Missouri Governor Withholds National Guard as Ferguson Burns!

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Immigration Reform, Executive Orders and the Rule of Law

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Glenn Beck Pivots!

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online
Conservative media mogul Glenn Beck

Conservative media mogul Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck pivots in a big way on a two-hour special on his TV show Monday night. In the first hour the well-known radio and television mogul talked about his health care issues and how serious and mysterious illness has caused him to pivot and change direction.


Unwittingly, the American Millennium captured Glenn’s health care issue on camera in October of 2011. Since then, Glenn has talked with his audience about his health issues, even making fun of it in his controversial and entertaining stage shows. You can see a video we captured here showing Glenn taking off in the middle of a radio broadcast while his co-hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere take over. Glenn winces in pain, unable to speak or continue the show, and then gets up and leaves. Gray and Burguiere take over without pause, without missing a beat. Later Beck comes back to the microphone and continues the show as if nothing happened.


In the first hour of Monday’s show, an emotional Beck addresses the audience telling the story about how his mysterious illness almost killed him. Now, however, having been given a reprieve of sorts, “a clean bill of health” as Glenn says, Beck now announces that he is going to dramatically change direction and get into film making, partnering with a talented and skillful painter and film-maker, telling positive personal stories through film rather than just talking about politics and the negative stories common to talk radio.


Is this all evidence of a long-standing health problem and a spiritual awakening, or is it just intelligent stagecraft designed to create and hold an audience? Time will tell. If it is all been faked, it has been faked over a long period of time. See video of the radio show in October of 2011. At one point on Monday night’s show, Glenn uses his wife as a prop, who says little on the show, but looks at the audience through the camera with a very somber look, acknowledging what her broadcaster husband says with one or two word affirmations.


In the second hour of the TV broadcast, Glenn dedicated his show to an interview which was a continuation of an interview he had on the radio show with a personality he called the C.S. Lewis of modern times, Ravi  Zacharias, a Christian apologist of Indian heritage and author of the book Why Suffering? Finding Meaning and Comfort When Life Doesn’t Make Sense.


What does this all mean for the future of the Glenn Beck show and the media empire he is creating? The eccentricity of the media personality may be questioned, but the ultimate result will be evidenced in time, as fans like us continue to monitor Glenn’s shows, entertainment and artistic endeavors. Glenn’s health issues are also reminiscent of those of another famous conservative broadcaster, Rush Limbaugh, who lost his hearing in recent years and overcame the disability through a cochlear implant. The parallels between the two personalities are incredible; are they merely coincidental?


Watch Glenn’s interview with Ravi Zacharias on his website here.


Watch tonight’s episode of the Glenn Beck show here.


What the video of Glenn’s health care scare here.


The attached video appeared first on the Pat Gray Facebook fan Page. The page is hosted by the author and creator of American Millennium Online. The page is not associated with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray or any other media owned and operated by Glenn Beck.

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Hagedorn/Walz Campaigns Spar Over National Security Comments

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online
Hagedorn throws down the gauntlet to liberal foot soldier Tim Walz on national defense issues. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Hagedorn throws down the gauntlet to liberal foot soldier Tim Walz on national defense issues. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Republican House candidate Jim Hagedorn used a press conference recently outside of Rochester’s Federal Medical Center prison to explain why his opponent, incumbent Congressman Tim Walz, is wrong on national defense.

At the press conference, Hagedorn outlined Walz’s position to allow the federal government to close Guantanamo Bay prison and move some of the prisoners, many the worst terrorists in the world, to prisons in the continental United States, and even including the Federal Medical Center prison here in Rochester.

“The people of Rochester are protected from the Islamic terrorists in Guantanamo Bay by 1,875 miles, an ocean and six barbed wires,” Hagedorn explained. “If the congressman has his way, they’ll be right across the street in that facility, two miles from the door of the Mayo Clinic. That’s completely unacceptable!”

“If the congressman has his way, they’ll be right across the street in that facility, two miles from the door of the Mayo Clinic. That’s completely unacceptable!” -Jim Hagedorn


According to the Rochester Post Bulletin, Walz outlined his plan to move some of the terrorist to the FMC, which the PB reported on in a story published in 2009.

Hagedorn said that if he were elected he would introduce legislation preventing the executive branch’s plan to close Guantanamo by defunding the Department of Justice and Department of Defense in the execution of that plan.

Walz did not directly comment directly on Hagedorn’s accusation, but his campaign manager did. Sarah Severs, replying to the Post Bulletin by e-mail, used the opportunity to lash out at the Republican challenger. “Washington, D.C., blogger Jim Hagedorn, who has never served a day in uniform, has zero credibility on national security issues,” says Severs. “Tim Walz, a 24-year veteran of the National Guard and the highest-ranking enlisted soldier to serve in Congress, will always fight to keep America safe.” She added that Hagedorn’s comments are “reckless and desperate”.


Hagedorn’s comments are also similar to concerns raised by former Republican District 1 Congressman Gil Gutknecht, who raised objections to the presence of the Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman back in 2001 when the blind sheik was housed at the FMC shortly after 9/11. The Sheik was there undergoing treatment for diabetes. He had been incarcerated since 1998 following conviction for his role in planning the original Twin Towers bombing in 1993.

Following the 9/11 attacks Gutknecht said there was an uptick in suspicious activity around the prison, and reports of men taking photographs outside the prison from the vantage point of the nearby Quarry Hill Nature Center.

Gutknecht expressed concern then that Osama Bin Laden had personally said he would support an attack on the facility to free the Blind Sheik.

Local law enforcement was also on the alert at the time, responding to calls of suspicious activity. Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson responded to the concerns.

“We responded to a lot of those types of calls — and still do,” Peterson said.

“That certainly made it an issue of concern,” Peterson said. “(FMC) authorities shared information through the FBI on potential threats. And our role in that was to provide them with any local information. They were specifically interested in suspicious person calls that would have related to the prison in any way.”

Gutknecht’s and Peterson’s comments about the security of the FMC prison during Sheik Abdel-Rahman’s stay there can be found from the Rochester Post Bulletin report here.


Due to Gutknecht’s influence, the Sheik was eventually moved to another Bureau of Prison’s facility and the tension died down. A return of high level and dangerous criminal terrorists would definitely be cause concern, which is why Sever’s comments on behalf of her boss seem tone-deaf, insensitive, and nonsensical.

Having terrorists housed at FMC would not only make them a target for attack, a facility designed for low level prisoners with health problems, it would also draw other unwanted elements, making it a sort of Mecca for people who admire the terrorists. Rochester has a large Muslim Somalian community and it should be remembered that several Somali Muslims have left from the Twin Cities area, an hour and a half away, to go fight and die for Isis in Iraq.


A terrorists associated with the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in 201 was arrested here in Minnesota.


And the Blind Sheik’s own civil rights lawyer was convicted to 10 years in prison for aiding and abetting terrorism after passing notes from the Sheik to his supporters in terrorist networks.


Walz’s 24-year service in the National Guard aside, since his election to the congress he’s proved to be nothing more or less than a foot soldier for Nancy Pelosi and the radical left. He’s voted in lockstep with leftists over 97 percent of the time, turning a deaf ear to Minnesotans in regards to affordable health care, the economy and jobs, and yes, even national defense.

Minnesotans have a choice on Tuesday. Vote for the big government foot soldier of the radical left, incumbent Tim Walz; or they can vote for common sense conservative Minnesota values candidate Jim Hagedorn. Remember to vote Nov. 4!

Captain Jeremy Griffith is a 22-year veteran of the National Guard and Army Reserve. He served for a 15-month Tour of Duty in Iraq during the time period known as "The Surge".

Captain Jeremy Griffith is a 22-year veteran of the National Guard and Army Reserve. He served for a 15-month Tour of Duty in Iraq during the time period known as “The Surge”.

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