Lincoln Rocks the Theaters with Message of Freedom!

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. The movie Lincoln is in theaters now.

(The trailer for the new movie Lincoln staring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields.)

By Jeremy Griffith

After watching the movie Lincoln with Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields I understand finally what is wrong with the Republican Party. Leadership. There is none.

There were Republicans back in the day, in fact the Republican party was created as the anti-slavery party, which we should be intensely grateful for. But even then there were cowardly Republicans who waffled on the right thing to do. The difference then was, they had Lincoln as their leader. He wasn’t perfect, he did things wrong, but he was a man of amazing credibility, faith and strength, something totally lacking in the Republican party today.

Republicans bemoan their outcast state now because we lost an election to Barack Obama, but let’s remember, things were much worse in the time of Lincoln. The new untested Republican Party and its leader the President had to face secession and bloody war for four years. Horrible. So many dead. In the midst of that chaos, and personal family tragedy, Abraham Lincoln delivered to congress by hook and crook an amendment to the constitution that secured for all time the freedom of black Americans from slavery. Can I get an Amen! The only problem with this film, lamentably, is there was no Frederick Douglas character! Bummer.

This movie that is in theaters now, recounts the trials of Lincolns waning days as he struggled to pass the 13th Amendment to the constitution. Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Fields deliver brilliant performances by the way. We already know there is something wrong with Hollywood, but if these two fine actors don’t get Academy Awards then there is no more hope for Hollywood and we should stop watching their crap.

Seriously, I cried during this movie. The performances were awesome on every level and the story and script was just amazing. Jared Harris did a great job as General Ulysses S. Grant, perfectly portraying the relationship between Lincoln and the General. Harris totally owned the scenes he was in, except for when Lewis was there.

There was a scene I liked especially. There was a gentleman who played the beloved southern General Robert E. Lee. He spoke no lines. Grant and Lee spoke no words to each other at a scene in front of the Appomattox Courthouse. Lee descends from the building’s front steps and mounts a grey horse, held for him by a Confederate soldier. Grant follows, a smoking cigar in his hand. The two generals regard one another and Grant leaves his position of superiority atop the court house steps and assumes a weaker position below the mounted Lee. He then doffs his hat to Lee and out of respect, all of Grant’s officers do the same. Lee graciously tips his hat to Grant, and then the defeated southern general rides off. Brilliant filmatography! I think that will be an iconic moment in film history from now on.

There is just not enough to be said about this movie, except that it is great to see such great films that accurately reflect the history of this great country. With all our flaws and all our greatness mixed in together.

We have troubling times now, and people are hurting. So it is good to escape for a while and remember the challenges of people before us. There was no greater tragedy in our history than the Civil War, unless you account for the war of our founding, the Revolution. It is important to know that for conservative Republicans, we have a great history and a legacy that lives on even to this day and it behooves us to remind the country even in momentary defeat that we have the better ideas and better vision than our opponents. At some point when the free Obama stuff runs out, will we find we sacrificed our freedom for it? I hope not, after all, we’ve fought too hard for it.

Black Americans must be reminded that it was the Democratic Party that endorsed slavery of their people, both in the North and the South and that the Northern Democrats opposed the historic 13th Amendment. In fact, for decades before and after the Civil War the Democrats opposed anything to do with the freedom and equality of Black Americans. It was the Republicans who delivered every important bill and amendment dealing with the equalization of the playing field for blacks, and the Democrats dug in their heels. White congressmen were beaten almost to death in the house for delivering anti-slavery speeches, and when they recovered, they went back and gave another rousing anti-slavery speech.

Black Americans served in the houses of congress in the Reconstruction that followed the Civil War, and they were brave and eloquent as any who have served in that legislature before or since. How is it that black Americans are not taught about their accomplishments in school?

I believe that is because blacks in this country, in fact half the country regardless of race are subject to a new kind of slavery, the slavery of dependence on government. We are all too stupid, inept or whatever to succeed on our own with the freedom we have, we are just as soon sacrifice that inconvenient gift of freedom for a free handout. After all, freedom won’t buy bread, or that free Obama phone or iPad.

No, conservatives has the better vision and dream, but right now we don’t have a good pitchman to sell the vision, at least not in politics. We have Rush Limbaugh, we have Glenn Beck, we have Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, but we don’t have any conservative minorities that will carry the flag. Unless of course you count C.L. Bryant, Herman Cain or our own Kira Davis and Alfonso Rachel. But nobody is listening. We are all just preaching to the choir, so why isn’t our message resonating?

It isn’t resonating because culture is upstream from politics. Hollywood continually feeds us a message that is contrary to our history and the truth, and so blacks and minorities are sold the lie of liberal progressivism and shackle themselves to the slavery of the Democratic party, the party of the KKK. We need to educate the people, not fight them. We need to show them their own history in a way that will motivate them. Only then is change possible.

I wish I had come up with this idea, that culture is upstream from politics. But alas, I am not the author of this truism. Andrew Brietbart gave us that, RIP. He was right. We who are in the blogosphere should own the message and continue to fight as he would have wanted us too.

So if you are blue and you need motivation, go see Lincoln for a good swift kick in the butt. It is an eye opener and well worth the ticket price. So few movies from Hollywood are these days.

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Fighter Pilot For a Day

Air Combat USA Fighter Pilot For a Day from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

by Jeremy Griffith, creator of American Millennium Online

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a modern-day fighter pilot? Now you don’t have to wonder. Air Combat USA in Fullerton California allows you to fulfill your dream of being a fighter pilot for a day.

I’d always dreamed of being a pilot, but because of my color blindness, it was never to be. So I only dreamed and wondered what it would be like to fly. Then I found Air Combat USA online and I embarked on making my dreams come true. You can do the same.

Air Combat has experienced pilots, some who have actual stick time in combat to help train you to be a pilot for a day. They’ll set you up with a partner and let you fly real live dogfights over the Pacific Ocean. There is no previous piloting experience needed. Bring a friend to be your partner and you’ll get a discount.

When you fly, three onboard cameras will capture your flight. You’ll receive a video of your adventure to share with family and friends when you leave. People won’t believe you when you tell them you flew a dogfight, so we give you the video to prove it!

We guarantee you’ll enjoy your flight, or we’ll refund your money. It’s safer and more exciting than other adventure trips out there, like bungee jumping and parachuting. We offer incentives, corporate events and much more. Join us today and let your adventure begin!

For scheduling and packages, visit

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The Fate of SOPA and PIPA! Some say regulation of the Internet is dead, while others say, “Not So Fast!”

by Jeremy Griffith

The Federal Communications Commission and Members of Congress have been discussing Net Neutrality and SOPA and PIPA bills as a means of regulating the Internet for some time, with the aim of preventing online piracy. But there is massive opposition to the bills because of the potential for abuse by the Federal Government to block legal as well as illegal websites.

PIPA and SOPA failed because of this opposition, but that is no guarantee that the FCC couldn’t revisit it again as the Obama administration gears up for a second term.

So what is Net Neutrality?  Net Neutrality is defined as the principle that advocates government regulation of Internet Service Providers preventing ISPs from restricting consumers’ access to networks that participate in the Internet.

SOPA stands for the Bill Stop Online Piracy Act; and PIPA the companion bill in the Senate is the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act, which were both products of the OPEN Act which aimed at preventing trade good violations and the sale of counterfeit goods.

That all sounds well and good, but the bills in Congress and rules from the FCC seem intent on putting on regulations on Internet Service Providers and not relaxing any restrictions. So why is this important? It’s because if the SOPA and PIPA rules had passed, then the Federal Government would have the obligation and right to block websites deemed to be guilty of online piracy.

Mark Lemley is a professor at Stanford Law School, director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science, and Technology, and a partner at the Durie Tangri law firm. He spoke to Marketplace Tech in January to voice his concerns.

” You ought to be worried,” Lemley said, “because your website or site that you visit might suddenly disappear.”

While many businesses were originally for net neutrality, after seeing the wording of the law, they withdrew their support. Big gaming names EA, Sony and Nintendo for example originally supported the bills, but withdrew their support a short time later. Admittedly, that may have been because of a threat from the online hacking group Anonymous according to

Bloggers like the Gateway Pundit’s Andrea Ryan and publisher Rich Mitchell oppose net neutrality, PIPA/SOPA because of what it would potentially do to shut down the profitability and access of the Internet, curtailing its success and limiting choices when it comes to information and the freedom of speech.

Ryan writes in her blog, ” If these bills pass through Congress, you can say goodbye to the Internet as we know it…and another piece of our liberty.”

 ” If these bills pass through Congress, you can say goodbye to the Internet as we know it…and another piece of our liberty.” Andrea Ryan, for the Gateway Pundit

Rich Mitchell,

Mitchell writes, ” While there is no doubt that intellectual property should be protected, SOPA/PIPA is, as written, dangerous because of what they could do. It allows copyright holders to pursue websites that only link to pirated material. That is an idea that might be used by giant media companies to eliminate competition.”

” While there is no doubt that intellectual property should be protected, SOPA/PIPA is, as written, dangerous because of what they could do. It allows copyright holders to pursue websites that only link to pirated material. That is an idea that might be used by giant media companies to eliminate competition.” Rich Mitchel, Publisher of Conservative Daily

Attorny James Skyles of said that while some revisitation of the law or regulations are likely, the Bills themselves and the unpopular aspects of them were successfully blogged, never to return.

Attorney James Skyles of

“They will likely revisit some sort of internet regulation, but PIPA and SOPA are both dead,” said Skyles.  “Both political parties placed opposition to PIPA and SOPA on their party platforms.  It isn’t worth spending political capital on something very unpopular in the public.”

“They will likely revisit some sort of internet regulation, but PIPA and SOPA are both dead. Both political parties placed opposition to PIPA and SOPA on their party platforms.  It isn’t worth spending political capital on something very unpopular in the public.” James Skyles,

While that is good news for Internet entrepreneurs and bloggers, there is no guarantee that the FCC won’t changed their mind and vote for more restrictions or that congress won’t revisit the issue itself in the new administration. It is too early to tell.

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Zombie Apocalypse! O Zombies are coming to Eat You!

Zombies are EVERYWHERE!

by Jeremy Griffith

Well fellow conservatives and libertarians, it seems that with the re-election of The One, Barack H. Obama, the Zombie Apocalypse we all dreaded is here. First the O zombies flooded the polls to get the free stuff, next they’ll be knocking on your doors and trying to eat your brains.

It looks like Romney’s candid admission to supporters that was taped by an Obama goon and put up on the Internet was a fair assessment of the facts. The country is at a place now where there are more takers than makers and the takers want their stuff now. Move over Greece, we are on our way to the National Bread and Free Stuff Bankruptcy line.

The difference between us and Greece is that people like Greece. They’ve got those cute old ruins and stuff and they’re a great vacation spot. People don’t like America too much anymore. That’s why when Obama tries to bail out America; nobody will come to our rescue the way they did Greece. We are at the tipping point and now that Obama is reinstalled, it will be harder than ever to remove the hard-core progressive left.

Difficult, but not impossible. Romney wasn’t a bad campaigner; he actually did very well, capturing half of the popular vote and a good portion of the Electoral College. It wasn’t a blow out for Obama. The Obama campaign wasn’t a great campaign, what with the wilting President at the debates and the Human Gaffe Machine Joe Biden, it wasn’t all that impressive. What we need to over come this barrier is a great conservative, like Ronald Reagan, not a so so conservative like Romney. We need charisma and poise to overcome the cult of personality of the progressive left. And we have to abandon the national media as a tool, (literally the media are a bunch of tools) of the left. We have to create our own media, through the blogs and talk radio.

Thankfully enough Americans showed up to the polls to at least increase the lead in the House of Representatives. But with a majority in the Senate and with the Executive Branch, the President doesn’t need a mandate or the support of congress. He has shown his willingness to rule by executive order and auto-pen. (That auto-pen is great, it allows Barack to go golfing all day and lets Valerie Jarrett make all the decisions by proxy.)

I’m pretty disappointed with my own state of Minnesota. We have a democratic governor and both houses went to the dogs, uh dems. (I have to get out of this state!) We are already taxed enough and now I’m sure Governor Dayton and his cronies will go to town, hiking up taxes and spending like mad. Ugh.

Minnesota zombie leader and Governor Mark Dayton.

As more and more states like Minnesota and California spend like gamblers at a casino and eventually go broke, citizens will vote with their feet and move to the red states like I plan to to get out from under the thumb of the Zombie campaign. Progressives won’t understand why those states are doing better while their states and cities fall into oblivion. They’ll do everything they can to try to prevent people from leaving and their failed programs and cities will fall into decay. Too bad lefty loons. You get what you vote for.

In the meantime, watch out for progressive plans to take away our freedom: fairness doctrine to control the Internet and talk radio is a great example. They will try to shut us down. We mustn’t let them.  Gun control will inneviably follow, so buy your guns and ammo today.

As bad as it will be in the next few years, I predict it will not be as bad as it was in the Revolution. Those patriots crossed frozen rivers without shoes in mid winter to do battle with the Hessians, AND THEY WON! It will be dark for a while, but the dawn will come and Patriotic Americans will need to do the heavy lifting to make sure they are ready when that day will come. God will give us the leader we need eventually. For now we have to accept that we live in exile amongst the Babylonians. It sucks. But morning is coming. Grab your guns, go to church with your friends, start a blog, be happy and not bitter.

In the meantime, a 12-guage shot gun is still the best home defense against a Zombie home invasion. See you at the gun store or out in the blogosphere. We aren’t finished yet.


ps, watch this funny video from Glove and Boots on the best way to deal with zombies, and have a good laugh.

Also, here is a cute column about zombies, by Stephanie.

I am ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. -photo self-portrait by Jeremy Griffith

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