Sen. Al Franken Responds to Benghazi Letter

by Jeremy Griffith
Creator of the American Millennium Online

Recently I sent a letter to my local legislators asking about the status of the Benghazi investigation. Only Sen. Al Franken-D Minnesota responded and while I believe his answer to my questions is inadequate, I am pleased that he at least agrees that there should be more security for our Ambassadors and State Department employees overseas. His response does not address the fundamental question as to why there was such lax protection for Chris Stevens and his staff and why the President of the United States blocked a rescue effort by the military. That question has not been answered to my satisfaction.

Here are the Senator’s Comments:

April 30 Al Franken Letter

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Grover Norquist Speaks at Taxpayer Rally

by Jeremy Griffith
The American Millennium Online

Conservative Political Strategist Grover Norquist spoke recently at the Taxpayer Rally in St. Paul Saturday, 27 April, 2013. Above is an audio recording of his comments. The Rally is an annual event. Other speakers at the event included Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and the Godfather of the annual rally, America’s Mr. Right, Jason Lewis. The event was hosted by The Late Debate’s Jack and Ben of Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130.

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Bachmann, Lewis Headline Minnesota Taxpayer Rally

(Jason Lewis addresses Taxpayer Rally at Minnesota’s State Capitol in St. Paul Saturday, April 27, 2013. -video by Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium.)

(Michele Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, addresses a taxpayers rally in the State Capitol Saturday, 27 April, 2013. -Video by Jeremy Griffith, The American Millennium.)

By Jeremy Griffith
Creator of The American Millennium

She didn’t get the colorful introduction she received in 2009 when she was introduced by radio personality Chris Baker, but she was greeted with rousing applause and praise as taxpayer champion and traditional values hero Michele Bachmann took to the stage at the Taxpayer rally at St. Paul Saturday.

Bachmann headlined the successful, and peaceful rally that took place on the capitol steps, and happily, no “moonbat” liberals were there to greet her with glitter. (There was also no gunfire at the rally either, unlike the cannabis rally at Denver last week.) The beleaguered congresswoman is under constant assault from the left because of her views on traditional marriage and conservative values and faces an uphill battle in the next election. She is also the target of an ethics complaint many believe to be an unfounded attack aimed at discrediting her.

In her comments, Bachmann made mention of the horrible attacks on the marathon-goers in Boston, calling for prayers for the victims. She called for increased scrutiny in the Benghazi scandal in which several Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens and several former Navy Seals were killed. And, she tried to bolster conservatives to continue the fight to keep conservative voices in the House of Representatives and block any efforts of the present administration.

A pivotal moment in the speech came as Bachmann made a moving tribute to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who passed away earlier this month, reading from a quote from the late conservative politician. Of Maggie, Bachmann called her a branch of the conservative trifecta consisting also of President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II that brought down communism and the Iron Curtain.

“She was the most influential female politician of the last 100 years!” Bachmann reflected. See her full comments in the video above.

There was a Washingtonesque moment when Bachmann exchanged her sunglasses for reading glasses in order to read the Thatcher quote.

Paraphrasing Washington she said, “I’m passed my prime, I’ve grown frail in the service of my country!”

Popular syndicated radio personality Jason Lewis was the final speaker of the day and brought his legendary wit and more importantly his undisputed grasp of the facts to the rally Saturday. He explained in depth why the conservatives must win future elections for the health of the country. He made fun of himself as well as Governor Mark Dayton, Former Vice President Al Gore and Senator Al Franken.

“Anyone who listens to me knows I trend toward the libertarian side just a bit. But while I’m not one of those William Buckley Radicals, who want legalize drugs tomorrow, I have to wonder at the success of the war on drugs.

“After all, if we are winning the war on drugs, how do you explain Mark Dayton?!” Lewis joked. See Lewis’s full comments above.

Thousands gathered at the annual rally MC’d by TwinCitiesNewsTalk radio personalities Jack Tomczac and Benjamin Kruse of the Late Debate, who did a fine job of introducing the speaking guests. As with other rallies involving the Tea Party and other conservative groups, when the rally ended, the participants left the mall in better shape than when they found it. The Late Debate airs weeknights from 8-10 p.m. on Twin Cities News Talk, AM 1130.


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Janice Schrieber Parasailing

Janice Parasailing from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

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Basic Rifle Marksmanship

(Bureau of Prisons Correctional Officer Jason L. Griffith demonstrates basic rifle marksmanship at a range near his home near Canon City Colorado. -video by Jeremy Griffith, Creator of the American Millennium Online.)

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Social Work Rally 2013 from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

Mike Arieta MSW, LICSW, LMSW
Special to the American Millennium Online

Mike Arieta, LICSW-MN, Proprietor of New Path Counseling

Mike Arieta, LICSW-MN, Proprietor of New Path Counseling

April 8, 2013 was the 17th annual Social Work Day At The Capitol hosted by the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.  This was a sold out event for the NASW-MN chapter as there were over 750 Social Work students, faculty and practionares in attendance.  This is an event that brings social workers from all over the state of Minnesota to the capitol to draw legislators attention to the needs and challenges faced by the people social workers serve on a daily basis.

Break out sessions were held on legislation that directly impacts child welfare, mental health, health care and homelessness, as well as, a presentation on the current budget and tax bills for the state.  This is also a day for the individual social worker to meet with his or her legislator and discuss issues that are important to them and the clients they serve.

Health care was one topic that was of major importance and a session on the Affordable Care Act was well attended.  This session did not discuss the components of the Affordable Care Act, but rather went over the pros and cons of the act as a whole.

It was pointed out that the ACA does provide increased funding for community based clinics with the idea that a person could be seen by a primary care doctor in the community without having to go to the emergency room which is more expensive.  The ACA also prevents insurance abuses such as restraints on pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps on coverage.  It also expands Medicaid to those who work, but do not have insurance through their employer.  Some of the draw backs of the ACA as pointed out in the session were that due to co-pays and some premiums people may still not be able to afford the care and the act does not provide for a cap on prices.

Another issue that was raised was that the act expands the same fragmented insurance system that exists now.  The problem with the system is that people are limited to staying within a health provider network and may not be able to move outside of that network to seek care when needed.  Also, the amount of money being spent on health care administration is still large because people are stuck within networks that are fragmented and care not be streamlined.

The discussion turned to the chance each state has to offer their own health care exchange and improve on some of the drawbacks of the ACA as a whole.  Minnesota has a chance with health care reform to offer a system that is less fragmented and more streamlined to offer better care for all.  The overall conclusion of the session was that the ACA is not the most ideal plan, but it is a good first step toward providing health care for all and that Minnesota can lead the way in shaping how health care is delivered to all.

Mike Arieta MSW, LICSW, LMSW © 2013



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Tae Kwon Do Tournament Comes to Rochester’s John Marshall High School

Tae Kwon Do Tournament Highlights from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

Jeremy Griffith
Creator of American Millennium Online

Local residents had a chance to watch a dynamic display of Tae Kwon Do skill at John Marshall High School in Rochester Saturday. Martial artists of all ages came from the tri-state area to participate in the tournament that included forms display, breaking techniques and sparring matches. Grand Master Kun Yoo Park of Park Institute in Rochester hosted the event in which clubs from all over came to participate.

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Governor Dayton Touts Budget Plan in Rochester Townhall

From Jeremy Griffith
Creator of The American Millennium Online

Hey gang. Jeremy Griffith here. Creator of American Millennium Online. I have a few comments on Governor Mark Dayton’s town hall meeting here in Rochester at Rochester Community and Technical College’s Heintz Center.

You know I’ve had a couple of opportunities to view this governor in action and I believe he is sincere about wanting to help Minnesotans. But like most garden variety liberals or progressives, they just don’t understand economics. Dayton comes from the Dayton Store wealth and I understand that he wants to give back, but there is no end to the kind of tax and spend policies these politicians dish out. What they can’t get in their budgets, they get in taxes and bonding issues over and above what they’ve already budgeted. And still people want more.

There was no one at this meeting to really challenge the Governor on anything he said. It was all like, “Governor, thanks for coming. We love you. My issue is blah blah blah.” And everyone’s issue involved some kind of monetary handout from the government.

If it wasn’t more funds for education, it was deregulation of certain industries, such as adult day care. One lady complained that the so called green energy initiative is creating a health crisis because of all the wind mills? Really, where was that study done? On Mars? Who is being harmed by windmills. I mean yes, if you mean it’s hurting our pocket book because none of these windmills produce enough energy or revenue to make a difference were it not for government funding, but come on. Health risks. These are the same people who complain they’ve been abducted by aliens.

Then there’s the anti-fracking people. We’re looking for ways to boost the economy and meanwhile we’re literally sitting on a gold mine of oil and gas that we can use to fuel the economy and create jobs. And the nut jobs on the left want all that to go away because, “it’ll hurt the Earth”. We know there’s no evidence of that, but that doesn’t stop the libs. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people, they’re all so mental.

I’ll give it to the governor, he’s personable. But you give him a blank check and he’ll write anything into it he can get away with. At least he passed a budget, which is more than congress or the president has done in the last five years.

The State of Minnesota passed a $39 billion dollar balanced budget last year, the largest in history, and till this governor wanted to spend more. There is no end to how much the libs will tax and spend, and whatever they tax, they’ll spend more than they’ll take in.

The Republicans and especially conservatives are so awful at getting out their message about good old conservative fiscal and social values that these F’tards are crushing them on the political arena. Our friend Kira Davis is right, we have to work on getting our story told and doing it in such a way that we don’t look like a we’re not compassionate. The gay marriage fight is just a smoke screen. The real battle is about economic and personal freedom against the nanny state. The libs will continue to buy votes with cash we don’t have. We have to “Buy” votes with common sense fiscally conservative principles that will preserve our Republic for our children and not break the bank. If we want to save our country as we know it, we can’t just sit on the sidelines and let these people have their way, otherwise, we’ll have nothing to pass on to our children except a mountain of debt they can’t pay and chaos.

And that’s my view on the Governor’s budget.

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Liberal Education Teaches Children to Disregard the Bible

by Jeremy Griffith
Creator of American Millennium Online

foto_universo_04Glenn Beck and Company have been talking at length recently about the dangerous takeover of our education system by Progressive educators, specifically through the programs C-Scope and Common Core. But the Progressives have been slowly taking over the education system for years and their main weapon in this takeover has always been to teach their brand of Progressive science and get our children to disregard the Bible as a quaint, outdated myth.

Andrew Breitbart, the famous Blogger and media personality and visionary, God Bless his soul, said that politics is downstream from culture. He is absolutely right and that is why we are losing today’s youth at the ballot box. The Progressives are effectively using media, entertainment and education to shape the minds of our kids which is why when they get to be the age to vote, they make the wrong choices, choosing goofy liberals like Barack Obama over sane alternatives. Those politicians are depicted as hip and with it, while in the meantime, conservatives are thought of and projected as backwards, Bible believing throwbacks.

The problem with this picture the youth has of our world is that it is based on a lie, and a clever one, taught to them at a very young age, in our Progressive public schools. The main weapon of this indoctrination has always been, the theory of Evolution. Only when we delve into the details of this flawed theory and method of education can we expose the problems and outright lies being taught. If we don’t confront our education system with this systemic lie, we will never reclaim our kids or our future.

Here are a couple of lies and myths that are being taught in school as fact.

“Science shows that life began through purely natural means, without the help of a mythical, all powerful being.”

This is a lie, science has shown no such thing and when you delve into the facts, you find there are more problems with the evolutionary theory than there is with a Biblical view of Creation.

Here is one way that evolutionists like to demonstrate their theory as fact.

“The geological column and the paleontological record shows that life evolved on this planet over billions of years.”

That claim is false. The geological column is a model that shows the rock layers of the Earth from the deepest to the shallowest in the order of what they are thought to appear. These layers of Earth also have dates associated with them showing the best guess of scientists when these rock layers were formed from an evolutionary standpoint. The paleontological record is the record of fossils of extinct species in these rock layers that further validates the dating methods of evolutionary scientists. It shows the natural progression from simple life forms at the beginning, to more complex forms higher up.

The problem with this model is that it appears nowhere in nature. In actual fact, these rock layers are often found in much different order based on geographic location and indeed are folded together with rock layers that should have been formed billions of years later.

The fossil record to is a problem too. Often you find very simple life forms that are supposedly billions of years old at the same depth or higher than more recent fossils. My favorite fossil is a set of very human looking foot prints in the same soil as set of ancient dinosaur prints.

Scientists teach our students that the Earth has no special place in the universe and that life that created itself from nothing and started here, could very easily start very easily elsewhere. This is called the Copernicus Principle and it is the basis of much of what is taught in science instruction today. The problem with this principle is that it is mischaracterized and misconstrued to the point that the original meaning of this principle has been lost.

Nicolas Copernicus was an early scientist living in the 16th century that claimed that the Earth is not central in our solar system, that it in fact orbits the sun along with the other planets. This of course is correct and the common view of today. But the theory has been twisted beyond its original intent to say that there is nothing special about Earth and its location, that if evolution is true there should be thousands maybe millions of Earthlike planets out there, and they’re cropping up all the time as the universe evolves. This theory has been espoused by many great scientists, chief among them the late great Carl Sagan.

But when we observe the universe with our own eyes we see the opposite is true. The Earth occupies a habitability zone that is perfect and critically important to create and sustain life. It is so unique indeed that we have never found anything like it after all our years looking through the telescope. The universe is so vast that even if there were other inhabitable worlds, we could never reach them even if we achieved light speed. So the fact is the Earth IS unique and special, just like the Bible says it is.

Evolutionists have gone far out of their way to prove their  theory as fact that they have even committed fraud to do so. So called ape-man links have repeatedly been exposed to be outright frauds; and sketches of the fetuses of different lifeforms when compared to humans have been doctored to show a relationship that doesn’t actually exist.  Movies like Inherit The Wind are created to falsely show the victory of this brand of science over religion changes the facts so grossly as to lie about the actual outcome of the famous Scopes monkey trial and all of the important details of the case. (Watch this humorous and short video on a fictional debate between an evolutionist and creationist on the movie Inherit The Wind. )

The left’s position in schools when it comes to science instruction is so shaky that school boards won’t tolerate even the mention of creation science theory for fear that they will lose the near perfect strangle hold on our kids, and they are right. If the children are presented an idea that differs from what they are being instructed, they might, horror of horrors, start thinking for themselves and questioning things they are taught. That’s too dangerous for a Progressive to tolerate, so they bombard school districts with lawsuit after lawsuit until they get their way.

If we are going to win back the culture, we can’t cede this battle to the Progressives. Science is fun and important but it doesn’t answer any of the really interesting questions, who are we and where do we come from? Where are we going, is there life after death?  Are we more important than the animals or are we just animals ourselves with no real purpose? These are the questions our children are struggling with, whether they are equipped in our schools to handle them or not. The outcome is obvious. A child trained that he is accountable for his very soul to an Almighty God who created him and everything else is far less likely to shoot up a classroom of sixth graders than a boy who is taught he is an animal and there is no real purpose to this life. This is the real battle we are facing, not gay marriage or gun control, but the purpose for life and higher meaning. Can we really just let it slide and let the Progressives win? I think not.

Either the Bible is true or it isn’t. I think the next generation, with proper instruction on how to think for themselves, are smart enough to figure that out for themselves. What harm can there be in teaching the Christian axiom, “do onto others as you would have done to you?” There is danger in the other worldview, we’ve seen it at places like Sandy Hook.

Watch The Privileged Planet on DVD for more information on the special place your world has in our solar system.

Check out this interesting article on the age of the sun at


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