’ve tried to destabilize that nation’s provisional government and have been responsible for murdering over a thousand of our servicemen and women with their roadside bombs. The name of the nation, Iran, means Arryian in Arabic. Iran was a close ally with Nazi Germany and was all in favor of the destruction of European Jews at the hands of Hitler’s forces. They have one united worldview in that regard. Fortunately the Evil of Hitler’s Nazis has left the planet. But Evil still remains in the form of the Iranian government, led by radical Muslim cleric Ayatollah Khamenei.


People like Robert Reich believe you can make peace with these people. But they have no intention of honoring a peace. Like Britian’s Neville Chamberlain, Barack Obama and his allies go to make a deal with the devil that will all but assure the Iranians get the bomb, which they have stated they are more than happy to use. Winston Churchill, the next prime minister of Britain, that great leader, saw the danger of the Nazis and of Islam, and he fought against it his whole life. He steadied his nation and eventually led the way to ultimate victory against that Evil, with the help of the United States.


The world has a new Churchillian hero, the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, who continually warns against the dangerous course the US is taking. They’ve ceded every point to the Iranians. There will be no rigorous inspections of Iran’s nuclear sites, Iran will be allowed to do their own. Iran will get 150 billion in assets unfrozen which they will inevitably use for terror around the world. Military leaders on house arrest in Iran due to previous harsh sanctions are now free to roam, to visit Russia and plot more mischief around the world.

Congress had a chance to oppose this terrible deal, but they chose instead to vote in favor, locking the US into inevitable war. Some have even surmised that such a deal would require that if Iran goes to war with Israel, which is it’s aim, that the US would be required to enter that war on behalf of Iran against our most loyal friend and ally Israel.


Reich is an intellectual. He’s very good at making his argument. He says the only course other than this deal is war. Well Dennis Prager thinks otherwise. The answer to war is to continue with the rigorous sanctions that kept Iran largely in check. Peace Through Strength as Ronald Reagan envisioned it is how to face Evil in the world and is the strategy Reagan used to defeat the Soviet Union without firing a shot.


Reich makes distracting arguments to confuse young millenials who are afraid of all out war. He says the 12-year war we’ve been fighting is too costly, to injurious, and the cost in treasure takes away valuable assets required to help the American people at home. If the liberal progressive governments would spend discretionary funds more wisely, our schools would not be so ineffectual, our streets and bridges broken, and our infrastructure in such dire need of repair. Indeed, the US spends billions on health care and social welfare on people who are here illegally, because they don’t believe it is necessary to defend US sovereignty.


In my view, Prager makes the better argument. We need to put Iran on notice, and reinstate the sanctions that will keep the monster in it’s cage. We need new leadership in Washington, not those who will rush off to war, but those who will not shrink form defending US interests and the interests of our allies around the world.


Check out some of Reich’s claims about the budget and discretionary spending here. And then decide for yourself who is right, Reich, or Prager.

The author at Fort Snelling, MN

The author at Fort Snelling, MN


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