Minnesota DFL Fined $100,000 for Illegal Campaign Coordination, One of the Largest Fines in Minnesota History

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Too late to affect the outcome of local state campaigns, the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board has fined the Minnesota DFL $100,000 for illegal campaign coordination, one of the largest civil penalty levied in state history.

On Tuesday the Board levied the fine against the DFL after it was discovered that 13 DFL candidates coordinated their campaigns illegally, since properly reclassifying the expenditures means that the candidates illegally exceeded their campaign contribution and/or spending limits.  A total of over $300,000 in illegal contributions were not reported by the campaigns.. The board also plans to fine each individual campaign directly, according to a press release from the Minnesota Republican  Party.

State Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey demonstrated his frustration at the DFL’s actions in the last campaign, as well as satisfaction with the boards’ ruling.

“Senate Democrats were so intent on winning at any cost and throwing huge money into the 2012 campaign that they played fast and loose in a big way,” said Downey. “Even though it is over a year too late for the voters in these thirteen districts, and the ruling says nothing about the truthfulness of their ads, today’s ruling does at least provide a much needed check on their campaign financing tactics.”

“Many of the Democratic Senators on this list won their elections by narrow margins. We will never know how this illegal coordination would have impacted the results in these races and ultimately control of the legislature.  They cheated, they won, but at least they are being held accountable now.” Downey continued.

“They cheated, they won, but at least they are being held accountable now.” -Republican State Chairman Keith Downey.

“We look forward to the Campaign Finance Board’s continued investigation and expect them to thoroughly examine each of the thirteen campaigns to determine the full extent of this wrongdoing,” Downey concluded.

DFL lawmakers disagreed with the board’s ruling said that they are glad to put the matter to rest.

“Ultimately, it is best to set this distraction aside and allow our members to focus on governing,” DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin said.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the board has levied only two fines of equal or greater size in the past 11 years: former gubernatorial candidate Tim Pawlenty was fined $100,000 for coordinating a 2002 television ad with the Republican Party, and the board also fined the national 21st Century Democrats a whopping $190K for failing to disclose the its spending to influence Minnesota’s 2004 election.

Read the full report from the Star Tribune here.

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Lake City Officer Remembered on Two Year Anniversary

by Jeremy Griffith
Publisher of The American Millennium Online

Strangers and friends gather to pray for Lake City Officer Shawn Schneider. -photo by Star Tribune

Strangers and friends gather to pray for Lake City Officer Shawn Schneider. -photo by Star Tribune

 This December marks the second sad anniversary of a fallen Lake City Police Officer’s death. Shawn Schneider gave his life for someone he had not before met as he stepped between a deranged gunman and his underage former girl friend. Schneider was shot in the head, taking the bullet that was meant for the girl.

Schneider didn’t die right away. He lingered for days as his family said goodbye. Total strangers, family and friends gathered in a courtyard at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester where Schneider was admitted. They sang Christmas carols and said prayers. Blue lights and only blue were hung on a tree to commemorate our men and women in police and sheriff’s departments across our state.

When Shawn died, he left a gaping hole in our lives. I did not know him, but I know his partner, who was with him that day. They were doing their jobs, defending the innocent, and one of them paid the ultimate price. The other lost a little of himself that day and will always remember.

Shawn left behind a wife and kids. This Christmas I ask everyone who reads this column to remember Shawn and all those in uniform in our local law enforcement agencies. They are here to protect us, and they do a great job. Lay wreaths at their local offices, hang blue lights on trees and windows. Thank a police officer who you meet on the street.

And remember, Jesus Christ is the reason for this and every season.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9 NIV

 Read the article from the Star Tribune here.


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Looks like we could have used the guy who likes to fire people!

by Jeremy Griffith
Creator of The American Millennium Online

As the title says, it looks like now we could have used the man who likes to fire people, who has experience breaking up dysfunctional companies and putting together businesses that can actually make a profit, over the guy who looks clean and neat but who’s staff can’t balance their checkbook or build a simple website.

Mitt Romney, the wacky Mormon businessman would have done far better as president than the organizer-in-chief Barack H. Obama. That’s not opinion anymore that is fact. Look at the records of both men. Romney has put together successful teams that work well together and profit in business, he was also a successful governor. Obama can make a good speech, but everything he says has an expiration date. Just look at all the clips of Obama lying straight faced into the camera; only to have it revealed later that he was “mistaken” or that he “misspoke”!

Remember this one? “If you like your doctor/plan, you can keep them!” How many times did he say that in his speeches?

Meanwhile, the controversy and scandal surrounding the man only seem to increase. No longer ankle deep, the president seems to be wading waste deep in hypocrisy and scandal. Any one scandal is enough blood in the water for a Republican to be in deep as the ravenous shark like media begin to circle. Look at Republicans past: For Ronald Reagan it was the Iran-Contra Affair, for Nixon it was that minor burglary at the Watergate. When it comes to Democrats, multiple scandals no matter how distressing never seem to cause any damage to the man in the office. Minor players perhaps, but not the president. Barack has learned well from Bill Clinton’s example. If you put off the press long enough, eventually the whole thing will blow over.

Only with Clinton it was only about consensual sex with an Intern in the Oval Office. With Obama, you can take your pick: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Health Care website rollout, the Iranian Nuke scandal, etc., etc!

There is a reason none of this scandal sticks to a liberal progressive. The people who supported them don’t hold them to account, so half or over half of the people living in the United States give the president a pass, while the rest of us fume in fury.

Liberals are like little spoiled children. They don’t care that their parents may go bankrupt buying them the things they want, right now, regardless of the cost or the fact that they’ll no longer be interested in the item tomorrow. They want it and it’s their parents’ job to get it. When they grow up it’s no different, only it’s not a parent they’re pleading with, it is their children, and they are willing to mire their children in Trillions in debt to get the niceties, entitlements they want.

Put it another way, Liberals are like identity thieves. They don’t care to work a single day in their lives, they only want what they think they deserve, and they have no problem taking it from you.

Note the explosion of identity theft in America. Thousands of people have had their identities stolen in American, their property seized, their credit card accounts and savings emptied, all by unscrupulous thieves. It is such with liberals, they’ve stolen the national identity at the ballot box and now all of us are paying as they run up the debt, enslaving us all.

They way they do this is very clever, but easy to see through, for those of us who are awake. They promise the people they’ll be taken care of, that they won’t have to work hard, that their needs and medical health concerns will be taken care of. This works especially well in minority communities because minorities are so eager to hear that someone is looking out for them. But as evidenced by the facts, the minorities, especially the black community, are hardest hit by these lies. Look at major metropolitan cites run for decades by Democrats. Detroit, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. All on the verge of bankruptcy and full of corruption and graft. And yet the black and other minorities, though through decades of suffering, continue to hope that one day the right person with the right promises will make it all right.

But sadly, the same old policies end up in failure, no matter who the personality is at the top running things. Sadly, until we stop allowing the votes to be stolen come election time and stop the liberal progressive movement from sending their loyal sons and daughters to office, we will never rid ourselves of these low-lifes. So for now, the people who work for a living, will be forever enslaved by those who only vote for a living.

Personally, I would have liked a guy who can fire some people for their incompetence, rather than reward people for their continued failure.

Watch this entertaining video from PJTV’s Trifecta last January on Mitt Romney’s predictions, here.

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