Helpless and Terrified: Life Without the Gun

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online

Need a reason to keep an AR-15? Here's one: a muslim child holding the head of a slain Iraqi man.

Need a reason to keep an AR-15? Here’s one: a muslim child holding the head of a slain Iraqi man. -photo credited to proud dad.

Helpless and terrified, Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities are fleeing to the hills to avoid the perilous onslaught of the ruthless Islamic state. If they had AR-15s or AK semi-automatic rifles, they might be able to defend themselves somewhat.


Meanwhile and arrogant and misguided US administration ignores the problem too long, abandoning Iraq along with heavy weapons and vehicles to the enemy, who gleefully used the armaments to enforce sharia law and hunt down anyone who gets in their way.


The Kurds, not as gullible or helpless, are meeting the threat head on; are even making headway as the face off the Islamic extremists. They didn’t believe the promises of the US government that they would take care of the Kurds. The Kurds of Kurdistan, located in Northern Iraq,  placed their faith in themselves.


And that is the take-away for us here at home in the US. A federal judge has ordered that AR-15s and AKs are not covered under the Constitutional protection of the 2nd Amendment. She decided all on her own, this judge, that Americans don’t need them and therefore shouldn’t have them. Read the full article about the case in the Washington Times here. 


Simultaneously, armed men in Ferguson, Missouri are defending their businesses from looters. The neighbors who without weapons  are helpless to defend their homes and shops as an overwhelmed police force who can’t be everywhere at once, struggle to get the violence under control. Read more about this incident here.


Who needs an AR-15 or AK-47 style semi-automatic rifle. The answer is: I do. That should be the answer to any politician, local or federal, who attempts to seize our guns and make us defenseless. Chances are, hopefully, you won’t need your AR for anything other than plinking at the range. Hopefully your fire extinguisher is left idle as well. You don’t buy these things because you are certain there will be a fire or a riot; you get them because the danger exists.


In Ferguson, a black kid was shot. As a result, the black community in their anger took it upon themselves to decimate their own neighbors and steal their neighbors’ property before burning their shops.


In Iraq, the US and other nations are dropping food and water on refugee camps in the mountains. What they should be dropping is guns and ammo to fend off the Islamic State, who gleefully post online the child of an Islamic fighter lifting up the severed head of a man they killed.


Meanwhile in the United States there are many walled settlements of Islamic communities totally dedicated to Sharia Law. US law enforcement aren’t allowed to patrol those communities. What is going on in there. Are they planning Jihad against their neighbors? Likely, but if that’s the case, are you ready to defend your home, or are you just going to submit to the politicians will and let Muslims relocate or kill you?


I for one am tired of the “religion of peace”! So is Israel. They have to defend themselves daily against a regime of terrorists who would rather spend millions of dollars the US gave them to fund terrorist tunnels rather than infrastructure to support a healthy community.


What’s next? Will the president ever stop playing golf and do his job of defending the country. Not likely. So why we wait, why don’t you prepare yourself and go to your local gunshop and get an AR, before they’re all gone.


Don’t believe me? Think you don’t need an AR to defend your life and your liberty. Watch the videos I’ve attached below.

Communism Survivor Testifies for the 2nd Amendment.

African American explains how his AR-15 saved his home when an armed mob came to break into his house.

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Hagedorn Wins Surprising Upset in Primary, Beats Miller

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online


Hagedorn campaigns before local Republican Party BPOE in Olmsted County. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Hagedorn campaigns before local Republican Party BPOE in Olmsted County. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Jim Hagedorn has surpassed all expectation in the Republican Primary this past Tuesday by trouncing the endorsed candidate Aaron Miller. His win proves two things: that he is an able campaigner who cannot be underestimated, and there is a lesson here to be learned by the people who vote to endorse candidates in the local caucuses.


Now I’ve been following Hagedorn for a while now, since his failed bid the last time around for the same position running against Tim Walz. He humorously noted to me that the situation this time around was very similar to the last time. He said, “In this race the composition is the same as it was the last time; you’ve got a military guy, a professor, a professional politician, and me!” What has always struck me about Hagedorn is his self-defacing, quick wit. He has continuously refused to badmouth Republicans competing for the same job, and he has shown a gleeful willingness to hammer his overall opponent, Tim Walzm with truth about his dismal record.


In a caucus earlier this year, state representative Mike Benson stood in the entry way of the Byron High School handing out fliers and shaking hands right next to his competitor Jim Hagedorn, who was doing the same thing. I noted this fact to the candidates with irony. Hagedorn responded, indicating to Benson: “That’s not my opponent, that’s a competitor. Tim Walz is the opponent!”


The last election as I recall, Hagedorn agreed to be constrained by the request that candidates abide by the endorsement process. When he was passed over in this process, Hagedorn grudgingly stepped aside, and the Republican endorsed candidate lost to Tim Walz. This time Hagedorn stepped up his game and surpassed the endorsed Republican candidate. This usurpation indicates two truths to me: that you can accomplish anything if you work hard enough at it; and two, the people who vote in primaries here in Minnesota obviously have a different view of who is a viable candidate than those who show up to vote at caucuses and endorsement conventions.


The Republican establishment should take note of this fact at accept it for what it is. The grass roots of the party does not necessarily agree with the leadership of the party when it comes to choosing it’s candidates. Hagedorn is an able campaigner. He has made appearances for media outside the very offices of his opponent and ripped Walz’s voting record to shreds. Aaron Miller, a local businessman and National Guard leader, though a great candidate, didn’t set the world on fire with his campaign following the endorsement. Hagedorn continues to jab at the liberal agenda of Tim Walz, who votes 90 percent or better in line with liberal leader Nancy Pelosi of California; not at all in line with the values of Minnesotans.


I have to admit something here. In the caucuses, I supported Benson, who failed his bid for the slot. Then, I voted Miller, though I didn’t know him very well. Though probably a better candidate than Walz, he just didn’t impress me with his drive following his endorsement. Hagedorn however, continues to jab away with his quick wit and the facts on Walz’s record. It will be interesting to see if Hagedorn’s energetic strategy is able to overcome the progressive left’s money and propaganda machine. For the sake of Minnesota, I hope it is.

Watch Hagedorn deliver his message outside Walz’s Rochester office in regards to Walz’s support of the failed Obamacare law.  We were there.

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