American Millennium Offers Captain Phillips Somali Pirate Adventure and other Politically Incorrect Live Action Entertainment Ideas.

Tom Hanks has a new film in theaters, and his performance in the true to life story of the abduction of container ship Captain Phillips is Oscar worthy and well worth seeing. Which gives me an idea, a very politically incorrect idea!

What if someone were to come up with reality-based entertainment based on real life events!? If I had a billionaire financier to invest in the venture, I would call the enterprise: Politically Incorrect Entertainment. Here are some of the games and entertainment I’ve managed to come up with. See if you can think of a few on your own.

Captain Phillips’ Somali Pirate Adventure: Imagine being on a luxury liner on cruise, or being a crewmember on a container vessel in international waters, and Somali pirates board you. Well, you can experience that yourself! We’ll put a vessel off the coast of a tropical island and we’ll put you in the middle of the action. Former Special Forces personnel will train you in weapons and self defense and then we’ll set sail. The Gold package will be moderately priced, affordable and safe. We’ll use real Somali re-enactors to “pretend” to attack the ship while you repel borders. (The use of Somalis will enhance the realism of the experience while enhancing the economy of the down and out of that impoverished African country.) Pneumatic machine guns, paint ball and laser tag will be used to give the scenario realism and maintain safety for everyone involved.

The Platinum Package will be pricier, and more risky as we set sail for Pirate infested waters off the Coast of Somalia in hopes of engaging real pirates and real danger. No refunds if we strike out. Somalis are unpredictable you know. Live ammo will be issued. Those accepting high risk will be given AR-15s and AK-47s and a placed on deck where they can get a good view of the water and the encroaching pirates. Lock and load! Those willing to accept less risk will be put in bullet proof, secure booths below decks where they will operate remote crew operated .50 cal machine guns. You’ll still be part of the action, but it will be safer and less risky.

Don’t worry about international law. We’re in open waters and the pirates have never been accused of caring much for international law on open water, so we won’t worry either.

With health care being such a disaster in the US because of the abysmal roll-out of Obamacare, many will be left without insurance. We are sympathetic about our fellow citizens who have contracted serious illnesses and have compassion for their families. Special packages will be offered to critically ill patients who want to be euthanized at sea. We’ll even allow you to pick the location! Doctors and clergy will be made available to participants and their families. A special ceremony will take place in your honor as we administer euthanizing drugs to the customer and let you set sail in your own life raft onto the open ocean. Family members, let us know if you want a video recording of the special day where your family member transitions peacefully to the other side. Bon Voyage!

Death Panel: As we’ve mentioned previously, health care in the US will be a disaster for the next decade. Those who find themselves with serious illnesses discover what it’s like to come up against a real death panel, which arbitrarily decides how to utilize precious and rare health care assets. You won’t be able to petition them and plead your case. They don’t care, but we do! Come to our Death Panel experience and plead your case. Patients and families will be able to petition our death panel and compete for full health coverage and treatment. We’ll pick contestants randomly from a studio audience to sit on your death panel. Your peers will decide your case based on prognosis, resource availability and your personal situation. Five contestants we’ll be chosen for the Death Panel and will choose between five patients. The winner gets treated, no questions ask and without charge. Those who aren’t chosen will be receiving donated items that will make them more comfortable as they transition to hospice or home care as they wait for the end to come.

Those who are chosen to sit on the panel will be advised by the very best doctors who will help you decide who can be saved and who are beyond help. Those patients who are not selected will be put into a special pool and chosen at random for a chance at a free cruise on the Captain Philips Somali Adventure to be euthanized at sea.

Hurt Locker Armored Convoy: Ever wonder what our service members go through in combat zones overseas? Now you can experience that for yourself. We’ve hired military veterans to guide you through a typical armored convoy over dangerous Iraqi or Afghani supply routes. We’ll give you a crash course in convoy operations before taking off across the desert in Armored Humvees. Pneumatic machine guns, blanks and laser tag will be used to enhance the realism. You’ll interact with Middle Eastern re-enactors as you determine who is friend and who is foe. Dodge roadside bombs, suicide vest attackers and vehicle borne explosives as you traverse the dangerous main supply route. Gold package participants will be trained to operate as a member of a transportation company in convoy. Professional Explosive Ordnance personnel in bomb detection and reduction will train platinum package participants. You’ll operate as an EOD soldier responding to those dangerous roadside bombs. Identify simulated explosives and diffused them. We’ll let you drive the robot or don protective gear. Good luck, soldier!

White House/ Embassy Assault: Been watching the news lately. Terrorism abounds all over the world. Under normal circumstances you won’t get a chance to fight back. Now you can. Choose between our White House or Embassy Assault packages. Experience first hand what it was like to defend against radical terrorists in Benghazi as they storm your embassy mission. Repel boarders and save your ambassador as you wait for aid from the US Government. More politically minded? Participate in our White House Defense package. We’ll pit two teams against one another, an assault team and a defense team. The assault team wins when they capture the White House. The defending team wins when they successfully repel the attack. The winning team gets bragging rights and a video to commemorate the experience. (Pick between laser tag or paint ball to enhance your experience.)

These are just a few of the ideas I’ve come up with for my new Politically Incorrect Adventure Entertainment Company. If you have more suggestions, leave comments below. If you have a billion dollars burning a whole in your pocket, leave a comment with your contact information and maybe we can become partners. If you have snarky comments, we accept those to, you jerks and trolls.

(For entertainment and humor purposes only.)







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Who is responsible for targeting Christians in First Army Briefings? Will there be hearings?

First Army Patch

First Army Patch

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online

This week Todd Starnes of Fox News exclusively reported on incidents where Army leaders briefed Soldiers ready to deploy on so-called “hate groups”, listing Christian Protestant and Evangelical groups in the mix. Now after that report came out, no less than the Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, has ordered that all such training be halted.

Several questions are now apparent: who is responsible for this training and will there be hearings to ascertain why these training briefings were given apparently without approval of top Army leaders? Or, were they approved at higher levels and then eliminated after the backlash that followed?

According to Starnes’s reports, available here, Army leaders on several occasions have warned Soldiers not to contribute to or participate in certain political or religious groups under penalty of the Uniform Code of Military Justice or UCMJ. At Fort Hood Texas, for example, deploying Soldiers were told that they could be punished for participating in Tea Party organizations or evangelical Christian Groups or donating funds to them.

At Camp Shelby, Mississippi, a National Guard post responsible for training and deploying thousands of Troops overseas for contingency operations, leaders briefed Soldiers warning them about so-called hate groups, listing such organizations like the American Family Association and the Family Research Council, groups that support traditional marriage.

Reports of such briefings became available when a Freedom of Information Act request or FOIA was submitted by the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. Chaplain Alliance Executive Director Ron Crews is happy with the Army Secretary for stopping the briefings.

“Men and women of faith – who have served the Army faithfully for centuries – have been likened to those who regularly threaten the peace and security of the United States,” said Crews.“It is dishonorable for any U.S. military entity to allow this type of improper characterization.

“Men and women of faith – who have served the Army faithfully for centuries – have been likened to those who regularly threaten the peace and security of the United States. It is dishonorable for any U.S. military entity to allow this type of improper characterization.” -Ron Crews

So who was it who was responsible for these controversial briefings? The Army Secretary says they were not approved by him.

In a memorandum to Army leaders obtained by Starnes, Secretary McHugh writes, ““On several occasions over the past few months, media accounts have highlighted instances of Army instructors supplementing programs of instruction and including information or material that is inaccurate, objectionable and otherwise inconsistent with current Army policy.” According to an Army spokesman, those briefings have been halted by order of the Secretary who has “directed that Army leaders cease all briefings, command presentations or training on the subject of extremist organizations or activities until that program of instruction and training has been created and disseminated.”

What that means exactly is not exactly clear to this writer. The overarching question now is, did low level Army leaders include the materials without getting approval by higher headquarters before they presented materials? That is unlikely since the Soldiers were warned of penalties under UCMJ. Did the Secretary or his staff approve of this training, backing off only after an apparent embarrassing backlash, or were they left out the loop by overzealous and mislead leaders lower down in the chain of command?

This week congress is involved in hearings to discuss the embarrassing implementation of the Obamacare launch. We at the American Millennium believe they should also should hold hearings on this issue, holding Army leaders accountable for this embarrassing and controversial actions. Kudos to the members of congress who wrote to the Secretary requesting the halt of these briefings.

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Is God Dead? A survey

We would like to know from our readers where they are at in terms of the debate between atheism and religion, creationism vs evolution. Please take our survey. The results are anonymous.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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Hypocrite Chris Matthews Accuses Tea Party of Racism, Practices Racism Himself

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium

Conservative Blogger Kira Davis scares liberals like Chris Matthews with her sign.

Conservative Blogger Kira Davis scares liberals like Chris Matthews with her sign.

(Video of Chris Matthews “three-fifths” comment. Video by Mediaite.)

(Video of Kira Davis expulsion from live MSNBC event. Video by Lee Stranahan.)

Chris Matthews, the ultra-liberal pinhead on MSNBC, continues to baffle with his nonsensical statements and his water-carrying for the Obama administration and progressive causes. On his show this week he blasted Tea Party, regular Americans like you and me, accusing us of racism for opposing the horrific failure of Obamacare.

Said Matthews, “I wonder if the Tea Party is reverting to their old ways of considering black people as only 3/5ths of a person!”

Now this is a ridiculous comment and it doesn’t much matter that we as conservatives have pointed out the history behind this reference, the so called 3/5ths clause in the Constitution, which allowed slaves to be counted in the south as 3/5ths of a person for the purpose of representation in the House of Representatives pre-Civil War. It doesn’t matter that this was a compromise, though a bad one, that allowed the south to count their slaves in order to get more representation in the congress, meanwhile depriving black Americans their rights and denying them representation, real representation in their government. It doesn’t matter that this compromise from northern legislators in the Continental Congress was aimed at limiting the power of the south and restrict the spread of slavery, a horrible stain on the American Legacy. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that the Progressives won the budget battle, the Obamacare debate, and the government shut down fiasco when the GOP leadership caved and Chris Matthews in an effort to win the support of his three remaining viewers and to boost is flagging ratings took a victory swipe at the people he despises most, you and me, with a despicable racist and historically erroneous comment.

I find this interesting as far as politics goes. The left, usually when losing an argument, will attack conservatives and call them racists. This wins big points for black Americans who watch the pundits because they feel they have been treated badly and are entitled. When black Americans, those who are informed about the real history of the left, speak cogently and accurately about the harm they have caused to the African American, the left attempts to destroy them personally and politically. Look at former Congressman Allen West, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson as examples.

There is another example more recent that I want to point out. It’s personal because it directly demonstrates Matthews’s true attitude towards black Americans. You will remember that prior to the last election contest between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, a conservative black woman, blogger Kira Davis, went to attend a live taping of the Chris Matthews show with friends. Those friends included other prominent bloggers from the Brietbart organization, all of whom were white. Davis was ejected from the live venue by security thugs hired by MSNBC in the most shocking manner. Her offense, being a black conservative carrying a pro-Romney sign.

When it comes right down to it, people like Matthews don’t really like black people and don’t want to hear from them, otherwise the Kira Davis’s of the world wouldn’t be considered a threat. They don’t respect black conservatives because they don’t support the false narrative that the evil Republicans are a bunch of racists who what to re-introduce slavery.

The Facts speak for themselves. The Democratic Party has a long history of racism and suppression of the black vote. The Republicans have had a long history of championing the Civil Rights movement, from the very beginning of this country. That is why Civil Rights Icon and Lincoln adviser Frederick Douglas famously said, “I am a die in the wool Republican!”

I think today his party would embarrass Mr. Douglas, but I don’t think he would be embarrassed by the Tea Party, which embraces a lot of the principles that he advocated during his lifetime. It’s too bad that the GOP leadership caves into pressure, but I think the Tea Party is the infusion of influence that will eventually take over the conservative movement and Republican party and turn things around for the country, it will just take more time.

As for Chris Matthews and liberal political pundits of his ilk, shame on you! You are a true racist for bad-mouthing black conservatives the way that you do. You don’t shame them, you shame yourself, and someone should sock you in your big fat libelous mouth.

Blog on Kira Davis!

Kira Davis’s blogs can be found at She has been a frequent guest on the Glenn Beck program and other media venues. Be on the lookout for her Internet Radio blog, The Dark Side, on FTR Radio.

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Kibbe, Freedomworks Battle Within and Without for Soul of Nonprofit Organization

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Whitaker, Winfrey Wonderful in The Butler, Historical Inaccuracies a Disapointment

by Jeremy Griffith
American Millennium Online


Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines in The Butler.

Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines in The Butler.

The Butler movie in theaters right now, starring Forest Whitaker and Opera Winfrey offers wonderful insight into the evils committed to the black communities in the history of our country. Whitaker and Winfrey offer emotional and rich performances in the telling of this story, but the writing of the script depicting Republican presidents as weak, ineffectual or downright racist is jaw-droppingly inaccurate, unfair and detrimental to the historicity of the film.

I had high expectations for this film as it was warmly reviewed prior to it’s release. And in reviewing the film myself for the first time I can honestly say I would recommend it to anyone, despite it’s obvious flaws. The story follows the life of a black man, Cecil Gaines, who escapes from life as a sharecropper in the south to become a butler at the White House. After the rape of his mother and the murder of his father, the grandmother of the rapist takes young Cecil into their house and trains him to be a “house nigger”. Through that employment and good luck, Cecil gets a rudimentary education and training in the skills as a butler that eventually helps him launch a career in the service industry.

Cecil leaves his old life behind and gets work as a butler, getting some mentor ship from and older black butler. Eventually he gets hired by the White House and the story continues to follow his life in that role, through the presidential administrations of Eisenhower to Reagan. The story largely takes place in the ’60s during the height of the Civil Rights movement. There is conflict between two schools of thought, that of Malcolm X and the more peaceful resistance of Martin Luther King. It is unfortunate that Malcolm is not actually ever mentioned in the film, but the violent resistance of the Black Panthers is. Cecil’s son gets involved in this movement and it causes friction in the family.

Predictably, Hollywood has painted Democrats such as Kennedy and Obama as heroes of Civil Rights while painting Republicans like Eisenhower and Reagan as merely tepid, unwilling participants. Nixon gets the worst treatment, depicted as insincere, two-faced and pathetic.

The historical background of this film is so bad that even Wikipedia cites its obvious factual inaccuracies. According to Wiki, the story of The Butler is loosely based on the life of a real life African-American Butler Eugene Allen, who was employed at the White House. From there the similarities end. In the movie, the Cecil character resided as as sharecropper in Macon Georgia where he witnesses the horrible crimes committed to his family by white farmers. In truth, Allen lived in Virginia, and there is no evidence that any such crimes ever took place. In the movie Cecil has two sons, one a right leaning young man who dies in his country’s service in Vietnam and another a radical leftist who joins the Civil Rights movement and ultimately the ultra-violent Black Panther Party. In fact, Allen had only one son, who was indeed an activist, but not nearly as far left as portrayed in the movie.

In the Movie, Ronald Reagan gets some positive treatment as he and his wife Nancy invite the Cecil character and his wife to a White House dinner as a gesture for Cecil’s efforts to increase the pay and benefits of black White House employees to the same level as the white employees. Right after this scene however the memory of Reagan gets a slap in the face. Reagan’s gesture to Cecil and his family is marginalized as merely for show as the President is depicted as a shill who vindictively vetoes congressional efforts to pass measures to punish Apartheid in South Africa.

In fact, the historical records show that Reagan hated Apartheid and did everything he could to nudge the South African government to adopt a more moderate tone. He did indeed veto the congressional boycott, but the movie never explains why. In fact, Reagan was working with moderates to push the South African government and shied away from more radical elements so as to avoid unnecessary violence. In deed, Reagan feared that if the government fell it would be replaced by a more radical leftist totalitarian regime like many other African governments already had. At the time the US had a small contingent of free-market investments in South Africa and black Africans were being employed at US based firms in that country, earning a better wage and benefits than they could expect otherwise. In overcoming the President’s veto, congress forced sanctions on South Africa limiting the ability of private firms from investing in that country and hurting blacks that were finding a better life through employment in American firms as a result, just as Reagan feared it would.

Reagan was not the only politician libeled by this film. Eisenhower takes a hit too. Conversations overheard by Cecil indicate that President Eisenhower was weak on Civil Rights and unwilling to send troops to protect black children attending school in Little Rock Arkansas. Indeed the Supreme Court ruled segregation of public schools unconstitutional in its decision Brown vs. Board of Education that year, and Eisenhower did send troops to uphold that decision. Previous to the time line of the movie, Eisenhower desegregated the military when he was the Supreme Commander of allied forces in Europe during WWII in opposition of the wishes of his chief of staff. Government documents showed that Eisenhower was moving to desegregate schools on military reservations prior to the Supreme Court decision. Eisenhower further drafted sweeping Civil Rights legislation that would grant even more rights to blacks in this country, but the efforts were opposed and watered down by a democratically controlled senate. Eisenhower implemented a Civil Rights commission to focus attention on the issue of voting rights for black Americans and he was the first to hire an African-American to an executive position in the White House.

Ultimately, Eisenhower gets no credit from this movie script for his efforts to help black citizens struggling for their rights during his administration. President John Kennedy gets the credit though, as a hero for passing legislation in his administration granting those rights to blacks, a legislation by the way that mirrored the original intent of the Eisenhower bills.

It’s unfortunate that leftist Hollywood has to do this injustice to history. Indeed blacks in this country have suffered under the unfair and crushing yoke of oppression and slavery since the founding. But the selective interpretation of history by Hollywood is an unfair and an inaccurate representation of what actually happened. A millennial viewer of this movie will likely not dig into the facts of history to find out the truth, rather they will get their impression of history solely from movies like this, which is what the left intends. Disarmed by the propaganda, they will be continually led to believe that only Democrats and black leaders are responsible for their progress towards Civil Rights and not any white man, and certainly not one with an R behind their name.

This historical dramatic license prevents blacks in this country from getting the full picture and ultimately damages them by keeping the facts from them. That in my view prevents this movie and this script with its many great performances from elevating itself from a merely good movie to a great one.

I was a little uncomfortable with end of this movie as it seemed like a free endorsement of the Barack Obama administration. I think it accurately portrays the feelings of many blacks that at last someone would arrive in the White House who will finally make advancements for oppressed colored people in this country, and as such we get a sense of what they were feeling when Obama was elected.

But when it comes to historical facts, again, the Obama administration will be judged as severely lacking. Under the George W. Bush administration, African-American students have been suffering in inadequate schools in the Washington DC school district. Bush implemented a plan to offer vouchers for such students so they could get out of failing schools and attend private schools. This policy offered hope to many African-American students to finally get the better education that they deserved, but predictably, Bush doesn’t get any credit for this. In fact, the Obama administration’s first action does not uphold this program. Rather, the nation’s first black president reverses this progress and closes the program down, committing future students in those same schools to be forever trapped in schools that under-serve them.

Today you can’t visit the Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Washington D.C. The park police have barricaded this open air memorial because of the government shut-down, under the orders of the nation’s first black president.

Overall I give this movie three and a half out of five stars. It is enjoyable and educational in the treatment of the feelings surrounding the black experience here in America during the Civil Rights era. It’s lack of historical realism leaves something to be desired. Cuba Gooding Jr’s performance shows his capacity as an actor even in a supporting role and we could have seen much more of him in this film.

For more on this topic, try some of these historical and entertainment links.

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