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Minnesotans Battle Over Voter ID Law

Minnesotans Battle Over Voter ID Law

A thesis regarding the current battle over requiring voter ID at the polls to decrease or eliminate voter fraud, by Jeremy Griffith

Storified by Jeremy Griffith · Sun, Sep 30 2012 08:07:57

Minnesotans will vote in November on a controversial constitutional amendment requiring voters to present Photo ID at the polls. Is it voter suppression or a well-intentioned way of eliminating voter fraud? Here is what people are saying about the Voter ID issue on the Internet. 
RT @CampBenCh: RT @CampBenCh: I wish I was voting in Minnesota… Marriage and voter ID is better than abortion disclosure for minors and stricter mari …Nicole Smith
RT @OurVoteMN: RT @OurVoteMN: Politics in Minnesota: Voter Restriction foes are raising more money than their opponents. #voterrestriction …Fire Matt Dean
RT @mmwlawtaos: RT @mmwlawtaos: Yay, faith restored in the North! “@Normsmusic: Minnesota’s Support for Voter Photo ID Amendment is Falling …Annyah L Hasler
RT @ALECwatch: RT @ALECwatch: Voter ID: Close elections drive amendment battle in Minnesota #ALEC #ALECexposed #VoterSuppression # …Jim Elliott
Here’s what people are saying on Facebook.
One of our fans asked about tribal IDs recently. Tribal IDs are not necessarily going to qualify if this amendment passes. Another reason we must vote NO on this ill-conceived, damaging amendment.David Schleper
If the Voter ID amendment passes, will service members from Minnesota deployed overseas or on duty in other states be unable to vote in our elections? How will they verify their photo ID and address under a new Constitution?Nick Shillingford
Bloomington, MN police order, in violation of 1st amendment rights, a group who had peaceably assembled on government grounds (a parking lot) to distribute signs to those who wished them in support of the voter ID law that is being voted on in the November elections in Minnesota. This was done by the police, who could not cite a valid statute or city ordinance, at the request of the Bloomington City Attorney who is clearly using their office as a political weapon against something they don’t agree with. D Smith
City of Bloomington Seeks to Stifle Political Speech about Voter ID on Public PropertyThe van has a stop scheduled in Bloomington this evening to distribute “Vote Yes on Voter ID” lawn signs. The Bloomington City Attorney has demanded that not use any city property, including sidewalks, right of ways and the city hall parking lot for this protected political speech. She has threatened police involvement. After consulting attorneys, will proceed with the stop as planned.What: Lawn Sign Distribution Stop Who: and Voter ID Supporters When: Thursday, September 27th at 6:00 PMWhere: Bloomington City Hall 1800 W. Old Shakopee Road (or nearby) Contact: Dan McGrath, 612-702-5649 (cell) www.ProtectMyVote.comSue Jeffers
You Tube Videos on Voter ID.
Our Sacred Rightprotectmyvote
MN Voter Photo ID Amendment Heads To Fall Ballotuptakevideo
MN Voter Restriction Amendment Threatens Dr. King’s Legacyuptakevideo
Debating MN’s Voter Restriction Constitutional Amendmentuptakevideo
Google! | Vote YES on the Minnesota Voter ID AmendmentLet's work together to pass the Minnesota Voter ID amendment in November 2012.
Would voter ID amendment really prevent voter fraud? | Minnesota …Sep 18, 2012 … Supporters of Minnesota's voter ID constitutional amendment claim the requirement is needed to protect the integri…
MINNESOTA POLL RESULTS: Voter ID amendment | StarTribune.comSep 23, 2012 … e Star Tribune Minnesota Poll interviewed 800 likely Minnesota voters Sept.
Minnesota voting amendment would change much more than you …Sep 6, 2012 … Of course, eligible Minnesota voters can register any time, day or night, ….. …in support of the Voter ID amendment…
These are just a few examples of what people are saying about the Voter ID Constitutional Amendment coming up in Minnesota this November. Regardless of your position on the political spectrum, it behooves you as a voter to get informed on the pros and cons of this issue as it will affect how we vote in Minnesota in the future. Remember an abstention from voting on this or any constitutional amendment equals a “No” vote. For more information on the Voter ID issue in Minnesota, visit

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Video: WSJ Contributor John Fund Visits St. Paul

John Fund from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

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WSJ’s John Fund Visits St. Paul, Gives Voter Fraud Talk

by Jeremy Griffith

John Fund, author, Fox News and WSJ contributor. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

Wall Street Journal and Fox News contributor John Fund was in St. Paul, Minnesota Monday to promote his new book and to talk to fans about the issue of requiring voter ID at the polls in order to prevent voter fraud.

Fund’s book, entitled “Who’s Counting? How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote At Risk”, prominently features issues of alleged voter fraud in Minnesota during the 2008 election campaign in its opening chapter.

“I at least wanted to come here to thank the folks who read my work, who watch my various appearances on the networks, to at least thank you for your support,” said Fund.”You pay my salary!”

“I know there are a lot of people who will hear a lot of different things about the Voter ID amendment. Our goal is this,” said Fund. “It’s what Democratic Senator Chris Dodd said when we passed the bipartisan ‘Help America Vote’ act, which by the way says contrary to the opponents of this amendment a military ID is a valid government ID, no military personnel will be denied the right to vote.”

“What (Dodd) said is, ‘this is America! We can make it easy to vote and hard to cheat!” said Fund, quoting Dodd. “We can do both at the same time!”

“This is America! We can make it easy to vote and hard to cheat! We can do both at the same time!” -John Fund, Wall Street Journal

Fund’s appearance was facilitated by Minnesota Majority and and took place at O’Gara’s Bar and Grill in St. Paul. Both organizations have been active in drafting legislation in Minnesota and raising awareness of voter disenfranchisement due to voter fraud. A full video of Fund’s remarks is available here.

Minnesota Majority Chairman Dan McGrath, introduced the key note speaker. McGrath helped write legislation requiring voter identification at the polls. A ballot question setting forth a constitutional amendment to require voter ID at the polls will be voted on by the electorate in November’s general election.

Dan McGrath, Minnesota Majority. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

“My grandmother is 92-years old, she has photo ID,” McGrath said, explaining his rational for support of ballot question. “She needs it to see her doctor and pick up her prescriptions. The idea (of the opposition) that senior citizens won’t be able to vote is nonsense.”

“‘It’s going to eliminate same day registration’, they say,” said McGrath said, quoting opposition to the amendment. “Absolute nonsense. Nothing in the amendment calls for that, nothing in statue implies that is going to happen. It’s a desperate lie and nothing more!”

Since the 2008 election, McGrath has almost single-handedly bird-dogged the Voter ID fraud issue, resulting in the placement of the ballot initiative on the ballot and the conviction of over 200 cases of voter fraud.

McGrath and Minnesota Majority won a major victory early this month when the Supreme Court decided that the Secretary of State Mark Ritchie does not have the authority to change the title of ballot questions as they appear on the ballot when the legislature has already decided on a name. Ritchie, along with Attorney General Lori Swanson, who both oppose the Voter ID amendment, approved the name change of two ballot initiatives, the Voter ID amendment question and the Traditional Marriage Amendment. The Supreme Court’s decision chastises state officials for changing the title of the amendments and restores the original titles as they will appear on the amendment.

According to McGrath, a lot of work is needed to raise awareness about the Voter ID Amendment ballot question to inform voters and dispel myths from the opposition.

“We need to spend some money getting this message out there, refuting those lies, using logic and reason to explain how the amendment works and what it doesn’t do,” said McGrath.

“We need to spend some money getting this message out there, refuting those lies, using logic and reason to explain how the amendment works and what it doesn’t do,” -Dan McGrath, Minnesota Majority.

Legislation to require voter ID at the polls was vetoed earlier by Governor Mark Dayton. A constitutional amendment has the power to overcome a governor’s veto. Constitutional amendments like the Voter ID and Marriage Amendments require a majority of voters to pass, and a abstention from voting equals a no vote according to Minnesota Statues.

The League of Women Voters is one of nearly 80 organizations who oppose the Voter ID ballot question, saying it will disenfranchise the poor, the elderly and military voters serving overseas. staff hand out campaign signs at an event in St. Paul. John Fund of WSJ spoke in favor of a voter ID amendment in Minnesota. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

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Irish Fest Slideshow

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Conservative Blogger Kira Davis Ejected from MSNBC Pavilion at DNC

Kira Davis holds a sign at the MSNBC Pavilion. She was ejected from MSNBC at the DNC Thursday.

by Jeremy Griffith

Tingle Time Chris Matthews and the MSNBC Crowd must be wetting themselves today because their security guards escorted a black conservative woman and her friends out of their pavilion when she showed a hand-made sign showing her support for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Breitbart TV was first with the story and video as Breibart contributing writer Lee Stranahan was there. Kudos to them. The woman with the sign was none other than our own Kira Davis of and Kira’s sign said simply, “Black, Conservative, and Voting for Romney! Romney/Ryan 2012”. See some of the additional video of the event here.

(Breitbart TV footage of conservative blogger Kira Davis getting ejected from their pavilion at the DNC.)

(Additional footage from Breitbart TV.)

So why was the MSNBC crew so fearful of this woman, Kira Davis and her blogger friends Lee Stranahan, Tabitha Hale and Brandon Darby that they ejected them from the area, banning them and their cameras even though other people had cameras? Because according to the mainstream narrative, black Americans aren’t supposed to be conservative and can’t support Romney. In fact, previously MSNBC has reported that Zero Percent of Black Americans support Romney, even though this is provably false. Look at this report about black conservative delegates at the RNC on The Blaze.

MSNBC and the mainstream media are so stodgy and out of touch that these lefty leftovers can’t understand in their blinding arrogance that they no longer own the narrative. They can’t show this conservative mom from suburban California, can’t interview her. That would destroy their control of that narrative, even though everyone and anyone with a smart phone with a camera, social media and Internet access can be a journalist and fact check the lies that they are bringing forward, even before they finish making their fallacious arguments.

That’s what the Breitbart people did today when they got ejected from the pavilion, they filmed the event and now there is a Twitter and Facebook firestorm that follows. I  think this event won’t discourage conservative bloggers like Kira and her friends, it will continue to empower them. The MSM is the media of the past. We own the narrative and they are losing. Kudos to Kira. I can’t wait to hear her on Blogtalk Radio, and see her coverage of the news of the day on and I’m not worried that Chris Matthews won’t interview her. I’m sure someone like Larry O’Connor will. I like him much better, and I trust him. Matthews I can’t stand.

I actually feel kind of bad for MSNBC. You gotta know that the conservative bloggers are going to hammer them over this. I mean, what are they afraid of anyway? Are they racist? Do they hate women? They’re so used to putting those claims out in describing conservatives, fully expecting not to be challenged. But they will be challenged and already have been. I can’t wait until Alfonso Rachel or Stephen Cruiser get a hold of this story. Oh wow, I can see the sparks fly now!

We are winning this fight and Kira Davis is living proof. People don’t believe the lies of the left anymore, except the mind-numbed minority that watch the MSM these days. More and more people get their news from alternative sources, right on their mobile phones and devices. A false claim from one of these talking heads comes out and a news consumer on a smart phone can instantly fact check those claims. It’s no wonder the left wants to regulate the Internet. They are losing control and if measures aren’t taken soon, they will never get it back. Good. The power in this Republic belongs to an informed citizenry. With an open and free Internet, we are freer than we ever have been before.

Thank you Kira, for your courage. You inspire us!

And to the Breitbart people I say this: Andrew inspired us to fight this war, and you are carrying the torch of his legacy very well. I’m sure he would be very proud of all of you. We in the conservative blogosphere aspire to be like you, and him.

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Experiment: Irish Fest Unleashed

(Experiment: Irish Fest Unleashed. – video by Jeremy Griffith)

The Second Annual Irish Fest was as record setting as the first according to its organizers. The Festival took place over the three-day Labor Day weekend and featured live music, dance performances, crafts and games for kids, Irish Food, and a Whisky Tasting on Friday night.

Headlining the musical performances was the Irish Music Award’s 2009 top traditional group Bua, which performed all three nights. Other musical groups included The Mairtin de Cogain Project, Andreas Transo, the Twin Cities Ceili Band and performances by the Mooncoin Ceili Dancers.

Eamonn de Cogain came back for a second year in a row from Ireland to MC the event.

More information about the Festival is available at 

Performer plays bagpipes at Rochester Peace Plaza. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

Performers play live music at Rochester’s Peace Plaza. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

Musicians perform classic Irish tunes. – photo by Jeremy Griffith

Irish Wolf Hound is good with kids – photo by Jeremy Griffith

Irish Fest Placard – photo by Jeremy Griffith

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