Barack Obama on the Individual Health Care Mandate

Photo illustration by Jeremy Griffith

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Curse My Name, by Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian song “Curse My Name” with clips from a movie about Oliver Cromwell and the disposition of King Charles I of England. Movie is called “To Kill a King” starring Tim Roth and Dougray Scott. On this day of all days, I feel it is appropriate. Originally posted on You Tube by brainmelter999.

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Victory for Obamacare! Will Today’s SCOTUS Decision Awaken the Sleeping Tea Party?!

by Jeremy Griffith

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President Barack Obama

The Supreme Court of the United States handed down a controversial decision today upholding Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act and it’s individual mandate requiring all citizens to purchase health care insurance. Now, if Americans really hate this law and what it imports, the only way to act is to elect a regime that will undo what has been done.

This decision by the Supreme Court, with a deciding vote cast by supposedly conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, is the worst decision ever, putting us in the same position as Greece when it comes to our economic future. The nation is filled with 50 percent of the population or better who believe that it is the government’s role to take care of individuals from cradle to grave. The other half of our society is either opposed to this view, solidly in favor or rugged individualism and the rights of man, or they are ignorant or indifferent.

Chief Justice John Roberts

Justice Roberts justified his decision by stating that it is the congress’s right to impose the mandate the same as a tax, even though the solicitor general’s horribly inept argument detailed that it was the administration’s belief that this is not a tax. This is yet another example of how total incompetence, i.e. the solicitor general, the attorney general, the president, can even prevail despite their colossal ineptitude.

Will this horrible decision stand, enslaving grandchildren and great grandchildren to the will of the state, like Soviet Russia, or Communist China? Or will the Tea Party Patriots wake up and remove this administration in the election in November?

You’re going to do something you’re not going to want to do, Tea Party! You’re going to have to show up and vote for someone you are luke-warm about, or are totally disgusted with, Governor Mitt Romney. I recommend you salve your wounded pride by supporting someone local you know, a conservative/libertarian who can beat his or her liberal/progressive opponent. And then, while you’re at it, put a check mark in the box for the other guy, Mitt.

A conservative congress can lead our candidate around by the nose back to conservative and fiscal sanity. Barack Obama and his goonies are totally insulated and immune to the will of the people and will continue to drive us off a Euro-Cliff! If they can require us to pay a tax for a service we don’t want, what else are they going to tax us on in the next four years? Maybe they are going to force gun owners to pay a tax on their guns every year until they decide to turn them in? Will the Supreme Court uphold that? After all, now there is precedence.

Attorney General Eric Holder

Remember Fast and Furious? This administration and the horribly incompetent Eric Holder, Attorney General, allowed, even forced gun shops to sell assault rifles to drug kingpins in order to create a crisis for Mexico and the US. That crises, which no one should let go to waste, would force the issue of gun control back into the public forum and allow Barack and his cronies to seize our guns. This administration is deadly and dangerous, and totally untrustworthy when it comes to safeguarding the rights of citizens. It’s time that they are gone.

Remember to vote in November and get your friends to vote. Dead people, illegal aliens and felons will be voting for the progressives, so the more the merrier!

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Conversation with a Trainer, Prepare for the Horse Show.

20120620_Horsetrainer from Jeremy Griffith on Vimeo.

A photo story by Jeremy Griffith. A conversation with a horse trainer, Terri Lauth, on how to prepare horse and rider for a show.

Summer is here and that means the horse show crowd will be headed to fairs and shows. There are five or six things that every showman needs to be successful at a show. Eyota horse trainer Terri Lauth laid them out for us.

The rider’s outfit: Every cowboy and girl riding in a show has to have the right costume, including hat or helmet, cowboy shirt with buttons not snaps, long pants or nice jeans, boots and spurs. That is, if you are riding western. If you are riding English you need a jacket, helmet, slacks and English riding boots.

The equipment for the horse: saddle, bridle, horse blanket and any specialty equipment like boots or shoes.

Training is very important for the horse and rider. That’s why the local clubs have clinics at the Olmsted Fair Grounds. For information on these clinics, contact your local 4-H Club or riding club.

When you are riding, always remember, safety first.

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Union Supporters Gather on Steps of Madison Capitol to protest during historic Gubernatorial Recall Election

Madison, WI (June 6, 2012) Protesters gather on capitol steps to express outrage at Governor Scott Walker during recall election Tuesday. - photo by Jeremy Griffith

by Jeremy Griffith

It’s election day in Madison Wisconsin where embattled Governor Scott Walker and four Republican Legislators  face a recall. Union protestors gather on the capitol steps to express their feelings for the governor and his policies one more time before the polls close.

Steve Walker, no relation to the governor, is a non-union carpenter who came out to support the union. He is angry with the governor for his attempt to strip union members of bargaining rights. He also says he feels this protests and others like it have a kinship with the Occupy Wall Street movement and the Arab Spring.

“It all started with the specific issue of the canceling of the bargaining power of the public sector unions,” said Walker. “But I think it’s become much broader in that there is an understanding that  he is perceived to be aligned with the elites who have been eroding the rights of the little man and the middle class for 30 years now since the Reagan administration.”

Miles Christian is a student and libertarian who came out to support the recall. He carries with him a facsimile of the governor which he is trying to sell. He believes the two party system of the US government is flawed and should allow for more parties and more viewpoints to choose from, as they do in other countries.

“This is Scott Walker,” said Christian, pointing at the facsimile he’s carrying. “He got elected to office pretending to be a conservative. Conservatives are supposed to be for limited government. ”

“I don’t think he’s a true conservative,” Christian added. “I think he’s a puppet.”

Jim Roberts  is a retired firefighter for the city of Madison. He voted for Walker in 2010 and is suffering from voters remorse he says.

“There are a number of issues. Basically I think he lied to the general public during his campaign,” said Roberts. “He did away with workers rights which is the wrong thing to do. And I think he’s butchered the budget.”

“I think in the last few days you’ve seen a change or a switch,” Roberts added. “I think you’ll see a historic event where you’ll see a win, for the recall!”

Scott Walker won the recall vote defeating his opponent handily 53-46. He and his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett called for all Wisconsinites to move past the election now and work together.

Listen to the story below.

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Performers, Artists and Musicians Gather at 2012 Art in the Hollow Event

by Jeremy Griffith

Performers, artists, musicians and craftsmen gathered at historic Swede Hollow Park in St. Paul Saturday to show their stuff. Onlookers came to circulate amongst the performers to listen and to see what the craftsmen had for sale.

This year’s lineup included the Mariachi Estrella, a premier Latin and Spanish musical group, Aztec performers from the Kalpulli Yaocentoxtli Mexican/Aztec Dance and Drum Group, and a children’s group from Mounds Park American Indian Magnet School, amongst others. For a full list see the website at 

St. Paul, (June 2, 2012) Harpist uses Swede tunnel as a megaphone to capture the attention of passersby during the 2012 Art in the Hollow event. Artists and musicians gathered to show off their talents Saturday. - photo by Jeremy Griffith

St. Paul, (June 2, 2012) Children are encouraged to draw what they see at Art in the Hollow Event Saturday. Performers, artists and musicans gathered at the Swede Hollow Park to participate in a day long event. - photo by Jeremy Griffith

St. Paul, (June 2, 2012) Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli Traditional Aztec Dancers demonstrate at Swede Hollow Park during Art in the Hollow Day. The dancers were part of a number of artists and musicians who participated in day long event. - photo by Jeremy Griffith

St. Paul, (June 2, 2012) Mariachi Estrella band plays Latin, Mexican Regional and Spanish Pop music at Art in the Hollow day at Swede Park Saturday. Performers, dancers and artists participated in a daylong event. -photo by Jeremy Griffith

St. Paul, (June 2,2012) Artists capture the scene at Art in the Hollow event at historic Swede Hollow Park Saturday. - photo by Jeremy Griffith


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