Trayvon Martin and Elliot Rodgers: The Anti-Heroes of Hollywood

Trayvon Martin Hoodie

Trayvon Martin

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online

I watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 again this week and I thought it was “amazing”! Great story, great effects, good acting! I loved it. But something struck me as I watched it the first time and after the second time, it hit me? I think the hoodie wearing villain played by Jamie Fox is a subtle tribute to the deceased Trayvon Martin.


You will remember no doubt that Martin, a 17-year old black youth from Florida was gunned down by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman two years ago in a tragic struggle that most likely could have been avoided. Martin was crossing through a neighborhood not his own on the way home when Zimmerman spotted him and called police. What happened next is anyone’s guess now, but at some point Martin confronted Zimmerman and there was a fight. Zimmerman shot Martin dead and the rest is history. In hindsight, Zimmerman would have been better if he never got out of his car and Martin would have been alive today if he had just kept walking and ignored his wannabe law enforcement stalker.


Whatever you think about what happened between Zimmerman and Martin, what is not debatable is how the left has embraced Martin as a hero and a martyr and they are not over it two years later. Fast forward to the Hollywood release of The Amazing Spiderman 2. Did I mention that it’s a great film?! The main villain is played by Jamie Fox, an angry black man whose idea for a new source of renewable energy is stolen by the evil corporation he works for. (Why Jamie’s character remains in their employ and doesn’t pursue a lawsuit for patent infringement is anyone’s guess!) Nonetheless, Fox’s character continues to work at the Oscorp firm doing grunt labor until an accident that would kill anyone else transforms him into Electro! A shiny blue villain with power to control electricity who incomprehensibly switches from loving Spiderman like a puppy loves his boy to a evil anti-hero who wants nothing better than to kill his former idol.


Believed to be a corpse on a slab, the Fox character revives himself and dons jeans and a hoodie that just happen to be there for him in a bin and goes down town seeking destruction. He’s miffed that the cops just don’t want to leave him alone to play with the power cables and becomes even angrier when they shoot at him, even though he absorbs bullets better than people absorb sunlight. Spidey tries to console the angry young man in the hoodie but Fox will have nothing to do with it and tries to kill the man in the blue and red suit and so the plot thickens.


Jamie Fox as Electrode in The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Jamie Fox as Electro in The Amazing Spiderman 2.

When you watch the movie again, look at Fox’s character in costume the first time he emerges and compare it to popular image of Trayvon. I think this is a subtle hat tip to the deceased martyr. Hollywood is still trying to revive the idea that a young black man died for nothing in an evil white society dedicated on keeping the black man down. What a bummer. We are made to feel sympathetic to the Fox character as the media tried to make us sympathetic to Trayvon. Whatever the origin of Electro and the sympathy we have for him, he still emerged to become a homicidal maniac who sought random destruction to get his evil satisfaction. I mean, listen to the threats that come out of his mouth at the Oscorp scientists trying to study him later, evil as they are depicted to be.


The left will never be over the slaying of Trayvon even though, had he been successful in doing what he attempted, he would have been imprisoned anyway, for assault and battery at the very least and at most capitol murder. We feel badly for Electrode, but at the end of the day he is still just a murdering thug in a hoodie.


Elliot Rodgers a product of a failed leftist ideology!


Which takes me to my next point, Elliot Rodgers, the left’s new anti-hero. Poor Elliot, forget that fact that his parents named him badly and then neglected him to his own devices: like nonstop vidoegames, private concerts and a $40k BMW car now in a junk heap. He is a product of his time. If only he had bided his time and pursued an education in propaganda film, political science and leftist activism. He could have been the next Che Quevara, Bill Ayers, Fidel Castro or any number of other leftist heroes. Really, after reading his so-called manifesto and viewing his You Tube vids I don’t see anything different that what you would expect from a Taliban Sheik or Che Guevara. Indeed, in such company he would have been right at home. Sadly he was less interested in the hard work of the cause and more interested in fulfilling the desires of his own narcissistic state, burning his candle at both ends until he snuffed out six other lives as well as his own.


The left will still use him though. Instead of a leader, they’ll have him as a symbol with which to champion their second most sacred sacrament, the desecration of the right of self-defense. (The holiest sacrament of the left is the murder of the unborn, especially the little dark skinned ones, if you weren’t sure.) Indeed it’s already begun. The blood on the pavement hasn’t been hosed away yet and already the left is decrying how this could happen in a modern society and blaming vile politicians and the NRA. If only the legally registered and purchased semi-automatic handguns weren’t available to this mentally deranged young man. Then he might have sought out a pawnshop that sells cheap samurai swords, and that would have made his carnage harder to achieve, maybe. (Forget the fact that exactly half of the people murdered that day was killed with a knife no longer than six inches! Or that he attempted to mow down pedestrians and bicyclists with that $40K BMW!)


Oh the progressive left, when will they stop being so predictable?! They’ll never blame their own failed ideology for anything, whether it be economic policies that kill jobs or social policies that actually kill people, i.e. gun violence and abortion. I saw an interesting statistic on Facebook this morning. I don’t know if it is true, but it feels true so by the left’s own admission it must be true. Who cares if it isn’t, it’s all about symbols. The statistic says that the US rates number one in gun violence and murder, but if you take away the cities and states like California, New York City, Chicago and Detroit, the US would rate second from the bottom in those areas. Keep in mind that those cities and states have the most strict gun laws. Why is the violence so high in those areas. Simple, if you’re going to go on a murdering rampage what better way to do it than find an area where you know no one else is armed. No one ever goes gunning for a police station full of cops. The mall however, with the no guns allowed sign out front? That’s a different story.


So what is the solution to this problem of horrible violence in our society. I humbly submit that it is the same as it has always been, don’t give in to the temptation of modern secular society that says you can have it all, because that doesn’t bring happiness. Curtail your kids usage of violent video games and movies, let them know it is just fiction and never how you should actually act in real life. Buy them bikes and sports equipment rather than those games and kick them out of the house once in a while. Make them participate in social events not hosted on the Internet. Discipline them. Don’t be like a Hollywood film maker like Peter Rodger, who ignores his son while pursues his career in filming violent shows and photographic womens’ butts in exotic locals. Don’t be the absentee parent.


And buy guns and teach your loved ones the proper way to use them. Carry them with you. Hopefully there won’t be cause to do so, but a gun is like a parachute. If you don’t have it when you need it, you never will get the opportunity to need it again.


Here’s a thought. What is more dangerous: guns in the hands of a few deranged maniacs, or guns only in the hands of a totalitarian government? Which has killed more?The 20th century carnage of atheistic Nazis, socialists and Communists should be answer enough.

The author at Fort Snelling, MN

The author at Fort Snelling, MN

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Appeal to Readers on Behalf of Veterans

American Millennium Creator Appeals to the readers for Support of Veterans and an Imprisoned Marine

Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online

My name is Jeremy Griffith and I am the creator of The American Millennium Online. It is basically a blog website where I get to rant and tell my story and where my 5 or 6 fans, mostly my relatives and friends get to hear my political views. Today I want to talk about two very serious topics close to my heart and I’m recording it because I think it needs to be heard.

I’m a captain in the Army Reserves, and I’m a team leader. I’ve been in the Army 20 plus years. I have a soldier under my command who has spots on his lungs, probably from breathing noxious fumes in Iraq and the various burn pits in that country. I was on a FOB in Iraq and I remember the smell, it was awful. Not surprisingly he can’t get care at the VA because it wasn’t discovered until well after he returned from that country. Now he’s a good soldier and I can depend on him. He’s a Sergeant First Class so not a private, not a specialist, not even a buck sscergeant but a senior NCO. I don’t want to lose him, both as a soldier and as a friend. I’m disgusted at the VA and I’m angry at the treatment our veterans have received.

Whistleblowers at the VA including doctors have been coming out now and telling their stories about the horrible abuses and we learn of the heart break of their loved ones as the scandal builds to a crescendo. I think I agree with the VFW that it’s time for General Shinseki, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to resign, I don’t think he has the leadership style sufficient to fix what is broken at the VA. I have no confidence in the administration of Barack Obama to pick the right leadership, I don’t think anyone at that level gives a rat’s ass about our veterans, they should all be replaced and that’s why elections have consequences and leadership and character really does matter. IT DOES MATTER!

If we’ve learned anything about this president from Benghazi and Fast and Furious and all of the host of other scandals that they really don’t care. THEY DON’T CARE! Hillary Clinton the former Secretary of State said it best when she was being questioned by Congress about her actions or inactions in the Benghazi issue. She said, “What difference at this point does it make!?” Another White House official in an interview with Fox News, when questioned by commentator Bret Baier over Benghazi said, “dude, that was two years ago!” They just can’t believe that anything negative can have legs like they do. Well, we lost an ambassador and three guys trying to save his life, heroes, and the White House doesn’t care. How can we expect them to give a rip about the suffering of veterans in government health care. Answer: we can’t. So don’t waste your breathe.

“What difference at this point does it make!?” -Hillary Clinton

It’s too bad because I have a soldier who just lost his dad to cancer and now he finds out he may have cancer because of his service and he’s angry and bitter and there’s nothing I can do to help him, except appeal to you, my fellow citizens. Please, write to your congressmen and senators, I have, and appeal to them to fix the VA. Please write or call your local representative and give them an earful. It’s the only way we can show them our outrage at what is going on at the VA. You may know someone who is going through this with their loved one, for their sake do it now. I implore you.

Here’s the other issue I want to talk about today. Today as we speak a Marine Veteran, Sergeant Andrew Tahmoorissi has been sitting in a Mexican jail for over 52 days. His crime: he made a wrong turn from the parking lot at the VA where he was being treated for PTSD after his multiple tours of duty overseas and he found himself going the wrong way onto a highway and right to the Mexican border with no way to turn around or avoid the checkpoint.

Now this veteran, Andrew, was living out of his truck and had all of his possessions with him, including three registered fire arms. I heard about this on Glenn Beck today. It’s horrible. Glenn was saying that they had one of their journalists drive the route from the parking lot to the checkpoint and at the time, it was not well mark. It’s still bad today but it’s better than it was 52 days ago. It’s really close to the border and the roads there is a spaghetti junction that makes it really easy to get turned around. That’s what happened to this Marine. He got out of his car at the checkpoint and explained the situation to the border guards and asked to be escorted back around so he could go the other way. As part of their questioning of him he declared that he had his guns with him, he did nothing to hide that fact. He did the right thing. They arrested him and put him in prison where he has rotted in prison for 52 days, 35 of those days he was strapped to a gurney unable to move.

His mom Jill got on with GB today and told the story. Heart-rending. Jill said that one point her son called her and told her he was in prison with gang members and that he feared for his life, so certain was he that he was going to be killed. Later, he called again and said he had escaped from a particularly bad end of prison and that he had found a more secure location. After that, the guards punished him apparently for his escape and strapped him to a gurney and left him there for 35 days. Unbelievable.

Now Senator Duncan Hunter has arrived on the scene and has appealed to the State Department, Secretary John Kerry and the Department of the Defense, Secretary Chuck Hagel and appealed to them for help, and has gotten the cold shoulder. Because Hagel and Kerry don’t care. They don’t care, and meanwhile, a loyal Marine rots in one of the worst prisons in the world in Mexico, where the accused have to prove their innocence, not like the US where the prosecution has to prove guilt. It’s totally upside down. We applaud Mr. Hunter for his work in helping this Marine out and we would implore congress to act to pressure the State Department and the Defense Department. Please help. You can help to by calling your representatives and senators in your respective states and by going online to the White website and signing the petition there to demand the release of SGT Tahmoorisi. They need 100,000 signatures on the petition before the White House has to respond. So please go there now. I’ll include the link. Do what you can. Tell your neighbors about this story, read it on The Blaze and share the links on Facebook and Twitter. Get the word out. Time is not on our side. People have died in Mexican prisons before.

There’s a common thread in both of these stories, it is neglect of our veterans. I’ve been in the Army over 20 years. I’ve been mobilized once for a long tour here in the US, I’ve done an extended tour in Iraq, I’ve done two state mobilizations for National Defense. Everyday the Army drills into your head the Army Values, that spell leadership. The overall mantra is “Leave No Man Behind”! Well, this president leads people behind all the time, he’s narcissistic in that way. If Valerie Jarrett doesn’t tell him to do it, it won’t get done. He doesn’t listen to the people, he only listens to people who stroke his ego, and that is why it does matter. It does matter. I implore anyone reading this online or listening to my voice. Act now. Help my soldier, help this Marine. Do it now. God bless.

Read more about the Tahmoorissi story here at and sign the petition at

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VA Administrators who fail to serve veterans should be held accountable!

Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium


Facebook has become the document of record for my Personal Information Network, where I learned about the horrible situation at the Arizona VA where the director allegedly allowed seriously ill veterans to die while waiting for their medical claims to be considered.

I’ve been thinking about my response to this, but up until now I have been just too angry to put my thoughts down in writing, and so, my anger has been simmering.

Now we come to find out that this same director, while occupying another VA position in another state, under-reported the number of veteran suicides, perhaps purposefully, in order to brief better numbers to their bosses in Washington.

It was only because of resourceful doctors as whistleblowers who rescued digital records about to be destroyed are we learning about this at all. Kudos to them, they should be lauded as heroes.

In the meantime, the unaccountability of government continues to shock me. As I write this I am on active duty as a reservist on my annual training period. This morning I imagine that the flag was raised as I heard the cannon fire and the morning reveille. It woke me up as it does over the course of the last two weeks. In that time I’ve employed my skills (what little there are) as a plans officer in a training support unit devising plans to support training for customer units. I continually ask myself if the plans I am involved in drafting make enough sense for the companies of soldiers involved in the training to execute effectively. Do these plans contribute to mission success and mitigate the risk for the soldiers being trained. The thought of my responsibilities for these soldiers keeps me awake at night, and the butterflies in my stomach won’t let me rest. I constantly fear my cell phone ringing, have answered it before when a soldier asks a last minute coordination question.

It was worse when I was in Iraq in 2007. The butterfly wings in my stomach were made of broken glass. I was cognizant then that the orders and plans we drafted, if not well-thought out, could actually hamper a mission and get soldiers killed. And, so then as now, I take great care, as far as I am able, to make good plans, keeping the soldier in mind.

Thoughts such as these that I have when planning missions must not occur to people involved in the VA over in Phoenix. They must not lay awake at night as I do worrying about how to serve the soldier. Instead they must think that their resources are too thin, they time to precious to serve every soldier as they deserve so they compile lists of people to be crossed of and neglected, too hurt or too sick to deal with. It must not brief well to the bosses at the Pentagon. I mean, how embarrassing for them to have to report an unnervingly high suicide rate amongst veterans, or have to explain why an organization is so far behind on answering client requests for services. Horrible!

More horrible would be the thought on beloved family members baffled as to the reasons why their government, which promised services to their veteran loved ones, were allowed to suffer and died, the promises of care unkept!

Normally I would recommend that these negligent administrators be forced to actually go to the VA hospitals they serve and have to walk past and look soldiers in the eye whom they are responsible for caring for. But I think that would be a useless pursuit. They walk into their offices every day, they see, they just don’t care.

If these administrators do not care how they operate in our name in the effort to care for our veterans, then they do not have the right to sit in those highly paid positions. Those should be reserved in persons in whom we as the citizen taxpayers have the most high regard and faith. Those who damage our faith should be investigated, fired, fined and imprisoned for criminal negligence and neglect. At their sentencing they should be forced to listen to the complaint of loved ones who’s veterans they failed to serve.

And if t he VA administrator, General Shinskeki, cannot get his house in order, then as the VFW and American Legion have demanded, he should resign. He doesn’t serve at the pleasure of the president. The president, and the secretary, both work for us.

I have a modest suggestion for the rest of us who watch this scenario unfold. Why not go to the VAs in your neighborhood and ask to see the administrator. Ask them what they are doing in our name to serve our veterans. Develop community oversight councils to request a semiannual briefing from the administrators on the care of our vets. Demand the truth. It is our duty, all of us, to ensure that the promises of our government to those who serve it are fulfilled. Those government officials are accountable to us. Woe to us for not holding their feet to the fire.




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